Alcatel 7 User Manual

Alcatel 7 user manual consists of informations about customizing and optimizing setups on your phone. Read a bit or keep one copy just in case you need it in the future.

Alcatel 7 Manual

When buying a new phone, it rarely crosses your mind to read first the manual such as Alcatel 7 user manual. It does sound like it makes sense.

The thought of getting out a new phone from its box and immediately play with it, is tempting. But it’s true what proverbs says, life rewards those who are patient.

So instead of jumping immediately, hold your horses and read first the phone’s manual. If this is your first time buying this brand, even more reason to read it.

You’ll pick up a trick or two here. And most importantly, once you hold your phone for real, you will be nothing but prepared.

Getting Started

This section begins the manual. Here, it presents an overview of your phone’s parts. Indicated with an image, you’ll see explanation like where is the infrared sensor or the USB Type-C is located. The image presents the front, the back, the side view of Alcatel 7.

The outer appearance is not the only thing explained here. Moving inside to the interface, you’ll read a brief explanation of your home screen. There is also a list of status bar icons and their meanings.

Initial Setup

The first time you take out the new phone from its box, you might get overwhelmed on what should you do first.

Fortunately, step-by-step instruction for a very first time usage is available in this manual. Those steps range from selecting a language, setting up fingerprint or face lock, to inserting a SIM card. All are explained subsequently.

About Your Phone

In “About Your Phone”, you’ll get to know your phone one step deeper. Setups such as charging your phone and using the power button are included here. Don’t forget to read useful tricks in conserving your battery life.


In Application, you start with Call. Read through instructions from making a regular call to making international or emergency call. After Call, there are Messaging, Email, and Contacts, other typical functionalities on a phone.

The section guides users in creating contact, sending an SMS or a multimedia message, and setting up an email account.

For the security of your apps, make sure to not skip “App password” part. Here you can choose to protect your apps from unauthorized users by setting up a 16-digit passcode.

There’s a bit of configuration you need to do in order to have this feature up and running. The manual will walk you through the steps in detail.


Users will be taken through various shooting features the camera offers. Read about Effects, turning the HDR on and off, and use batch operation.

There’s a screenshot of the camera’s viewfinder, complete with a description for each icon. There is also a little bit explanation about the Gallery apps and working with photos after they’re taken.


Decide which language you want your device to operate on. Learn how to change your phone’s system language in this Personalize Section.

You can also pick your time zone, or make your device decide it automatically using the GPS system.

Next, in Personalize, there’s a part where you’ll read all about the sound settings. Matters such as adjusting volumes, tones, and other sounds are explained thoroughly.

Not stopping at audio, it’s time to pretty up your phone. Personalize more by changing the wallpaper and theme, which instructions are also available in this section.


These days, hackers and intruders are a real threat to our digital life. That’s why it’s wise to protect your phone with any means available.

On Alcatel 7, your choice is between Screen Lock and SIM PIN. Learn how to configure each option by reading the Security section of this manual.


Alcatel routinely rolls out the newest version of their software. You might want to take advantages of the latest version by updating your phone.

To do this, you can use Software Update feature. Before doing an update, read the manual first. It is to prevent any trouble in the future, such as losing your data or even brick your phone.

Download User Manual

Alcatel 7 user manual is truly the definition of a useful handbook. Even better, this manual is concluded with safety information at the last page.

You’ll need this part later, especially when you want to recycle your phone. So, keep one copy in your possession, whether a digital version or the physical one.

Alcatel 7 User Manual (715 KB)

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