Moto E5 Cruise User Manual

The Motorola Moto E5 Cruise user manual is a PDF file that provides information in the form of guidance and tutorials on how to operate and manage your device.

Moto E5 Cruise User Manual

Like any other device, the Motorola Moto E5 Cruise comes with a user manual which can be very helpful in guiding you on how to use your new device.

The manual provides all sorts of information, including step-by-step guidance on how to get your phone ready for first-time use.

It also offers troubleshooting tips to help you out when something goes wrong with the device’s system. To help you understand better and learn faster, the manual includes illustrations in most of its sections.

Read on to see what you will find on the Motorola Moto E5 Cruise user manual:

Get Started

Get to know your phone’s features and its functions with the help of the Get Started section. This section also includes a step-by-step tutorial on activating phone service and inserting a microSD card, which is optional and sold separately.

Following this, you will be guided to fully charge up your phone with its provided charger and power it on afterward. As you read on, the manual will continue to give you instructions on what you must do to start accessing your phone.

Learn the Basics

In this section, you will learn about the basic features of your device and how to operate them. The first part of this section is an introduction to the home screen on your device.

This includes what you will see on the home screen and which part of it shows what along with its meanings.

Learn the Basics section also shows what the lock screen on your device should look like. Other information includes quick settings, speak features, direct share, and the picture-in-picture feature on your device.

Customize Your Phone

If you need help in making changes to the sounds and appearance on your phone, read the Customize Your Phone section in the manual.

This section consists of simple tutorials on how to personalize your phone. It can help you with changing the look of your home screen or lock screen and organizing your apps and widgets.

You will also be guided in setting ringtones and notifications, adjusting display settings, and how to turn on feed in the Google app.

Apps and More Apps

When you buy a phone, many of them come with great apps that are ready to use. However, if you want to add more apps to your phone, you can read through the Apps and More Apps section in the manual for help. This section can help you find, download, and install the apps that you desire.

These two sections not only show how to find and add apps to your phone but also show how to use built-in apps. These apps include phone (which comprises contacts, calls, voice command, etc.), Messages, Chrome, Camera, Photos, Gmail, Duo, Moto, and Calendar.

Connect, Share & Sync

Using the step-by-step tutorial in this section, you will learn how to connect with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, share files and data connection, print files, and sync to the cloud.

You will also learn how to use a memory card, turn on/off the airplane mode, and make changes to any network settings on your phone.

Protect Your Phone

The user manual is not only useful in guiding how to use your phone. It is also helpful in keeping your information protected in case you lose your phone.

In this section, you will learn how to use the backup and restore settings and manage all the security options on your phone.

On the last page of this section, the manual explains how you can track the amount of data that your phone uploads and downloads.

Troubleshoot Your Phone

You will find this section very helpful when you meet difficulties when using your device. This section shows troubleshooting tips that include a range of options.

You can restart or remove an app, restart your phone, check for the software updates, or reset your phone to factory settings. This section even includes tips on how to find your stolen phone.

Download User Manual

As you read and find a way to use your phone, you will realize how useful the Motorola Moto E5 Cruise user manual is. However, if you need more help or information, you can visit the Motorola website or find them on social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Moto E5 Cruise User Manual (1 MB)

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