Motorola Moto E5 Plus User Manual

Motorola Moto E5 Plus user manual provides complete information about the model and gives a whole new experience in using the phone for the user.

Moto E5 Plus Manual

The Moto E5 Plus user manual is a must-read guide for new device users. It gives you thorough information about the phone. In the manual, you will find a complete tutorial about how to use your phone.

Not only you will get necessary information about getting started with the device, but also helpful tips to optimize the device. In the first part of the manual, you can find basic information about the phone.

Later in it, you will be provided with more specific information such as how to protect and troubleshoot when unexpected problems appear.

As the manual benefit you a lot as a user, you are advised to keep a copy on your phone. Thus, you can access it anytime you need to. Here is the information you will find inside the Moto E5 Plus manual.

Checking It Out

Right after the table contents, you can find a shortcut to which information you need. It is called the ‘Check It Out’. In case you need to access certain information quickly, you know where to go.

For example, if you want to know how to turn on Wi-Fi, using the flashlight, and many more you can go to the Quick Settings section.

This section also suggests you read the phone Legal Information before getting started. It can be found on the System menu inside the Setting section of the device.

Get Started

This section gives you a first look at the device. It tells you which button is for which function. As this section is completed with illustration, you can get a clear instruction about basic things. Such as inserting SIM and microSD card.

You will also read about how to set up your phone for the first time. Included in this manual are also how to sign in with your Gmail account, connecting to Wi-Fi, and the right way to charge the battery.

Learn the Basics

Experience your Home Screen through much information provided by this section. You will learn about the screen gesture here.

How to access quick settings and where to see all apps on this phone are also crucial for you. Also, you can set the phone mode to ring, vibrate, or silent, as well as do not disturb mode.

The later part of this section provides information about status icons, app notifications, lock screen, and volume.

Customize Your Phone

Mainly this section tells you about how to personalize your phone to your preference. You will find a complete tutorial on how to arrange the widgets and apps positions on the Home Screen.

You can also change phone ringtone and notification tone for every app. Furthermore, this section of the manual tells you how to set a custom picture for quick access to certain apps.


Apps section of the manual explains essential apps that come with your phone as default apps. It shows you what you can do during calls, how to mark contacts as a favorite, and making emergency calls.

As you read further, you will find more detail about messaging, chrome, camera features, and Gmail, and more great apps which can be very helpful.

Connect to Other Device

You can learn how to connect your phone with computers, networks, and accessories in this section. Besides the basic connecting settings, you will find how to transfer files on the phone to other devices.

As for syncing device to cloud, there are steps that you need to take to back up your data to your Google account.

Protect Your Phone

Your phone comes with advanced security features. Explained in this section are unlocking with fingerprint, backup & restore, and apps safety settings. You can set your privacy by turning off the location and setting up a password to unlock the device.

Troubleshoot Your Phone

In this section, you will read about how to turn on Safe Mode when certain apps are causing the phone to freeze. Also, software update information is provided, as well as what should you do when your phone gets stolen.


Find what your phone can do for you by activating advanced speak features in this section. You can make your cellphone see, hear, speak, feel, and use. This features benefited you as it will respond to your voice commands.

Download User Manual

If you want to know more detailed information, you can find Moto E5 Plus community on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Find the customer care number near you through the address given in this section.

In general, the Moto E5 Plus user manual is worth to be kept in your phone. All the information in the book will help you to optimize the use of the device.

Moto E5 Plus User Manual (2 MB)

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