Sonim XP5plus User Manual

A ruggedized smartphone like Sonim XP5plus is hard to follow. Reading the Sonim XP5 Plus user manual will help you better understand the device.

Sonim XP5 Plus User Manual

The ruggedized smartphones are specifically built for people with outdoor and extreme daily activity. If it is your first time having this device, it would be intimidating even just a look at it. But don’t worry. Everything is settled as long as there is a user manual in the box.

The user manual is a helpful guidebook for a first-time user. It covers everything you need to know to configure some important setups. Sometimes people ignore this tiny little document because of its “hard-to-read” word choices.

That’s why we simplified the Sonim XP5plus user manual and made it more understandable for people with zero knowledge about the device. The user manual is broken down into some chapters, and we will describe what’s inside those all.

Download User Manual

The purpose of making a Sonim XP5plus user manual summary is to give you, as a user, better knowledge about what is inside the full document. After you’ve been certain about the document, you can go back to this part to download the PDF version with this link we’ve provided.

➡️ Download Sonim XP5plus User Manual (PDF)

Getting Started

The first chapter of the user manual mostly discusses the phone’s specifications and basic setups. The phone specifications come with a table, so users will understand better. After that, brief instructions come with illustrations on how to get started with the device. Includes inserting the SIM and Memory card.

Using Your Device

The Sonim XP5plus is a ruggedized phone. As we said before, it could be very intimidating with all the necessary buttons you won’t find on other phones. But familiarizing yourself with the device will be much easier if you can read this next chapter.

This chapter gives you information about the phone’s components. Make sure to read this part, so you won’t be lost for the next configurations. Not only the hardware parts in this chapter, but you will also find information about the notifications bars and some operations such as capturing a screenshot, inputting a text, and so on.

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Network & Internet Settings

Even though the Sonim XP5plus is specifically built for people who mostly spend their days in extreme outdoor situations, the network and internet are very important nowadays. You won’t get confused with those settings since the user manual also covers them.

This chapter will give you full instructions on how to use network connectivity such as Wi-Fi, Mobile Network, Airplane Mode, Hotspot and Tethering, and VPN. The instructions are very well written and easy to keep up with.

System Settings

The Sonim XP5plus system may have a default setting, but don’t worry. It is still adjustable as long as you read this next chapter. The chapter is where you can learn about the home screen shortcuts, the programmable keys, and the system update. Moreover, you can also learn how to change the language & input and the date and time.

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Some useful applications are available on the Sonim XP5 Plus. It can boost your productivity as an outdoor person. This chapter will show you what those applications are, complete with the descriptions and the tutorials to do some operations.

This chapter teaches users about applications such as Voice Command, Calculator, Calendar, Music, Note, etc. Still, here you will also have the information on how to download and back up and restore the apps.

That’s a summary of the Sonim XP5 Plus user manual. It’s just a short user manual version because we can’t write everything here. That’s why we recommend you read the full one. You can download it if you’re curious with the link at the top of this article.