LG Stylo 3 Plus User Manual

LG Stylo 3 Plus user manual includes information regarding your phone’s basic features such as Email, as well as LG custom features such as the stylus, Pen Pop, and LG AirDrive.

LG Stylo 3 Plus User Manual

When buying LG Stylo 3 Plus (Metro by T-Mobile), you might want to peek inside the box and pull out LG Stylo 3 Plus user manual first.

Many consider reading a phone’s manual unnecessary. However, it can be useful especially if you want to discover hidden features your phone offers.

It’s also useful if it’s your first time buying an LG phone. LG offers several features unique to the brand only.

Features such as SmartWorld and LG Bridge will require some guide before you use them. This is where the manual comes in handy. It helps you get familiar with LG apps.

The model itself, Stylo 3 Plus, is also unique. Unlike many other phones on its price range, it comes with a stylus. The manual covers this kind of custom-designed features.

In LG Stylo 3 Plus user manual (Metro by T-Mobile) you can read about:

Custom Designed Features

LG highlights the stylus as the best feature of this phone. Hence the guide for the digital pen comes first in the manual.

Learn about what your stylus can do, how to hide and display the stylus menu, and familiarize yourself with the Pen Pop features.

The multitasking feature is also explained in this section. Read how to open two apps simultaneously with a feature called Multi-Window. Also, learn about switching to other apps using Overview screen.

The section also covers the fingerprint features. There’s a basic how-to on registering your fingerprint for the first time. An explanation of what the fingerprint recognition is useful for is also included.

Lastly, the section also introduces Quick Share, an LG-specific feature for content sharing.

Basic Functions

The basic section covers introductions to all your phone’s components, parts, and accessories.

There’s information about the phone’s battery, how to insert and remove a memory card, as well as how to turn on and turn off your phone.

Metro LG Stylo 3 Plus has memory card encryption feature which also explained in this section. Basic functions such as taking a screenshot, setting up “Do not disturb”, and using the touch screen are also covered.

Useful Apps

Read how to install and uninstall apps in this section. LG Stylo 3 Plus comes with basic apps such as Messaging, Gallery, Phone, Calendar, Email, and many more.

Do not get overwhelmed because there’s a thorough information for each app. At Email, for example, you will be guided on managing all your email accounts with the built-in Email app.

LG custom apps also have a place in this section. Get familiar with QuickMemo+, a note-taking app that’s work in tandem with your stylus.

LG SmartWorld is the apps store of LG phone. Read how to buy or download digital contents from LG SmartWorld. LG backup is another useful feature should one day you’ll think about resetting your phone.

The section is concluded with the basic explanation of Google apps. Google apps is a standard on many Android phones, LG Stylo 3 Plus included.

You will get Chrome, YouTube, Drive, Maps, and many more. Read about every one of them inside the manual.

Phone Settings

If you don’t know how to set up networks on your phone, this section will get you covered.

A step by step guide on how to connect to Wi-Fi is the first thing you’ll learn here. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Hotspot, and USB tethering are also included.

LG Stylo 3 Plus is equipped with NFC and Android Beam, a cool feature which allows you to share files by touching the back of your phone to another device.

LG also comes with its own file-sharing method LG AirDrive. You can read all about it in this section.

Phone Settings section also covers regarding your Display, Sound & Notification, setting up Language, Date & Time, and using the Location Service.

If you plan to factory reset your LG Stylo 3 Plus, there’s a guide about it in the last part of the chapter.

LG Stylo 3 Plus (Metro by T-Mobile) is a phone packed with many unique features. So it only makes sense to read the manual first instead of doing trial and error.

It can save time, and you’ll know some hidden functionalities you’re not aware of before. LG Stylo 3 Plus user manual ensures you to get the most of your phone.

Download: LG Stylo 3 Plus User Manual (3 MB)

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