Alcatel 1X Evolve User Manual

Alcatel 1X Evolve user manual is a guide book that helps you navigate the features of your new Alcatel phone. It’s an easy read since it comes with pictures inside.

Alcatel 1X Evolve User Manual

Alcatel 1X Evolve might sound new to you although it’s an Android phone. When buying it, Alcatel 1X Evolve user manual helps you get to know this amazing phone. It only takes a little time to read, but you will get to know all about your phone in one place.

Forget about finding information on Google. The manual clearly saves time. It also comes with an index, so navigating through the pages is nothing but easy.

You can also skip to the important part if you’re impatient. And you’ll notice that most of the chapters come with screenshots, making it easier to read this manual.

Getting Started

Let’s get started with the most basic part: getting to know each of the components of your Alcatel phone. Included here information such as where you can find your headphone jack and which part is the microphone and the speaker.

Getting Started also includes an introduction of the phone’s user interface. You can get familiar with your home screen menu. There’s also a detailed description of your status bar and what each indicates of.

About Your Phone

Getting to know a little bit more about your phone in this section. Here, included the basics such as turning on and turning off your phone.

You’ll also read a bit about charging. The guide is pretty short, straightforward, yet helpful and informative.


Alcatel put all app-related information in this one big section. Comprised of ten more sub-sections, you will see apps such as Call, Contacts, Camera, and many more through its index. Each subsection explains these apps not only with words but also with pictures and diagrams.

In Call, a screenshot of dial screen shows you what menu and button you should click in order to make a call, create a speed dial, and accessing voicemails.

Similar visual guides can be also found in Chrome, Email, and Calendar, where you can learn about creating an event, log onto your email account, and surfing the net.

The most helpful part is probably the Camera section. Here you’ll be shown a picture of the phone’s viewfinder. You can even practice taking a shot, trying out shooting modes, and using Focus just by looking at the pictured instruction. It is informative as it is also fun.


Personalizing covers information such as setting up your phone’s system language and configuring your time zone.

In Sound sub-section, there is an instruction on configuring your audio settings, including adjusting volume, tones, and vibration. You can also adjust the sound of your dial pad, screen lock or charging notification sound.

To add a more personal touch to your screen, learn how to change your wallpaper to an image of your choosing. For the sake of your eyes’ health, you will also learn a helpful guide about adjusting your screen’s brightness.

Configuring the screen timeout is one of the good hacks you can learn in this section. It helps you optimize your battery usage.


In Security, read about how you can protect your from intrusion by setting up a password with the Screen Lock feature.

You can also protect your phone from accessing a mobile network using a SIM card lock. Learn how to turn this feature on by following steps written here.

Software Update

Sometimes we’re reluctant to do a software update because we’re not sure what would happen with our phone, whether you would lose files or not.

This section tells you how to do an update safely. Just read carefully and pay attention. This process does require more focus and concentration.


Should you come into trouble, this manual has a section called Troubleshooting. Listed here a series of problems a user usually bumps into, complete with their solutions.

No need to panic or rush to the customer service when your phone can’t connect to a network or turning off by itself. This section will help you with troubleshooting from the comfort of your home.

Download User Manual

Alcatel 1X Evolve user manual doesn’t only provide you with all the information above. There’s also a step-by-step guide in Software Update.

Even recycling information is included, for the time when you want to stop using the phone. So, don’t forget to read this manual after buying.

Download: Alcatel 1X Evolve User Manual (528 KB)

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