Unimax U696CL Specifications and Features

What do you usually do before you decide to get a new smartphone? You must research the device first, as you will do with this Unimax U696CL specifications and features.

Unimax U696CL Specifications

First thing first, before we decide to get something new, we must learn about the product beforehand. No, we’re not talking only about the buttons, parts, or other external components. It’s more than that.

What are the phone’s camera specifications? How about the processors? How much RAM and ROM are available under the hood? What are the features that we can try on the device? We all need to learn to avoid any miscommunications.

Thankfully, for this device we’re going to discuss, we’re already made an informative explanation about the Unimax U696CL specifications and features. You may be fascinated with those features and get yourself one.

Unimax U696CL Specifications

Unimax U696CL key specifications:

Dimensions155.9 x 74 x 10.5mm
OSAndroid 11
Screen size5.45-inch
Resolution480 x 960
Battery2,300mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP
Front camera2MP
FeaturesHearing Aid Compatibility M4/T3

The Unimax U696CL smartphone has a typical design from any entry-level smartphone a few years back. It has a rectangular design with main buttons on the screen and a camera on the bezels. It comes with dimensions of 155.9 x 74 x 10.5mm and a weight of 182g.

A black doff case is showcased on the back. It has a single rear camera in this area with LED flash under the camera. Both are placed at the center of the phone with vertical positions.

Experience the phone’s journey will be satisfied with the presence of a 5.45-inch display screen. This screen has an 18:6 aspect ratio for wider perspectives to do activities like watching a video or playing games.

For quality, the Unimax U696CL smartphone depends on FWVGA (Full Wide Video Graphics Array) to show the screen’s contents. Above it all, this phone has a multi-touch screen. It is all thanks to the capacitive touch screen quality.

The phone’s camera does not follow the current trend. It still uses a single camera as its rear camera. The camera quality is also very decent, with only 5MP resolutions. Great things. This camera setup already has an LED flash to enhance the content’s quality while taking or recording in dim light.

Flipping to the front, the Unimax U696CL has a 2MP camera. Unfortunately, the front camera doesn’t have LED flash supports.

We don’t have enough information about the Unimax U696CL processors’ specifications. But this phone has 2GB RAM and is responsible for storing all temporary cache data to make the device run smoother.

16GB of internal storage is available to store users’ personal files and apps. However, it can be decreased to a certain point since this phone already has system junk and pre-loaded apps.

The Unimax U696CL is an Android smartphone. That’s why the phone’s operating system uses Android 11 OS. This version is well-known for its faster app access and tighter security systems. 

For communicating use, the Unimax U696CL smartphone is supported with 4G LTE connectivity. This network is still dependable for wide and stable connectivity. This network allows users to experience VoLTE (Voice LTE) call quality. It makes calls crystal clear.

Users who aren’t fans of data connections can still access the internet with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity. Transferring any data is also easier with Bluetooth 4.2 and MicroUSB cable.

The Unimax U696CL was powered up with a 2,300mAh battery capacity. It has a Lithium-Ion with a removable type battery. This battery can last up to 370 hours or 15 days in standby time and 11 hours in talk time.

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Unimax U696CL Features

The Unimax U696CL smartphone has an interesting feature called Emergency Alerts Messages. This feature can be used for receiving alerts from governments, National Weather Service or public county officials. Users need to enable this feature on their smartphones to get emergency alerts.

Several sensors are embedded in the Unimax U696CL smartphone. Those are the accelerometer sensor, gravity sensor, light sensor, proximity sensor, and barometer sensor.

These sensors have different purposes. For example, the gravity sensor can be used for measuring the direction and intensity of gravity. The combination of the gravity sensor and accelerometer sensor can allow navigation apps to track your directions.

Unimax U696CL Prices

The Unimax U696CL smartphone isn’t widely sold in any market. In fact, users can get this phone for free by applying to Assurance Wireless, but you must meet its requirements first.

What do you think about our explanations of this Unimax U696CL specifications and features? I hope you get the main insight of this article and that you will better understand the device, inside and outside.