Motorola Moto E5 Play User Manual

Motorola Moto E5 Play user manual is your guide while exploring your new Moto E5 Play. Inside, everything is explained, from the apps to technicalities such as network and security.

Moto E5 Play Manual

When Moto E5 Play released to public, a book called Moto E5 Play user manual act as its companion guide. This book is everything you need when you want to understand your device deeply. It’s recommended to read while you play around with your new phone for the first time.

Before jumping into the first chapter, Motorola highlights quick customization on the early pages. It contains a table of contents for important topics.

If you’re in a rush and want to find a way to share your phone’s connection, this section is going to be helpful. You can also view these topics directly from a menu on your phone.

And then, you can jump into the sections, which are as follows:

Get Started

In Get Started, you will see a picture describing each part and component of Moto E5 Play. It’s also explained here the function of each button, such as what you can do with the power button.

You need to know how to open the back cover properly without damaging your phone, which is carefully explained with pictures here. Further, you’ll read about how to insert a SIM card and a memory card.

You might already know how to use the basic tap, pinch, and hold when navigating the touch screen. But it’s worth to check some new feature such as the split screen.

Get Started section is concluded with tips on improving battery life. Learn how to save even more power in-between charging by applying some advice given here.

Learn The Basics

What this manual means by “Basics” are the user interface of Moto E5 Play, such as home screen and the app screen. Many you’ve familiar already, such as what each icon on the status bar means.

But you’ll find helpful tricks here and there as you read this part. One of them is Picture-in-picture, a feature where you can continue watching YouTube videos while opening another app.

Customize Your Phone

You can redecorate your phone so it looks and feels like how you prefer it to be. Setting a wallpaper, for example, would make you feel that your phone is truly yours.

You can also re-order the app appearance, customizing them based on what you need the most. After the visual part, it’s recommended to configure how your phone would sound and vibrate. You can read all about it in Sound and Notification.


Moving onto Apps section, Contacts, Phone, and Messages make the first appearance before anything else. To make things easy, you can see every app is explained with a screenshot and descriptions on every menu and icon.

Apps also covers Chrome, Camera, Google Assistant, and Google Duo. In Camera, you’ll explore each camera functionalities, from HDR to Beautify.

However, the most unique app in this section is called “Moto”. It is a special feature Motorola specifically design for its devices.

This feature is further broken down into Moto Actions and Moto Display. Make sure you don’t miss this part. Because you’ll be surprised that there are some really cool tricks you can do with your phone.

More Apps

Like any Android phone out there, Moto E5 Play is equipped with Google apps. This section mainly explore each of this app. So familiarize yourself with Drive, Maps, and Hangout, among many others.

Connect to other devices

Now, moving onto more technical configuration, swipe to this section. Here is where you learn tidbits about connecting your phone to the network, whether it is using Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.

You’ll also read about sharing the network with Wi-Fi hotspot. A connection is not always via the internet. Also included here instructions about making a Bluetooth connection and sharing files via a USB cable.

Protect your phone

Security is an important part of having a digital device. Learn ways of locking your phone in this chapter. Users will be presented with several options. There’s also an instruction should you want to go another level and encrypting your phone.

Other things you can read here are ways of managing your apps (install, uninstall, checking usage data), and doing backup & restore.

Download User Manual

Up until this point, Motorola Moto E5 Play user manual is a thorough guide already. But it doesn’t just stop at that. Troubleshoot page is included at the end of the book, where you can find common problems and its solutions.

Overall, if you own a Moto E5 Play, you should keep this manual whether it is for early setup or for a future reference.

Moto E5 User Manual (2 MB)

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