Consumer Cellular GrandPad Specifications and Features

Stay connected with your long-distance parents or grandpa and grandma. Try to look at the Consumer Cellular GrandPad specifications and features before buying.

Consumer Cellular GrandPad Specifications

You and the grandpa also need the communication device to stay in touch with their grandkids or any relatives. However, you can’t give them an ordinary smartphone. They need a friendly device for those with limited sight and no idea about tech.

That is the Consumer Cellular GrandPad. This is basically a tablet with simple features. The inside features allow elders to navigate the device easily and without any struggles.

Suppose you buy them the Consumer Cellular GrandPad tablet. You can research the device and learn everything inside and outside. Make sure this gadget meets your needs.

Consumer Cellular GrandPad Key Specifications

Consumer Cellular GrandPad specifications:

Screen size8-inch
Resolution1200 x 1920
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 625 (MSM8953)
CPUOcta-core (8×2.0GHz Cortex-A53)
Rear camera5MP
Front camera5MP
FeaturesWireless Charging Cradle

The Consumer Cellular GrandPad is defined as a small tablet in the class. The measurement is close to a big smartphone. It weighs 354g, which is heavy and bulky, but with the tablet dimension, it still feels ergonomic.

The front area of the Consumer Cellular GrandPad looks completely the same as most tablets and smartphones. It still uses the old-school look, though with a huge gap of bezels around the screen. The top and bottom bezel is slightly thicker than the other part, and the front camera is still placed on the bezel.

The bright orange case color instantly catches the attention in the back area. This area is very simple, with only a rear camera with LED flash and a big logo that says GrandPad on a horizontal line.

The Consumer Cellular GrandPad is installed with an 8-inch display screen to accommodate all of the device’s operations. This screen is an average size for a tablet but large enough for the elderly to look at the device without any burdens.

The screen comes with a 1200 x 1920 pixel resolution which is the quality of a full HD. With this quality, you can experience nice viewing content. The output is great, with sharp detail, accurate color, and on-point brightness.

The camera is not forgotten on this grandpa’s tablet. The Consumer Cellular GrandPad is equipped with two cameras. The first one is on the back and becomes the main rear camera. This camera has a 5MP resolution that can produce a so-so output either on pictures or videos.

The camera also comes with an LED flash to enhance the contents and become brighter while taking in dark light situations.

The other camera is placed at the front. It also has a 5MP resolution and comes great for taking selfies. Also, with this spec of the front camera, the elders can enjoy video calling with their grandkids without having much camera trouble.

An Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 (MSM8953) becomes the primary processor on the Consumer Cellular GrandPad device. This standard processor offers stability and well-performance but still ensures the battery becomes as efficient as ever.

This processor runs on a 2.0GHz speed and comes in tandem with 2GB RAM. This combo makes every operation smooth, and launching the app will be seamless. With this, you can also expect to multitask and access some apps simultaneously.

The Consumer Cellular GrandPad has 32GB under the hood for internal storage. This is also a standard size for any tablet and can store as many files as you want. If the elders feel that the size is insufficient, you can teach them to regularly clear the file junk for a more spacious room.

The Consumer Cellular GrandPad uses 4G LTE connectivity as its main network. As you know, this connection is famously known as a fast and stable network worldwide. Moreover, the device is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to share files.

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Consumer Cellular GrandPad Features

The Consumer Cellular GrandPad comes with a wireless charging dock. When you put the tablet on the dock, and it sits, it can turn into a kinda-like desktop. The elders can enjoy the tablet comfortably without needing to hold the tablet.

The Consumer Cellular GrandPad also has getaway access for the caretakers to manage the tablet from their smartphone. The caretaker can set up all the important information, such as contact books. They can also allow doctors, so the elders can easily contact them.

Consumer Cellular GrandPad Price

The Consumer Cellular GrandPad is for the elders who have no idea about technology. It costs $149, but you can get it for only a $40 monthly subscription. This is an excellent price for you to give your grandpa a reliable gadget.

The Consumer Cellular GrandPad specification and features are ended here. We already put everything you need to know about the device and how the features are worth it for the elders to stay in touch with people around them.