LG K20 Plus User Manual

LG K20 Plus user manual includes custom designed apps and features. It’s advisable to learn these features beforehand with the manual. You can also learn common settings.

LG K20 Plus Manual

Welcome to LG K20 Plus user manual. As indicated in the title, it’s the guidebook that comes with LG K20 Plus.

Many people neglect reading the manual upon buying a new phone. But in the case of LG K20 Plus you might not want to miss this little handy guide.

The reason being, LG K20 Plus is a special phone. LG never tire themselves to churn out new features on their new model. This phone included.

If you read the manual carefully, granted you will find little tricks that can blow your mind away. Small tricks that can get you more productivity while also save your time.

These are what you can find inside the LG K20 Plus manual:

Custom-designed Features

LG start their manual with a section called “Custom-designed Features”. Here, you’ll see what LG is highlighting on this model. In case of LG K20, the phone is equipped with multi-tasking feature, fingerprint recognition, and Quick share.

Learn how to open two apps simultaneously with the multi-tasking feature. All explained in this section complete with screenshots as a guide.

For some users, fingerprint is a great deal of an upgrade. It might sounds unfamiliar but don’t worry, the manual will get you through every configuration step that’s required.

Lastly, discover the convenient Quick Share where you can share your picture right after taking it.

Product Components

By reading this section, you’ll be able to identify the parts and components of your phone. You might already know most of the button are, but LG can come with a different unusual design you need to get familiar with.

For example, their decision to merge the power button with the fingerprint sensors. There are some clicks and taps you can do with this power button, all which you can learn here.

Basic Functions

After you have read about the phone’s parts, it’s time to move to the accessories. From SIM Card to Battery, there are a comprehensive guide about configuring these accessories.

Learn about Installing SIM Card, a memory card, and removing the battery. After hardware, the manual will walk you through an introduction of the phone’s touch screen and home screen.

Advanced Basic Functions

Still within “Basic Functions” chapter, the configurations gets a bit more advanced by the end. Users will find an instruction about Memory Card encryption and the Smart Keyboard. There are also a quick explanation about the taking screenshot and using Do not disturb menu.

Managing Apps

Basic app management includes installing and uninstalling apps. Something you might already know. However, LG has some surprises such as LG Smartworld, another platform where you can download apps other than from Play Store. There’s also a guide about uninstalling apps right from their EasyHome launcher.

Basic Apps

In Phone, explained here several methods users can do to make a voice call. From manually entering numbers to the dial pad screen, to making a call from a contact or a recent call.

The section further explains ways to answer and reject calls, view missed calls and voice mails, and make a three-way voice call. In Messaging, you can read about how to send and open a text.

The section includes other useful apps such as Camera, Calendar, and Clock. In Camera, aside from the basic instruction in taking pictures, learn several LG camera tricks such as face detection. It’s a feature to take a selfie easily.

Other sections also offer hidden tricks like this. In Calendar, there’s Even Pocket feature where you can save memories (pictures and videos) from an event in a virtual pocket.

LG Apps

LG Apps are also something you should keep an eye on. Introducing QuickMemo+, a whole different experience in note taking.

Learn how this app can be helpful for your daily task by reading this part of the manual. Other LG Apps included here are LG SmartWorld and LG Backup.

Phone Settings

The general configurations for your phone. Read about several methods of connecting to the internet. Be it Wi-Fi, mobile data, or VPN, this section covers all the important information. Also, learn about configuring your display, setting up notifications, screen lock, and many more.

Download User Manual

In conclusion, LG K20 Plus user manual put a lot of emphasize on LG’s special features. However, they don’t completely neglect common configuration such as Network and sound settings.

If this is the first time you get your hands on an LG phone, it’s definitely worth your time to read this manual first. Especially the sections where they cover special features.

LG K20 Plus User Manual (1 MB)

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