BLU G91s User Manual

The BLU G91s user manual provides informative content for gathering all the device’s important aspects. Let’s find out what you need here.

BLU G91s User Manual

The BLU G91s is an entry-level smartphone with many advanced-level features. It has a large display screen, triple cameras, and a large and long-lasting battery capacity. But, most of you might not understand how to utilize the features at max.

The presence of the user manual is not only helpful in utilizing those features but also in preventing any misuse. Mustn’t you want your new smartphone broken instantly the moment you just got it in your hand, right?

You can get an overview of your new BLU G91s smartphone with the user manual. And here, we simplified the manual’s contents to be more understandable for the readers. Get a quick reading, and you’ll be fascinated with the information inside.

Download User Manual

If you want to scroll over this article, stop right there. First, we will give you the download link to get the full version of the BLU G91s user manual. You can download it after you’ve taken some pages into this summary.

➡️ Download BLU G91s User Manual (PDF)

Navigation Bar

In the Navigation Bar chapter, users will be provided with information about the functions of the main buttons. It comes with the icon of the buttons and will examine each button’s functions. It will be useful for you to find other functions we will mention below.

After that, this chapter will inform you about the notification bar. The notification bar usually comes at the top of the phone’s screens. This chapter will give you information about those features and how to access them all. You will even get the notification settings tutorials here.

Call Functions

The next chapter is about the call functions of the Blu G91s smartphone. Not only about how to make a call with your device, this chapter digs deeper than that. You will learn about the call options and the call logs as well. 

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are two of the phone’s connectivity on your new Blu G91s smartphone. With Bluetooth, you can connect with other external devices and share some files with each other.

Meanwhile, Wi-Fi allows you to connect to an internet network without sacrificing your data connections. Specifically, in this chapter, you will find out how to turn on and operate the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features.

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Turn on every feature you want. Adjust every configuration you need to be suitable for your needs. That is the use of the settings. You can modify or change every single feature to be adaptable to you.

Here, you can get brief explanations about each operation on the settings, including the features’ inside each. It comes with full lists. Make sure you read this chapter carefully to avoid missing any functions.


How hard you try to avoid your gadget getting in trouble, after some years of use, you will still face unwanted problems–even the slightest ones. You can make a preventive move by properly treating your gadget.

However, in the end, if your Blu G91s smartphone starts showing any problems like it doesn’t want to power on; the battery won’t charge; the phone can’t connect to the internet network, and so on. This chapter is a good resource for you to find out all of the common problems. You can go to this chapter if you have difficulties with the device.

With this summary, we’ve pointed out all of the important chapters. The brief instructions and useful advice can be found here. So, having the Blu G91s user manual saved in your device will serve any help.