Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 Review: Proper Smartphone with Affordable Prices

Are you recently looking for a dependable smartphone with useful features but still on a tight budget? Then, we recommend you to read this Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 review.

Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 Review

Don’t you agree not having a smartphone means you will get one step behind in accessing information? Nowadays, there are many smartphone options on the device market. What do you want precisely? A decent smartphone with low prices? Is it impossible to find?

Well, well. The Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 smartphone could be one of the considerations if you’re looking for a smartphone with that specifications. However, before knocking on the hammer, it will be good to read a review about the device.

The Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 review is important to read since it contains all useful information regarding the phone’s specifications, features, and functions. This document gives you a better insight into the device you want to buy.

Key Specs

Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 specifications:

Dimensions166.3 x 73.4 x 8.6
OSAndroid 11
Screen size6.5-inch
Resolution720 x 1600
ProcessorMediaTek Helio P22 MT6762
CPUOcta-core (8×2.0 GHz Cortex-A53)
Rear camera16MP + 8MP + 2MP
Front camera8MP
FeaturesFingerprint Reader on the side


Consumer Cellular ZMax 11
Consumer Cellular ZMax 11

First, we will review the Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 smartphone’s design. There is no difference between this device and the other smartphone. It just looks plain and similar. However, this phone still has an ergonomic design. It’s tall, slim, and very lightweight.

At the front, the Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 looks spacious, with a 6.5-inch display screen and small bezels. It makes the viewing experience more satisfying. It would be better if the screen stretched down to leave minimum space. The front camera has a standard tear-drop design.

The phone’s back part is also not given much attention. The design is simple, with a noticeable triple rear camera in vertical placement with LED flash beside it. You will also see the big Consumer Cellular logo at the bottom. There is no fingerprint reader here because it is placed at the side instead.

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Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 Display

The Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 display has standard specifications. It has a 6.5-inch display screen, which is a bare minimum for an entry-level smartphone. However, it is quite spacious for users to play around with their fingers to navigate the phone’s apps. The minimum bezels also give ample room to express a cinematic-wide viewing.

This display size comes together with a 720 x 1600 pixels resolution. Again, it is familiarly used for budget smartphones. The resolution means you will get an HD+ display quality. It is enough to experience rich and accurate colors. The phone’s brightness is also quite okay, even though the screen will be subtle when you’re outdoors.


Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 Camera

The Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 is a budget smartphone with a triple rear camera. It has indeed become an added point for the device. Those triple cameras come with 16MP, 8MP, and 2MP.

The 16MP main camera works well for capturing high-quality pictures. An 8MP wide camera will be good for taking a panoramic picture. Meanwhile, the 2MP depth camera could take a zoom-in picture. Those all combined could also record a 1080p video and playback. Even more, the camera has 3x digital zoom.

Not only the rear camera but the Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 also has an 8MP camera at the front. A nice megapixel for taking a selfie or even doing a video meeting.


The Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 smartphone is equipped with 32GB of internal storage for storing personal files and pre-loaded apps. It’s not as small as it seems. We can collect photos, videos and download some apps we need. You can always delete the app caches regularly if it starts running low.

However, there are other convenient ways to make your phone’s storage more spacious. Expanding the storage is one way worth trying. You can install a MicroSD card of up to 256GB into the phone’s slot to make your storage bigger. But this card does not come as the bundle in the box. It would be best if you bought it separately yourself.

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Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 Side View

The Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 performance depends on the 2GHz MediaTek Helio P22 MT6762 processor. It is fully expected to have this processor spec on a budget smartphone. It would deliver faster performance but still make the battery efficient.

The 2GHz clock rate offers good speeds and would still balance the overall performance. So, every time users accessed a heavy or multitask, the Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 smartphone would stay stable and not even show any glitches. Opening apps simultaneously also will perform as smoothly as possible.

Android 11 is the Consumer Cellular ZMax 11’s default operating system. Even though it’s not the latest version of the Android OS, it still shows advanced improvements. Their accessibility comes fluidly, and their speed is quite optimal. Android 11 also gives us full control to enhance our privacy and security.

Even more, with Android 11, everything could be more personal and manageable. You can manage your conversations and zip them into one topic. The smartphone with Android 11 can freely connect with other devices, other media, and even your car.

Security-wise, the Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 has a fingerprint reader to unlock the device. But instead of putting it on the back or display (like other smartphones), this phone puts it on the side.

In our experience, the fingerprint on the side is less convenient than the other places, especially for small hands. It takes effort to do this and has more chances of getting damaged than others.


Having the capability to connect to the internet and other devices is a must for every smartphone. 4G LTE is the main network for the Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 smartphone. 4G LTE is enough for us since its availability is worldwide. Besides, you can use Wi-Fi connectivity.

Not only the internet connectivity but the Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 is also equipped with some features to connect with other devices. You can rely on Bluetooth to connect with other Bluetooth devices, such as earphones, speakers, and transfer files. The USB Type-C can also connect to a computer and share data.


The Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 smartphone enters the game with its specifications and capabilities. But, for $129, is it worth buying? Set aside their affordable prices, the Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 only most highlighted features are their triple camera and big screen. The overall performance is so-so for us.

Nevertheless, there are many drawbacks that we’ve noticed after we used the Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 smartphone. It only has a small internal storage capacity and its lack of features such as fast charging and the fingerprint reader is not convenient enough for us.

Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 Pros:

  • On-budget smartphone
  • Triple camera
  • Big battery

Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 Cons:

  • Limited internal storage
  • Lacks fast charging
  • The fingerprint on the side is inconvenient


Two alternatives with similar specifications to the Consumer Cellular ZMax 11 are available. The first smartphone is the Visible Midnight. Even though it’s not widely known yet, their specifications are quite good. The most highlighted is their wireless charging feature. Even better, it comes at a lower price.

Last but not least, the other alternative is the Cricket Dream 5G. As its name suggests, this phone already comes with 5G connectivity which is a plus point. Their specifications are also better with the NFC and fast charging feature. All of it you can get for $100.