LG Optimus Zone 3 User Manual

LG Optimus Zone 3 user manual covers everything you need to know about the phone. From understanding the phone’s parts and components to setting up its apps and user interface.

LG Optimus Zone 3 User Manual

Released in 2016, LG Optimus Zone 3 is for those seeking a low-end but practical smartphone. Like any other phones in the market, LG equips the product with a user manual. You can find it inside the packaging, titled LG Optimus Zone 3 User Manual.

Although basic, the LG Optimus Zone 3 is quite a capable phone. Spare some time after unboxing to read its user manual.

Apart from helping you set up the primary functionalities, user manual also useful to get the most of your phone. By reading it, you will learn a thing or two about phones optimization.

The user manual is straightforward. It is categorized into several easily found sections. You will find it easy to jump quickly from one section to another.

The user manual is grouped by features and functionality, each explains a specific feature in depth. Although detailed, it’s uncomplicated to read. There are also pictures to make things even easier to understand.

These are information covered in the LG Optimus Zone 3 user manual:

Phone Overview

Phone Overview section informs users the location of the rear and front cameras, earphone jack, sensors such as Ambient Light Sensor, the power and volume buttons, and the speaker.

This section also contains some helpful tips such as how to access the camera app with the volume keys.

The Basics

The section starts with a guide to set up your phone for the first time. It also tells users how to remove the back cover and insert the battery safely. Read about how to optimize the battery life and how to charge the phone in a proper way.

LG Optimus Zone 3 is equipped with an anti-theft technology, which is also explained in this section. Be sure to read this part so you know how to keep your phone secure.

Other information covered in this section includes familiarizing yourself with the home screen, apps screens, and the quick access bar.

If you don’t have a Gmail account yet, this section also will guide you through the signup process.

Connecting to Networks and Devices

Networks section guides users on how to connect to Wi-Fi networks, set up and use the Bluetooth feature, connect to PC and Mac with a USB cable. There is also a step by step guide for using Wi-Fi Direct.


Here you can read about the basic of making calls, such as how to make a call and end it, and how to answer or reject an incoming call. The manual also teaches you how to set up a conference call.


Learn about managing your contacts in Communication chapter, including adding a new contact and setting the Speed Dials. A basic how-to in using the Messaging app is also covered in this section.

For emails and chatting, there’s a comprehensive guide to set up your Email app, logging in Gmail, and using Google Hangout app.


Discover every features your phone’s cameras have by reading this section. Learn how to capture photos and videos, take a burst shot, lock the camera focus, and changing the aspect ratio. Afterward, you can learn how to review your shots in the camera’s viewfinder.


The Music app can turn a song into a ringtone. You can learn how to take advantage of this feature in the Entertainment section. The basic features such as playing and adding a song are also explained.

There is also a guide for Google Play Store, as well as a manual for opening and watching videos on the YouTube app.


LG Optimus Zone 3 is packed with utility apps such as Clock, Calculator, and Calendar. As explained in the Tools section, you can go in depth about each of the utility apps.

Tools chapter also explain a particular feature called Capture+. It is a feature that allows users to take a screenshot of their phone.

An index in alphabetical order is available at the very last page of LG Optimus Zone 3 user manual.

You can go search for a specific function with only a glance. Instead of immediately playing around your new phone, it’s truly worth it to spare some minutes reading this manual first.

Download: LG Optimus Zone 3 User Manual (3 MB)

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