BLU View 2 2022 (B131DL) Review

Looking for a new smartphone but don’t have enough budget to buy the fancy one? Then, you should read this BLU View 2 2022 review to get an overview of this affordable device.

BLU View 2 2022 Review

It can’t be denied smartphones are becoming people’s primary needs. All of today’s activities require a smartphone and the internet for communicating, working, studying, and looking for entertainment. However, not everyone has that kind of privilege to get or change a new smartphone, whatever they want.

Nevertheless, there are also a lot of affordable smartphones out there that you can choose from. And the BLU View 2 2022 smartphone is one of them. This phone is considered a budget-friendly device with decent features for daily routines.

In this article, you will get a thorough review of the BLU View 2 2022 (B131DL) smartphone. It will uncover all the phone’s ins and outs, from the display screen to its performance. You’ll get our pros and cons at the end of the article.


BLU View 2 2022 (B131DL) specifications:

Dimensions153.7 x 71.4 x 9.5mm
OSAndroid 11
Screen size5.5-inch
Resolution720 x 1440
ProcessorMediaTek Helio A22
CPUQuad-core (4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery3,000mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera13MP
Front camera8MP


BLU View 2 2022
BLU View 2 2022

First, we will talk about the most noticeable feature of the BLU View 2 2022 smartphone; the design and appearance. It’s bland and looks old-school with the rounded design and large bezels. This phone is also considered small in dimension and weight, with 153.7 x 71.4 x 9.5mm and 162g.

The BLU View 2 2022 design has an awkward rounded edge with large bezels at the top and bottom. You’ll find the front camera with the LED flash in the top bezel. Meanwhile, the bottom bezel has nothing on it because the main buttons are already placed on the screen. This bezel is a waste and can actually be rid of.

On the other hand, the back area of the BLU View 2 2022’s smartphone also does the same. There is nothing special about this area. The main camera and LED flash are placed at the center in a vertical line, and the BLU big logo is below them.


BLU View 2 2022 Display

The BLU View 2 2022 smartphone is embedded with a standard display screen size. It’s 5.5 inches, enough for us to operate all the phone’s features and functions. However, this phone doesn’t give us a cinematic-viewing experience like most smartphones nowadays. And, the bezels that we’ve mentioned before? It’s annoying.

The BLU View 2 2022 smartphone is equipped with a 720 x 1440-pixel resolution for this not-too-big display screen. The HD+ screen quality is what you’ll get from this phone, and it’s enough to offer you a clear and vibrant output.

With this HD+ screen quality, you can enjoy detailed outputs, such as images and icons from the BLU View 2 2022 smartphone.


BLU View 2 2022 Camera

On the camera side, the BLU View 2 2022 smartphone is only equipped with a single one at the front or back. This phone has 13MP as the main camera for the back camera and comes with an LED flash.

Meanwhile, for the front camera, it comes with an 8MP camera that not only works for selfie cameras but also as video call equipment. These two cameras aren’t only perfect for taking pictures and recording 1080p videos.

These cameras are not the perfect pair for today’s smartphone. However, considering its price, the cameras are still decent enough for taking daily and practical outputs.


Accompanied by the cameras, the BLU View 2 2022 smartphone has 32GB of internal storage capacity. This is also a decent capacity for that camera size since you don’t need a bigger space.

After the phone’s storage, the BLU View 2 2022 internal capacity will be decreased at some point. Some of you may think it isn’t enough for you. If you feel this way, you can expand the storage by installing a MicroSD card up to 128GB into the device. This card doesn’t come in a bundle with your smartphone. So, it would help if you bought it yourself.

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The BLU View 2 2022 smartphone’s performance depends on a Quad-core MediaTek Helio A22. This is a common processor for any entry-level smartphone. This processor is not giving you extravagant performance whatsoever. It only focuses on being an efficient smartphone, especially its battery power.

The chipset performances are running on 2.0GHz. With this, you can expect the device to run relatively fast, especially when launching the apps.

These all phone’s performance specs are combined with 3GB RAM. RAM is short for Random Access Memory, which means all the phone’s temporary traffic files are stored here. As the RAM is bigger, the phone’s operation process will be faster. And 3GB RAM is more than enough for an entry-level smartphone.

With the 3GB RAM, the smartphone can open some apps simultaneously. It can multitask, yet it may be running slowly time after time. Accessing some lighter apps feels smooth. However, it may be different when you’re operating some heavier apps. The device will start showing any lags and glitches.

The BLU View 2 2022 smartphone has Android 11 as its operating system. For today’s smartphone, seeing Android 11 on it is a drawback. This operating system is lower than today’s average. It doesn’t have a lot of updates on its features.


The BLU View 2 2022 smartphone can be connected to the internet with the help of 4G LTE connectivity. 4G LTE still gives you the best connectivity for calls and the internet. If you’re using this network for calling, it will deliver a clear voice quality. And, if you’re using it for the internet, it’ll deliver fast and stable connections.

Other than that, the BLU View 2 2022 smartphone has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. With Wi-Fi, you can connect to the internet network wirelessly. Meanwhile, for Bluetooth, you can connect to other Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth speakers, headsets, and smart home appliances.


The battery has important plays to ensure you’ll enjoy the whole phone’s experience all day. The BLU View 2 2022 smartphone has a 3,000mAh of battery capacity. This is such a low capacity, especially for today’s smartphones. With this, you can’t expect the smartphone’s battery to last until the end of the day.

Even though the battery is not a decent size for an entry-level smartphone, with the help of the processors, you can still make the battery more efficient. The USB Type-C charges the battery as fast as it can until it reaches its fullest.

Is the BLU View 2 2022 a good phone?

The BLU View 2 2022 smartphone aims to become a decent entry-level, budget-friendly smartphone. This phone’s overall features and specifications are standard and not extravagant at all.

In this BLU View 2 2022 (B131DL) review, this smartphone can be your next consideration for purchase. With only $29.99, this phone is quite decent for everyday activities.

Pros: affordable price, decent features

Cons: low battery capacity, old design