LG Aristo 3 User Manual

LG Aristo 3 user manual is a trustworthy book in which you can find a lot of useful information about this model. The digital version comes with a clickable index.

LG Aristo 3 Manual

LG Aristo 3 user manual is the manual of the third generation of LG Aristo. As always, you can read it both in a physical form. Or you can download the digital version then read it on your computer or phone. The digital one is especially convenient because it has a clickable table of contents.

Inside, all you need to know about LG Aristo 3 is explained in this little booklet. You might want to make sure yo do the right thing for the basic stuff. Or in another case, you might want a thorough guide for something advanced. Whichever it is, this manual got your back.

Here are what’s included in the LG Aristo 3 manual:

Custom-designed Features

LG always equip its phone with special features you can’t find on other brands. LG Aristo 3 is no exception.

And you can find the manual for these features in section Custom-designed Features. Introducing face recognition. This technology could need some time to get used to. But don’t worry, the manual will walk you through it.

Their camera has several new features such as Flash Jump-Cut and creating movies from images. They are also highlighted in this section.

The next features introduced here are Multitasking features, where you can open two apps in one screen. The section is concluded with a guide in using Google Assistant.

Basic Functions

In Basic Functions, first, you can learn about the phone’s components and accessories. Get to know where the power button is, for example, as well as the sensor, the speaker, and input jacks.

Next, you’ll read about basic stuff such as turning on and off the power, SIM card and memory card installation, and the battery.

Moving onto the software. This section will walk you through using the touchscreen, navigating the home screen, and configuring the screen lock.

Although titled “Basic”, the section also includes some advanced guide such as setting up memory card encryption.T here’s also a dedicated page for Do Not Disturb, a feature to mute notification and disturbance for a period of time.

Useful Apps

Here, in the beginning, you’ll learn about the app’s basic management such as installing and uninstalling apps. There’s a feature called App Trash, another special feature by LG.

When uninstalling an app, it turns out that you can reinstall it again without downloading. Learn how to access uninstalled apps with App Trash feature by reading this part of the section.

Another useful feature explained here is App shortcuts. It’s where you can access an app’s quick menu with a certain touchscreen gesture. Make sure not to miss it.

Basic Apps

Useful Apps section also include an explanation about the phone’s many built-in communication apps such as Phone, Messaging, Email, and Contact.

It contains information you might already know such as making calls or adding a contact. However, keep reading just in case you find useful hidden tricks.

The same thing applies for Camera and Gallery app. Apart from the basic of taking pictures, learn tricks such as using gestures to take a photo, switching camera, and many more.

Special LG Apps

Keep reading until you find special LG apps such as LG Mobile Switch. Smart Cleaning, QuickMemo+, and LG Smartworld.

For certain tasks, these apps can come in handy. For example, in QuickMemo+ you can write a note on a picture. This is a feature you can’t find in a basic notepad app. With Smart Cleaning, you can optimize your phone using just one menu.

Phone Settings

From setting up your network connection to configuring sounds and notifications, Phone Settings section explains all these configurations in a detailed manner.

Pay attention more to General part. It’s where you can learn a more advanced configuration such as using Content Lock, SD Card encryption and credentials and viewing details of an app’s usage.

Personalizing is also covered in this section. Head to “Display” page where you can find a guide on customizing your phone’s appearance.

Changing themes and wallpapers are made easy with this part. As well as adjusting display’s brightness, size, font, and many more.

Download User Manual

At the end of LG Aristo 3 user manual, don’t forget to check out the appendix part. Where you can find additional information such as Safety, software version and update.

There’s also LG Bridge, a feature where you can learn about LG’s backup functionality. In short, the manual is indeed packed with useful information.

LG Aristo 3 User Manual (1 MB)

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