Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet Review: Easy-To-Use Android Tablet

Looking for a tablet that is suitable for your everyday needs? Start reading this Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet review, and you will be amazed at the device’s functionality.

Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet Review

The tablet is like a second option for anyone needing additional devices for their communication device or for school and work-related needs. This gadget is a gigantic smartphone version because inside, you will find more features that are the same as your phone.

Today, we will overview the tablet that offers an easy and comfortable navigation process. It is a Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet. This device comes specifically to help struggling families stay connected to the internet. Anyhow, the features inside are still useful for your daily life.

In this article review, you will find important information about the device. It is not only to discover the device’s specifications and features. Also, the pros and cons of the device, whether from their external or internal aspects.

Key Specs

Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet key specifications:

OSAndroid 11 Go Edition
Screen size8-inch
Resolution800 x 1280
ProcessorAllwinner A100
CPUQuad-core (4×1.46 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery3,500mAh, Non-Removable
Rear camera2MP
Front camera0,3MP


Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet
Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet

From the appearance, the Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet is just a huge version of the old-school smartphone. The dimensions fit the tablet’s standard size. Not too small and also not too bulky. However, some of you unfamiliar with the size will find the struggles.

The front area is where you will find the huge screen with bezels surrounding it. The bezels at the top and bottom are thicker than the left and right sides. If you see, the front camera is embedded into the phone’s top bezel; meanwhile, for the bottom, nothing is useless for us.

The Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet back area has no complexity or unique features. This area only showcases a single rear camera unit with no LED flash. On the lower part, there is a big QLink logo.

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The Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet consists of an 8-inch display screen. This is a standard size for a tablet. Actually, it is enough to display all of the device’s information and also for navigating all of the features on the screen.

With this huge screen, you can be satisfied browsing the web, doing your school assignments, or watching your favorite movie. However, the screen’s quality is off – at least in our opinion.

As a huge screen device, we may hope to find a clearer and more accurate display quality. Disappointedly, the Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet is not. This device only comes with an 800 x 1200 pixels resolution which is very far from our expectations.


The Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet camera might not be their top priority. It can be seen in how low their camera’s quality is. It is set up with two cameras, just like any default gadget, at the front and back. But the resolution is another story.

The rear camera is still equipped with only a 2MP resolution. If you know that, this is a very low quality if you are compared with many gadgets today. We tried to understand since tablets are not common to take breathtaking pictures of.

To make it worse, no LED flash is available – say goodbye to any interesting objects you want to capture in the dark because they won’t appear anyway.

The front camera is also another big problem here. We can’t complain, but the 0.3MP camera is worse. What can you get with this quality? Try to take a selfie; the pictures will come out of focus, grained everywhere, and the color will be off.


With all of the struggles on their camera, the Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet still generously gives its users 16GB of internal storage. This is a decent size and enough to store all your important files on the device. You can also get your favorite apps – if the storage still has some space.

Yes, out of the 16GB memory, this tablet only left you with around 11GB to let you have your personal storage. For many people, this is not good news. However, there are options to outsmart the burden.

First, you can start by clearing the space regularly and moving your files into the cloud. Of course, it is the most inefficient way. You can buy a new MicroSD card as your external card and install it into the device.


The Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet performance relies on the Allwinner A100. Some of you may not be familiar with the name, but It is a common processor on cheap tablets. This processor ensures you will get a full experience while using the device.

The Allwinner A100 has a CPU of Quad-core 4×1.46 GHz Cortex-A53, which will deliver as fast and stable as possible when users try to process the operation. We didn’t expect high processing, though it was good.

All of those specs come in tandem with 1GB RAM. It is not large, but again the tablet is not aiming as a heavy-duty device, so users won’t need bigger RAM than that. With this, you also can’t expect an intense operation or multitasking. It doesn’t support that.

The Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet has Android 11 Go Edition as its operating system. The Go Edition version is a light version of the actual one. Of course, many differences exist, but it offers efficient performance over quality.

For example, Android 11 Go Edition has a simpler and more neat user interface than the original version. It looks duller and more outdated. This version also doesn’t have some noticeable features – it’s very limited.


The main network of the Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet is a 4G LTE connectivity. We can still compromise with this one since this network satisfies us in many ways. It is fast and stable simultaneously, even when you live remotely in a suburban area. If you are at the cafe and want to use their Wi-Fi, you can also connect the device with this connectivity.

The Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet also has other connectivity on its device. First of all, Bluetooth. Bluetooth is the only way to connect with other devices wirelessly to transfer files. Connecting with Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth headsets and speakers with this tablet is also possible. There is also a USB Type-C for you.


The Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet has a non-removable 3,500mAh battery inside. This capacity is enough to let you stay online for the rest of the day. However, we still advise you to wisely use the device – don’t overuse it!

Once the device is exhausted, the battery will leak and break very easily. Moreover, it is a non-removable battery type, so if it goes bad, it will affect your device’s performance overall. Charging the device will also take some time.


The Q Link Scepter 8 Tablet is a gadget for low-income households. Not only a communication device but this tablet can also be used for many purposes. You can use it for the kids to do school assignments, for entertainment, or for staying informed and up to date with the world.

This device cost only $10.01. But it is just for you to apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) via Q Link Wireless. If you need the device for your daily life, then go ahead.

Q Link Tablet Pros:

  • Affordable tablet
  • Simple and easy to use

Q Link Tablet Cons:

  • Outdated design appearance
  • Low camera quality