ZTE Cymbal U (2020) Review: Great Phones For Senior Users

Whether you are a non-tech-savvy person or looking for a simple phone for your elders, this phone would work for you. Read this ZTE Cymbal U review to get the overview.

ZTE Cymbal U Review

The ZTE Cymbal U was launched in January 2021. A simple phone is aimed specifically at people who want to escape a little bit from the hecticness of social media or for elders who need a basic phone for calls or texts.

Nevertheless, this phone still has the essential features you need for today’s needs. You can try to boost productivity with internet access, a camera, and other useful apps and features. Even though it is not as advanced as most phones, it is still fascinating for some reasons.

The ZTE Cymbal U has everything a flip phone needs. If you are still looking for the right phone, reading this ZTE Cymbal U (2020) review would greatly help. Who knows, this phone is meant for you.

Key Specs

ZTE Cymbal U (2020) specifications:

Dimensions109.2 x 55.9 x 19.5mm
OSProprietary based on AOSP
Screen size2.8-inch
Resolution240 x 320
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 215
CPUQuad-core (4×1.3 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery1,600mAh, Removable
Rear camera2MP
FeaturesHearing Aid Compatibility M3/T3


ZTE Cymbal U
ZTE Cymbal U

The first impression of the ZTE Cymbal U phone’s design is sleek and modern. The black matte color all over the phone screams masculine. It leaves us impressed just by looking at it. The old-school appearance combos with this color are just perfect for us. The dimensions are also ergonomically fine in our hands, not too thin nor bulky.

Flip in, and you will see a 2.8-inch display screen as its main screen. There is also the all-black responsive physical keypad. Each key is big enough and very tactile, and comfortable to press. Elders would find no struggle typing with these keypads.

The front area is where the second 1.77-inch display screen can be seen. Above it, there is a rear camera available. Speakers are placed at the back, and you will see a volume button on the right side. The volume button positions are hard to reach while on the phone.

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ZTE Cymbal U Display

The ZTE Cymbal U comprises two display screens, a bare minimum of most flip phones. The first screen can be seen inside. It is a 2.8-inch display screen as the main screen for navigating all of the phone’s operations. However, this screen size can be a drawback for the elderly since it’s hard enough to read the contents on the small screen.

The phone’s resolution is 240 x 320 pixels which is a so-so quality for a flip phone. It doesn’t provide a crystal clear quality, but the icons and texts still look smooth enough, not pixelated or blurred. The colors are not accurately fine. It is quite dull.

The additional screen is placed outside with a 1.77-inch display screen. It is not a good quality, either. But we don’t mind since this screen only shows notifications and the phone’s status, such as the battery, date and time, and signal.


ZTE Cymbal U Camera

A camera comes on the ZTE Cymbal U flip phone. It is the one and only 2MP rear camera. No selfie camera and no LED flash to enhance the camera’s quality. As a feature phone, we don’t expect a high-quality camera; it’s fairly enough for basic necessities.

The photos are blurred and have a lot of noise all over the contents. It’s understandable, though. However, don’t ask for more features–at least upgrade the camera quality because you won’t find anything here.

Despite being a camera for beauty shots, this ZTE Cymbal U camera is meant for some practical uses. Moreover, with this camera, you can still record a 720p video.


The ZTE Cymbal U has a decent 8GB of internal storage for storing personal memory like photos, videos, files, and contacts. The size is generous enough, especially for a phone that is not application-centric. However, users won’t get the full 8GB for their personal storage since around half of the capacity is already filled in with the system-preloaded apps.

Alternatively, you can add more contacts, texts, or other files with the help of a MicroSD card. Yes, users can put the expandable storage of up to 32GB into the device. It’s more than enough to store another memory.


ZTE Cymbal U Side View

The ZTE Cymbal U utilizes a 1.3GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 processor. The CPU is clearly made for a feature phone because it prioritizes power efficiency over ultra-speed performance. It promises us adequate performance while running the operations. With this chipset, a flip phone could flow effortlessly, though.

The CPU comes together with 1GB RAM. Even though this RAM capacity sounds not promising for most people. This combination is quite effective for the phone’s intuitiveness. We rarely find any lags or delays while bouncing around the apps.

Although the ZTE Cymbal U does not support multitasking, it has smooth performance when we launch some apps and browsing the web is very comfortable. Also, thanks to the responsive keypad, our experience was more pleasing.

The ZTE Cymbal U has a Hearing Aid Compatibility M3/T3 feature. With this, you can expect the device to provide a clear and noise-free hearing aid. Unfortunately, that’s just the only feature we’ve found on the ZTE Cymbal U. We’re not even finding the security sensors to make the device more secure and private.


As for connectivity, the ZTE Cymbal U uses 4G LTE as its number one mobile network. It is a bare minimum for every phone, though. We can still rely on this connectivity since it provides wide coverage. You can go anywhere, and the internet would be as strong and stable as you wish.

Wi-Fi connectivity is also available as a network alternative. You can enjoy an internet connection without sacrificing your mobile data and battery usage. Meanwhile, you can turn the ZTE Cymbal U into a mobile hotspot if the other devices need the data connection. The other connectivity available here are Bluetooth and GPS.


The ZTE Cymbal U has a 1,600mAh removable battery capacity. It is a small battery, but since this flip phone is supposed to have a lighter and simpler digital activity, it still provides a long-lasting battery life. We can expect the battery to last until the end of the day.

The removable battery could be advantageous. Every time the battery gets damaged, you can replace it immediately with your spare one. That is perfect if you’re outside and in conditions with no charge station at all.


The ZTE Cymbal U costs $75. The price is too high for a flip phone with limited features and functions. Lacks of important features and low battery size are two things that need a lot of consideration. There are a lot of flip phones with lower prices and advanced features out there.

However, as we said in the first paragraph, the ZTE Cymbal U is specifically built for elders or non-tech-savvy people. It would work for them since it offers minimalism.

ZTE Cymbal U Pros:

  • Perfect for elders
  • Modern look
  • Responsive and tactical keypad

ZTE Cymbal U Cons:

  • Low battery capacity


The ZTE Cymbal U is not as you wish? Don’t worry. We have other alternatives for you. The first choice goes to the TCL Flip Pro. This phone has a lower price with much better features on it. Shout out to their 1,850mAh battery and their choice of using a KaiOS.

The other is the ZTE Link II. It comes with the same brand. The features are also the same, but the price is slightly lower than the ZTE Cymbal U.