Samsung Galaxy Halo User Manual

Samsung Galaxy Halo user manual is recommended to read before using the new phone. Included in the manual are the usage instructions as well as guides and how-to to its features.

Samsung Galaxy Halo User Manual

Almost all phone in the market come with a user manual. This little booklet provides users with an easy guide to understanding your phone.

Samsung is no exception. The company never forget to release a manual for its product. For Galaxy Halo, it’s the Galaxy Halo user manual.

The phone itself, which was first unveiled in 2017, promises users a special feature, Side Speaker. To learn everything about these features, there’s no better way than reading the user manual.

So, after buying this phone, do not rush yourself to play around with the phone immediately. Take a minute or two to read the manual first.

Especially since Samsung provide a user manual that’s easy to read while still being detailed. There are several main sections, and some, such as Settings is broken down into several more subsections.

The information included in the Samsung Galaxy Halo (Cricket Wireless) user manual is as follows:

Special Features

Written on page 1 of the manual, it’s clear that Samsung wants to emphasize Side Speaker feature as the highlight of this phone. Learn about the location of the side speaker, caution, and warning regarding this little peripheral.

Getting Started

Moving on to Getting Started section, you’ll read a step by step guide about assembling your new phones, such as how to remove the back cover, install the SIM Card, memory card, and the battery.

As for the battery, there’s more thorough information about how and when to charge. As well as a warning about what to do and not to do with your battery. Do you know that this phone has an emergency mode? Learn about it on page 35.


You might have familiar with Apps already but there’s nothing wrong to take a look at this section. App section introduces the user to the basic app of Samsung Galaxy Halo. There are Calculator, Calendar, and Contacts among many others.

If you are a new Samsung user, then head to the Galaxy Apps section, where you will be introduced at Samsung’s own apps and features, such as Gear, Notes, and Samsung+. Not to forget, the classic Google Apps are also included in this section.


This section handles information about how to connect your phone to the outside world. Learn how to set up your Wi-Fi, use Bluetooth, checking your data usage, and do tethering.

Display and Sounds

In Display, read about how to master the screen part of your phone. You will read about adjusting brightness, using Easy Mode, and customizing your Screen Timeout. If you like to adjust the text size, you can also read about it here.

Sounds and Vibration part provide you with all you need to know about the audio setting of your phone. Setting up ringtones, notifications, and volume is made easy with this manual.

Device Maintenance

To optimize your phone, you need to learn a few tricks here and there. that’s where this section comes in handy. Device Maintenance tells you how to optimize the phone with just one click.

It also teaches how to use your battery and memory more efficiently. Should you want to do a factory reset, the last part of the section is the guide you’re looking for.


In Lock Screen and Security, it explains about the various mode of Screen Lock and how to set one up. Whether it is swipe, PIN, or pattern, this part of the manual will get you covered.

Find My Mobile feature helps track stolen or lost phone. There’s a special section about this security feature.

On advanced security settings, you’ll be guided more thoroughly on less known features such as SD Card Encrypt, Credential Storage, and Device Administrator.


You can’t fully use many features on an Android phone if you haven’t logged your device into the Google system. Don’t worry, because the Accounts section will guide you to the steps easily. You’ll also learn how to synchronize or do a backup.

In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy Halo (Cricket Wireless) user manual provides you comprehensive information to begin your Galaxy Halo journey.

Even if it’s not complete enough for you, a Getting Help chapter located in the back provides more useful links you can go for further information. But in general, the manual is already more than enough.

Download: Samsung Galaxy Halo User Manual (4 MB)

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