Visible Midnight User Manual

Help yourself discover a brand new phone by reading this Visible Midnight user manual. The essential information will be provided here to improve your experience with the phone.

Visible Midnight User Manual

When you get a new phone in your hand, you must be excited and want to unbox it immediately. You better stop right there. First of all, you need to understand the phone by examining every inch of it.

Some users may feel alienated from the Visible Midnight smartphone. This phone is rarely found on the market. The Visible Midnight still has many attractive features and functions despite its unfamiliar brand.

The Visible Midnight user manual comes to help new users with all the things they need to know before getting started. We provide you a brief summary of the user manual to have an overview.

Getting Started

Are you not sure about how to start the Visible Midnight smartphone? This chapter is definitely a must-read. In the first sections, you will find the phone’s layout and components along with each label and key to activate some phone functions.

After that, users will know how to set up the phone by inserting the SIM card. There is also useful guidance to start the phone. In the last part, you will be navigated into the home screen and status bar icons.

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About Your Phone

The Visible Midnight smartphone comes stand-out with wireless charging technology. It is one of the selling points of the phone. Wireless charging is still rare on the entry-level smartphone market lists. So, users will need guidance to use this feature.

Don’t worry. This chapter will have you back. You will get all of the information to use the wireless charging feature. Besides you can also find how to optimize your battery life here by following the tips provided.

Personalize Your Phone

This chapter includes ways to change the phone’s appearance to your desired preferences. Users are allowed to make their Visible Midnight smartphone as comfortable as they want.

Learn how to change the language, adjust the date and time settings, and activate the Nearby Share feature. You can also adjust the phone display and sound settings.


Apps are the most vital point of the Visible Midnight smartphone. Without them all, users will not be able to do anything. This phone is already provided with many pre-installed apps. Let’s find out what those are in the user manual.

You can learn how to use Calls, Contacts, Messages, and Gmail for communication purposes. If you want to get more productive, you can learn how to use Chrome, Calendar, Camera, Photo, and Clock.


As you know, there are many data theft cases out there. The phone is the most sensitive and easiest target. That’s why we, as frequent phone users, need to be aware of this and put extra protection to secure our phones.

The Visible Midnight smartphone presented with highly advanced protection. There are some options you can use to secure your phone. Those are screen lock, SIM card lock, fingerprint sensor, face unlock, and smart lock.


The Visible Midnight’s phone will make sure its users are able to experience the latest features and functions. Sometimes you will get the notification to update your phone’s software. Learn how to access the account information and software update in this chapter.

Download User Manual

That’s a wrap! The summary above is presented to show you the overview of the device. However, we recommend you download the full document of the Visible Midnight user manual to get more detailed and comprehensive information. Here is the download link, and explore the phone deeply with this.

Download: Visible Midnight User Manual (PDF)