Visible Midnight Review: Entry-Level Phone with Wireless Charging

Who said wireless charging smartphones are only available for the flagship ones? You may want to read the Visible Midnight review to know deeper about it.

Visible Midnight Review

“An entry-level smartphone with wireless charging feature? Is it real?” Visible Midnight is one phone that offers this advanced feature at low prices. You may rarely find this gem on the market at the moment.

Most people may be unfamiliar with the smartphone called Visible Midnight. This phone provides modern looks with a 6.5-inch display screen for more optimal user experiences. It also comes with a triple rear camera. The most exciting part is – that it’s supported by a wireless charging feature.

Are you interested in this phone? Let’s read the Visible Midnight review to discover all of the phone’s features, and maybe you’ll find a reason to buy it.

Key Specs

Visible Midnight specifications:

Dimensions166 x 76 x 8.6mm
OSAndroid 11
Screen size6.5-inch
Resolution1600 x 720
CPU2GHz Octa-core, MediaTek Helio P22
Battery4,000mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera13MP + 5MP + 2MP
Front camera8MP
FeaturesFingerprint Sensor, Wireless Charging


Visible Midnight
Visible Midnight

First of all, let’s talk about the aesthetic aspect of the Visible Midnight. This phone’s dimension is 166 x 76 x 8.6mm, weighing only 180g. The size fits perfectly into our palm’s hand, and it also feels lightweight when holding it.

The design of the front area is very typical. The phone’s screen is surrounded by thin bezels, except the lower side, which is slightly thicker. The home button is placed on the display’s screen. You will notice a front camera in a tear-drop design hole on the top center.

Moving on, we really like the backside of the phone. Features a glass-looking cover on the back. This phone looks sleek and sophisticated. It’s very simple, with only a triple rear camera and LED flash placed vertically on the right side and Visible’s logo at the center.

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Visible Midnight Display

The Visible Midnight spoils its users by featuring a 6,5-inch display screen. This is a great choice for users to navigate the device easily. Browsing the internet or other work types that require texts won’t make our eyes squint.

With a resolution of 1600 x 720, you will hardly experience pixelated on-screen content. The display screen becomes smoother, richer, and more intense in colors. The HD+ display screen allows users to enjoy the content more fluidly and sharper.

This phone doesn’t come with advanced protection. So, we recommend you use an extra layer of protection to avoid your phone getting stretched and cracked.


Visible Midnight Camera

The Visible Midnight has a triple rear camera and a front-facing camera. Users will get the 13MP rear camera as its main camera. Accompanied by a 5MP wide-camera lens to let users take panoramic pictures. There is also a 2MP depth-camera lens to take close-up pictures with blurred backgrounds.

At the front, you will get an 8MP front-facing camera. It is a standard for an entry-level smartphone. But, it is enough to take some selfies, even though it won’t produce a jaw-dropping image.

Besides taking pictures, the camera of the Visible Midnight allows you to record 1080p videos. This phone also has many camera features. Live Focus, Pro, Panorama Modes, Burst Modes, and Timer.

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With the Visible Midnight, you will get 32GB of internal storage. However, the actual size is around half of it. The preloaded apps and system junks consume this. It’s considered low for a phone with a triple rear camera. But again, we understand that this size is pretty common for a budget phone.

After some time, the storage will run out of space. It’s better to have prepared for the worst. We recommend you buy extra storage for your phone. You can buy a microSD card separately to save more files and install more apps on the device.


To run the phone’s tasks, the Visible Midnight relies on MediaTek Helio P22. For an entry-level smartphone, it is quite dependable. This processor provides more speed performance and maintains the power to be more efficient.

The chipset runs at 2GHz processing speed. With this, the processors will make sure to deliver tasks on the right frequency, so they won’t be overloaded. This speed also contributes to more seamless graphics and powerful performance.

In addition to the processors, the Visible Midnight comes with 3GB RAM. This RAM is big enough to store any temporary cache files on the device. Multitasking and launching the apps will be easier. Bouncing back to two or three apps won’t cause any lags.

The RAM and chipset setup allows you to watch movies, stream videos, or browse the internet and social media. Nevertheless, playing gigantic-size games will take a lot of work. In the end, this phone is not designed for professional users.

Next up, we will talk about the phone’s operating system. The Visible Midnight uses Android 11 OS as its brain. Regardless, Android 11 is not the latest OS. It is still quite popular among smartphones nowadays.

Android 11 has upgraded many features. It has leveled up privacy and notification management. Users can control what they want to share for their privacy matters. It gives us more freedom to change the setting as per our preferences. The user interface of Android 11 also is more responsive than the previous one.

The Visible Midnight is equipped with a fingerprint sensor. Unlike any other smartphone, the fingerprint sensor is located on the side of the phone. This sensor will allow users to easily access the device. It also added extra security to your phone. Unfortunately, this phone doesn’t come with face recognition and NFC features yet.


The Visible Midnight accommodates 4G LTE connectivity and older bands as well. Since it’s a budget phone, we’re not expecting a 5G network on the phone. The 4G connection itself is enough to support users accessing the internet anywhere.

Users can also activate the Wi-Fi to get connected without using mobile networks. This phone supports Wi-Fi version 5. You can even share your data connection by transforming the phone into a mobile hotspot.

Apart from these features, the Visible Midnight comes with other connectivity. There is Bluetooth for sharing files and connecting with external devices. Also, a USB Type-C cable for transferring data from/to computers.


A 4,000mAh battery capacity is provided to power up the Visible Midnight smartphone. We’re pleased with this battery size. To be honest, it is quite generous for a budget phone. This phone can last – approximately a day. But after all, the battery performance will depend on users’ screen times and usage behaviors.

The Visible Midnight takes the extra level by providing wireless charging into the box. It uses the Nimble Mercury 10W wireless charging pad made from recycled plastic and silicone. The Visible Midnight uses a non-removable battery to minimize the phone getting damaged.

Is the Visible Midnight a good phone?

The Visible Midnight is sold at $100. We think it is still affordable considering some tempted features they offered. The Visible Midnight has an impressive battery life, a triple rear camera, and followed by a large display. Let’s not ignore that the Visible Midnight also provides us with wireless charging, which is usually available only for flagship phones.

In this Visible Midnight review, we also notice some disadvantages. There is a short-sized of internal storage and average processor performance. However, we concluded the Visible Midnight smartphone is still worth every penny. But again, it is up to your own needs and preferences.

Visible Midnight Pros

  • Impressive Battery Life
  • Triple Rear-Camera
  • Wireless Charging

Visible Midnight Cons

  • Low Internal Storage
  • Average Performance