BLU View 2 2022 (B131DL) User Manual

Learning about your new smartphone most conveniently and easily with the BLU View 2 2022 (B131DL) user manual. Let’s catch up with some information here.

BLU View 2 2022 User Manual

A new smartphone looks simple, yet it still has many features you may not know before. That’s why you must discover those all to learn about the smartphone. Learning about the device’s configurations and some tips and tricks.

It all also applies to the BLU View 2 2022 smartphone. If you have had this phone recently, it would be best to have comprehensive knowledge about it before you operate it daily. That’s what the user manual can do for you. This document can help you to learn about the device entirely.

Nevertheless, some people thought the user manual was a heavy document because of its technical words. We understand this by providing you a summary of the user manual. In this summary, we will highlight and describe the chapters for you.

Download User Manual

Before you walk further away with the BLU View 2 2022 (B131DL) user manual. We advise you to download the digital version of the manual. This can help you to understand the summary better by reading these two documents side by side.

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Lock Screen Bar

The BLU View 2 2022 smartphone has a lock screen bar feature that may not be available in most other smartphones. This feature allows you to make a custom bar filled with useful apps that can be accessed while your phone is locked. Read this chapter to get a deep understanding of this feature.

Notifications Bar

In this chapter, you will overview the notifications bar, including the available features and the functions of each button. For those wondering what the notifications bar is, go into this chapter to learn about it.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are two connectivity features available on the BLU View 2 2022 smartphone. Both are useful for their own purposes. In this chapter’s user manual, you will get information about Bluetooth & Wi-Fi, including the tutorials that come complete with pictures to tell you better.


Gmail is an email provider built by Google. It’s a widely used email provider by most smartphones, and you will also find this app on the BLU View 2 2022 smartphone. Suppose you’re not used to this app. Here, you will find comprehensive information about the Gmail app.

The first section of this chapter talks about how to open Gmail apps. Then, it moves to the information about how to send emails. Moreover, you’ll also get information about the Gmail categories.

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On the BLU View 2 2022 smartphone, you will find a stunning camera to capture all your precious moments. It’s such a waste if you don’t utilize this feature to the maximum to get the best experience while using it.

In this dedicated chapter about cameras, you will find the instructions starting with how to open the camera, how to take pictures, and how to record videos.


The next chapter that we will give a summary about is the Settings. This menu is where you will find many configurations to adjust, modify, or activate the features available on the BLU View 2 2022. This chapter doesn’t give you complete info—just an overview of what you can expect from each feature’s settings.


The troubleshooting chapter is the last, yet very useful for you regarding minor phone problems. With this, you will find every answer to your inquiries, especially when you struggle with the BLU View 2 2022. We highly recommend reading this chapter if the device starts to error or malfunction.

The BLU View 2 2022 (B131DL) user manual is not that intimidating. Even though the context is quite ‘hard’ to understand, after you read this summary, we hope you’ll be easier and more relaxed when reading the manual.