Cricket Dream 5G Review: The On-Budget 5G and Quad Camera Smartphones

An affordable smartphone with fascinating features is not hard to look for. With the help of the Cricket Dream 5G review, you will discover what this phone can offer, including its capability.

Cricket Dream 5G Review

The Cricket Dream 5G was released in September 2021 as an affordable smartphone with 5G connectivity and quad camera support. Besides those, the other features on this phone really caught our attention.

The other features available are the huge 6.8-inch display screens, a 4,750mAh battery capacity, and the Android 11. But, it also comes with many compromises, especially if we compare it with the other smartphones in its range. Are you keen to know more about it?

The presence of the Cricket Dream 5G review will enlighten the users looking for a new 5G device that still fits their budget. This article will discover all of the pros and cons of this phone. After this, you can have enough information to make a decision.

Key Specs

Cricket Dream 5G specifications:

Dimensions176 x 79 x 9.6mm
OSAndroid 11
Screen size6.8-inch
Resolution1640 x 720
CPU2.2GHz Octa-core, MediaTek Dimensity 700 MT6833
Battery4,750mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP
Front camera13MP
FeaturesFingerprint Reader, Fast Charging, Wireless Charging


Cricket Dream 5G
Cricket Dream 5G

The Cricket Dream 5G phone’s design is nice looking, but it doesn’t represent a premium and modern smartphone at all. The 176 x 79 x 9.6mm makes the device look slim and tall. This phone weighs 222g, but surprisingly it doesn’t feel bulky – instead, it fits comfortably in our hand.

The phone’s front area resembles the standard appearance of a smartphone. Large screen, thin bezels, main button on the display screen, and the front camera in a punch hole design at the top of the screen.

The back area is where the interesting parts are. The magnetic blue color is so vibrant and steals our attention when we look at it. Unfortunately, this is the only color available for the Cricket Dream 5G smartphone. Here, you will see the quad cameras placed vertically; besides these, an LED flash is available.


Cricket Dream 5G Display

Interestingly, the Cricket Dream 5G smartphone comes with a gigantic 6.8-inch display screen. It also comes with a 20.5:9 screen ratio. This is a perfect combination to have an ideal cinematic-view experience. Moreover, navigating with this device will also be comfortable.

The 1640×720 resolution is equipped in this smartphone. It means we get an HD+ display screen quality to enjoy the phone’s content. It’s vivid and has a nice color accuracy. But honestly, the HD+ screen is like the bare minimum quality of a smartphone.

263 pixels density is served to the phone. It’s not the best standard, either, because the phone’s icons and texts will look less sharp, especially if you’re using it in daylight situations. When zooming in, the icons and texts will also be pixelated.


Cricket Dream 5G Camera

The camera is one of the major selling points of the Cricket Dream 5G. This smartphone gives four lenses to its camera – or we can call it a quad rear camera. The specifications are a 48MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide camera to capture a panoramic picture, a 2MP super macro camera to take a blurry background picture, and a 2MP depth camera.

Those rear cameras are equipped with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature to enhance the camera’s outputs. There is also an LED flash to let users still have a bright picture while capturing it in dark situations.

Selfie-worthy, it has a 13MP front-camera resolution. This is also quite decent for video-calling. Other than photos, the Cricket Dream 5G camera can also record a 1080p video. You can also use some video features such as time-lapse and slow motion.

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With a quad camera, the Cricket Dream 5G needs large storage to save the images and videos. This phone provides 64GB of internal storage to support the phone’s storing performance. Remember that this storage is still a raw total. In fact, this phone’s storage total amount is lower than the actual since the system consumes it.

Even though 64GB is enough for storing some files. This phone still has other options for users to get a bigger space. Users can expand their storage by installing an external MicroSD card into the device. You can add up to 512GB of external storage, and after this, you can save as much as you want.


The Cricket Dream 5G has a 2.2GHz Octa-core MediaTek Dimensity 700 MT6833 to run the system. This chipset is a mid-range processor and it’s quite powerful for a 5G smartphone. It can deliver the 5G connectivity well enough. Because of this, users can enjoy a stable performance.

The Cricket Dream 5G has 4GB RAM to store the device’s temporary files. With this RAM size, users can multitask effortlessly. The storage is sufficient enough for switching the apps back and forth. To make it more perfect, you can clear the cache regularly, and your device will be as smooth as ever.

Now, we will talk about the brain behind Cricket Dream 5G. It uses Android 11 as its operating system. Even though this OS was so last year, we still find it pretty decent and has some features that are still related to today’s needs.

The first thing to mention is the notifications management aspects. With this feature, every time we get notifications, they will be divided by the relevant topics. It makes the device more optimized, and the privacy is also more secure.

Android 11 also has a cleaner and simpler user interface. Minor changes like the playback widget, resizable picture-in-picture window, and smart app suggestions are also very useful for users.

The Cricket Dream 5G has several sensors available. Accelerometers and gyroscopes can be used to detect the phone’s movement. It’s perfect for playing games or watching videos. Meanwhile, the proximity sensor is used to prevent any accidental touches. This phone also has a fingerprint reader to unlock the device.


As the name indicated, the Cricket Dream 5G supports 5G connectivity. It enables its users to enjoy the internet network with faster and more stable connections. The call quality also sounds clearer than its predecessors. However, this phone is provided if you still want to use the 4G connectivity.

Not a fan of mobile data networks? Don’t worry. You can still rely on the other internet connectivity, Wi-Fi. You can also turn your device into a mobile hotspot to let your friend connect to the internet.

The Cricket Dream 5G allows users to share their files with other devices. You can use a Bluetooth network to share files wirelessly or connect to external devices. Or, use a USB Type-C cable to connect with a computer and share files.


The Cricket Dream 5G smartphone is powered by a 4,750mAh battery capacity. This capacity is enough for the phone to run for hours. Having a large battery means this phone promises to enjoy 23 hours of talk-time and 432 hours of standby time. It’s a long battery life cycle, but in the end, the battery performance will depend on people’s activity.

A non-removable battery type can also be advantageous since it has minimum chances of getting risks. With fast and wireless charging features, this battery can be filled up in only two to three hours.


In the Cricket Dream 5G review, we must say, don’t judge the book by its cover. Despite their ordinary-looking smartphones and low prices, this smartphone has all the advanced features we need. This device only costs $100, and you can get it for free if you bring your old number to Cricket!

We don’t just discuss the 5G connectivity and a quad camera already mentioned in the title. But, inside the device, it also satisfies us, just like the storage and battery capacity. We found compromises in the display quality area. Above all, it’s enough for us.

Cricket Dream 5G Pros:

  • Affordable price
  • 5G connectivity
  • Quad camera

Cricket Dream 5G Cons:

  • Average display quality


If you still need a comparison between this Cricket Dream 5G and other devices in the same range, we will likely inform you of these two smartphones. The AT&T Radiant Max 5G and the Boost Celeron 5G. The AT&T Radiant Max 5G has similar features to Cricket but has a lower price than this.

Meanwhile, the Boost Celero 5G is just a dollar cheaper than Cricket, but it lacks some features. It has a lower battery size and lacks NFC features. And, instead of having a Quad camera, it just has triple rear cameras.