LG Stylo 4 User Manual

LG Stylo 4 user manual is an important read especially if you’re unfamiliar yet with its stylus. Also covered here general settings about apps, networks, and display.

LG Stylo 4 Manual

If you are a new user of LG Stylo 4, don’t forget to check out LG Stylo 4 user manual too. You might find it unnecessary or boring to read a manual, especially when the new phone is too irresistible to get played around with.

However, by reading the manual, you will acquire a better understanding of your phone. Besides, LG’s manual is nothing but easy to read. You don’t have to read all.

Focus on things you haven’t familiar yet. For example, the stylus configuration, which is the special accessories of this model. Compared to a few minutes of reading it, the manual counts as a great investment.

Here are what’s covered in the LG Stylo 4 user manual:

Using the Stylus Pen

One of the most exciting features of this phone is the stylus. There is a lot what you can do with this digital pen. Stylus opens to a popup menu. Using the stylus, you can make a quick note, open the screen recorder, and create an animated GIF.

It also has a magnifying feature where you can see your screen more clearly. Learn what other apps work with the stylus by reading this part of the manual.

Camera and Gallery Features

Apart from the stylus, LG also packs the camera with interesting new features. Learn how to switch the lens to a wide angle one. You can also take advantage of QLens feature, where you can shop by just taking a photo.

This section also explains how to take a bokeh picture with Portrait. Make sure not to miss Steady Recording. You can minimize motion blur when recording while using this feature.

Gallery also gets its upgrade. Learn about making a video from existing pictures, searching related contents, even make a GIF without the help of a third-party app.

New Security Features

Goodbye passwords. It’s the era of fingerprints and face recognition, which both features are available on this phone. Learn how to configure them, from registering a face to fingerprints.

Do not forget to read the precautions though, especially for face recognition. Learn what and what’s not to do while setting up this security feature. It’s to prevent from getting locked out of your own phone in the future.

Google Assistant and Multi-tasking

Other new features that come with this phone are Google Assistant and Multi-tasking. They have their own dedicated sections in this manual.

Be sure to check on them, where you can learn to cascade two apps in one window, asking Google to set a reminder, provide weather information, play music, and many more.


The section guides users through the first time they use the new phone. It covers the introduction to the phone’s components and accessories. There’s an instruction on inserting SIM and memory card.

Battery management is also available, such as how to charge properly and tips to efficiently preserve your battery lifespan.

Basic Functions

Next, you’ll read the basic of your phone display interface. This includes Touch Screen, Home Screen, and Lock Screen. If you’re not sure what an icon is for, on the status bar or on the notification panel, you can consult this section. There’s a table explaining the meaning and the function of each status icon.

App management

Here, you’ll be guided on how to use app stores. The guide also introduces LG Smartworld, LG’s own app store. Then there’s an instruction on app installation.

This chapter also provides information regarding basic Apps such as Phone, Messaging, Calendar, and many more. You’ll read about Google Apps too.

Lastly, there are sections dedicated to LG custom apps such as Smart Cleaning, LG Mobile Switch, and QuickMemo+.


Customize more your phone by setting up wallpaper, theme, and ringtones as you like it. Learn how to configure these settings in this chapter.

You can also learn to adjust your display, choosing the screen resolution, text size and brightness, and configuring screen timeout.

Network setting is also covered here. You can find instructions on connecting mobile data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth devices.

Lastly, you’ll read about the standard security system (PIN, pattern, and passwords) and how to configure them.

Download User Manual

LG Stylo 4 user manual also include an appendix in the end. It’s where you can find more information such as LG Bridge and Software Update.

Overall, this manual covers everything you need to set up your phone from its default factory setting. It’s really worth it to spend time several minutes reading it.

LG Stylo 4 User Manual (1 MB)

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