Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G Review: A Budget-Friendly 5G Smartphone

Have a thought about changing your smartphone into the 5G one with affordable prices? Let’s read this Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G review to find out the phone’s stunning features.

Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G Review

The Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G smartphone was launched on June 2022. It just launched recently and this phone is positioned itself as a 5G smartphone. Actually, it’s more than that. There are many attractive feature points on this device.

First one we noticed their 6.7-inch with High-Definition Plus display screen. A triple camera is also our favorite. However, there are no perfect things in this world. The Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G has some weaknesses here and there.

No more talk. Let’s completely peel off the phone by reading this Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G review. We divided this review into some parts, so it will be easy to understand the phone’s aspects. Hopefully, after reading this article you can decide what smartphones you want to buy.

Key Specs

Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G specifications:

Dimensions170.6 x 77.9 x 10mm
OSAndroid 11
Screen size6.7-inch
Resolution1600 x 720
CPU2.0GHz Octa-core, MediaTek Dimensity 700
Rear camera16MP + 8MP + 2MP
Front camera8MP
FeaturesFingerprint Reader


Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G
Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G

First, we will discuss the Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G exterior design. This phone has 170.6 x 77.9 x 10mm dimensions with 208g of weight. It makes the phone tall, slim, and lightweight. Proportional enough to hold and fits perfectly in most people’s hands.

The front area consists of a 6.7-inch display screen. It is surrounded with thin bezels and it gets thicker at the bottom part. We think it can be better if the bottom bezel could’ve been removed since the main buttons are placed on the screen. There is a tear-drop front camera at the top center.

Meanwhile, the back area comes very minimalist with a dark blue color. If you notice carefully, it has line accents that give a nice texture while holding the phone. At the top left, there are triple cameras along with the LED flash.


Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G Display

For the display, the 6.7-inch screen is equipped for their users to enjoy the fullest experience. It is a gigantic size and very ideal to have a cinematic-view content. It has ample room for users to perform some activities such as watching videos, playing games, and typing long paragraphs.

With a large screen, we can easily navigate all of the phone’s contents. It also allows us to tap freely the QWERTY keyboard with minimal chance of having a typo.

The display screen also consists of a 1600 x 720 which is giving us an HD+ quality. Thanks to this resolution we can experience a crisp and clear quality. The color becomes more vivid and smoother. Perfect for watching our favorite movies.


Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G Camera

The Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G is rocking with a triple rear camera on the back. The main camera is a 16MP with a clear-quality output. We also didn’t detect any grainy pictures with this camera. The others are 8MP and 2MP cameras. These all combinations are really great to produce social media worthy pictures and videos.

Yes, beside capturing the pictures, the Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G allows you to record a 1080p video. Moreover, it has 3x digital zoom, even though when you’re zooming in the pictures or videos it will become blurred and grained.

The front camera consists of 8MP resolutions. A decent megapixels for taking a selfie or video-calling. 


To support the high-megapixels camera, the Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G has 64GB of internal storage. But since most smartphones typically come with some pre-loaded apps, the actual size will get drained to almost a half of the capacity. It would be disappointing for some of you who always have tons of files on the device.

Fortunately, the Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G allows their users to add external storage by putting a MicroSD card up to 512GB into the expandable slot. You need to buy it separately but we think it’s worth it for you to save more photos, add more files, or install more apps.

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Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G Side View

The Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G runs on a 2.0GHz Octa-core, MediaTek Dimensity 700 MT6833. A decent brain to operate the 5G phone’s performance. It gives a power-efficiency, and makes sure users can have fast network connections.

The processor is coupled with a 2.0GHz to ensure the device runs as smoothly as it can. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have significant features for activities that need an ultra-processing speed like playing high-graphic games. But in our opinion, it is still super-responsive.

Every smartphone has RAM storage under the roof for storing the phone’s temporary data. The Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G has 4GB of RAM capacity. This capacity is quite generous and can boost the phone’s performance well.

With this RAM size, users can experience multitasking without any hassle. Opening some apps at the same time will also be smooth as ever. Not to mention, launching the apps for the first time won’t show any delay. 

The Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G is supported with Android 11 as their operating system. We are expecting to have the latest Android 12, but as an entry-level smartphone, we understand their circumstances.

To be honest, the Android 11 still works perfectly with some impressive features. This Android version is very optimal to give you a reliable users’ experience. With the Android 11 you have full-control on what you want to share. Even better, the phone’s notifications will be more manageable by prioritizing what messages you want to see. Their level of privacy is top-notch.

The Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G has some common sensors available. Including, the proximity sensors, the accelerometer sensors, and the gyro sensors. These sensors have their own capabilities, for instance the proximity sensors will prevent accidental touches and the gyro sensors for detecting the device’s screen orientations.

Other than that, this phone also has the security sensors. It is a fingerprint reader which is mounted at the side of the phone. Fortunately, it doesn’t come with face recognition and NFC features.


The most selling points of the Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G is they are already supported with a 5G connectivity which is the most stable and faster connectivity for today. To enjoy this connection, you need to install a Nano SIM card into the phone. However, you can still enjoy the other network bands such as 4G and 3G connectivity.

Wi-Fi connectivity is also available for you who are not into a mobile network. And, you can even change your phone into a Wi-Fi device by turning it into a mobile hotspot.

The other connectivity available is the Bluetooth for transferring some files into other devices or connecting into other Bluetooth devices such as headset and bluetooth speakers. There is also a built-in GPS to prevent you from getting lost.


The Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G smartphone aims for people who have heavy daily activities. It supports 5G connectivity and has a decent triple rear camera. For the price, it sold for $199. For us, it’s still affordable and makes sense since we got all of those remarkable features.

But, there are some considerations with this device. Like their operating system which still applied the Android 11 and the phone’s internal storage that is not large enough. Some of you may think the device is quite expensive for those features. That’s why we put another option below.

Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G Pros:

  • Affordable
  • 5G connectivity
  • Triple rear-camera

Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G Cons:

  • Android 11
  • Insufficient internal storage


Like we said above, we will give you two other smartphones as the alternative. The first smartphone is the TCL 30 XE 5G. This phone has a lower price than the Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G, but has similar features. Even better, the TCL 30 XE 5G already equipped with fast charging features.

The other alternative is the Moto G 5G 2022. This phone is $22 higher than the Consumer Cellular ZMax 5G but if we’re compared with those two smartphones, it has the most complete features of all. 

These smartphones have their own pros and cons. We recommend you to have a thorough research about the smartphones you are going to buy. Because in the end, it is up to you to decide.