Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) Review: Triple Camera and Wireless Charging

Make sure you buy a good new smartphone to change your old one. Read the Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) review before you put any decisions into your mind.

Schok Freedom Turbo XL Review

The Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) was launched in June 2022. Most of you must not be familiar with this brand. But don’t look down on it. Little did you know, this phone has several features and functionalities that are quite good for a smartphone.

This smartphone offers some decent features that could be found in any other smartphone. Those include a large display screen, a triple camera, and a fast-charging battery. But the better part is this phone has wireless charging included.

But it comes with many compromises, too. What are those? Thankfully, we made this Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) review to be read about. It has all the information you need to know about the device.

Key Specs

Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) specifications:

OSAndroid 10
Screen size6.5-inch
Resolution2248 x 1080
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 665
CPUOcta-core (4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A73 & 4×1.8 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery4,000mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera48MP + 16MP + 2MP
Front camera24MP
FeaturesFast Charging, Wireless Charging, NFC, Fingerprint Reader


Schok Freedom Turbo XL
Schok Freedom Turbo XL

The Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) smartphone’s design is unique to our taste. At first glance, we noticed some of the uniqueness. But let’s talk about the device’s proportional dimensions. It’s tall and slim, giving a nice modern touch with a shiny blue color.

The front part of the main area resembles today’s smartphone; thin bezels and the main button are placed on the screen. But their front camera’s placement is kinda different from other smartphones. It is placed in a punch-hole design at the top left.

Not only their unique front camera. Their triple rear cameras are also placed differently. It is placed at the top center with the triangle formations. If you notice, there is a ‘ring light’ around the camera, and below it is an LED flash available.

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Schok Freedom Turbo XL Display

A 6.5-inch display screen is featured on the Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) smartphone. It is a decent size for a smartphone. The thin bezels really help users to experience a broader view. Users will have ample room to navigate through the device.

This screen size is combined with 2248 x 1080 resolution. It is a higher resolution if you compare it with other smartphones in its range. This resolution means you will experience an FHD (Full HD+) screen display.

The screen will be more vibrant and have richer colors. Playing any games or watching videos will be comfortable enough in users’ eyes. Even better, this phone has enough brightness, so it’s still visible whenever you use the device outdoors.


Schok Freedom Turbo XL Camera

The camera is the most important aspect of a smartphone. The Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) knows these circumstances by applying a triple rear camera to the device. These rear cameras consist of a 48MP as the main camera to take a great quality picture, 16MP as an ultra-wide camera, and a 2MP macro camera to take a zoom-in picture.

The rear camera is supported by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature. It has RGB Halo Lighting Effect or Schok Mood Control around the camera. It looks like a ring light, and to be honest, we never see this feature in any smartphone. At the front, there is a 24MP camera that works well for selfies or video-calling.


The Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) has 128GB of internal storage. For an entry-level smartphone, the storage is quite generous. We need a spacious room to store our pictures and videos with a high megapixel camera.

However, from the overall space, 21GB is already used for system files. So, users are left with 107GB to save their personal files and install the apps. You can add expandable storage into the phone’s slot if the storage is insufficient. You can buy an external MicroSD card and put it into your device to get more space.

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The Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) phone’s performance relies on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665. This processor is responsible for powering up the phone’s features. It also promises to have a well and smooth navigation process.

This processor runs on a 2.0GHz clock rate. Not the fastest, but actually really great for users to do more than their daily activities.

These specifications are coupled with 6GB RAM. This capacity is above the bare minimum and impressive for heavy duties. Playing any mobile games will give you a top-notch experience. Watching the videos also feels smooth.

Moreover, with 6GB RAM, the Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) allows you to multitask. Opening the apps back and forth will become smooth as ever. We rarely notice some delays and glitches every time we launch the apps. Overall, the phone’s performance is quite fast.

The other aspect we want to talk about is their operating system. Unfortunately, the Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) uses Android 10 as its brain. It is not the latest version this time, so we were disappointed to see this. As the smartphone that launches in 2022, we expect it can follow the standards by applying the latest Android 12.

With Android 10, there are some limitations you will find. But at least you can still experience some Android 10 features such as Live Caption, Smart Reply, Dark Theme, Privacy Control, and so on.

The Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) has some sensors available that are commonly found in smartphones. The accelerometer sensor, gyro sensor, and proximity sensors. Those all have different responsibilities.

The security sensor available is the fingerprint reader, which is available on the back. We’ve tried this sensor, which is very responsive to unlock the Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) smartphone.


The Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) still relies on the 4G LTE technology as its main network. Even though it doesn’t come in 5G, we think 4G LTE is still reliable nowadays since it is still covered in most areas worldwide. But if you don’t want to use your data connection, this phone still has a Wi-Fi connectivity option.

Other than that, the Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) still has many connectivities available on the device. Bluetooth; for connecting or transferring files with other external devices. There is also NFC, as one payment method that is built-in into the device.


The Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) comprises 4,000mAh of non-removable battery capacity. The 4,000mAh is considered to be a decent size for an entry-level smartphone. But we think it can handle all-day phone activities really well, but remember that you should use the phone wisely to make it last until the end of the day.

This phone supports a fast charging feature, so you can expect the battery to be fully charged within 2 hours. Then, we tell you the most exciting part of this entry-level smartphone; it already supports a wireless charging feature! That’s indeed one of the major selling points.


The Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) smartphone costs $169. It has some features and functionalities that really shock us – in a good way. The first one we want to mention is their triple rear camera with the Schok Mood Control feature. The wireless charging feature also impressed us since we rarely found this feature on other entry-level smartphones.

But it also has some drawbacks; the most noticeable is their choice of using Android 10 instead of the latest version. It also lacks 5G connectivity.

Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) Pros:

  • Triple rear camera with Schok Mood Control feature
  • Wireless charging

Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) Cons:

  • Android 10
  • Lacks 5G connectivity


The Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022) is a good phone, but if you have a certain standard and are open to other options, here we give you two alternatives. The first smartphone is the Nokia G300 5G. It has a lower price than the Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022), but it already provides 5G network connectivity.

The last alternative is the T-Mobile REVVL 6 5G. You will get better performance and functionalities for the same price as the Schok Freedom Turbo XL (2022). It is already supported with 5G connectivity.