Samsung Galaxy A23 5G User Manual

Is this your first time having a Samsung Galaxy, especially the A23 5G version? Take a moment to read the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G user manual to know the device better.

Samsung Galaxy A23 5G User Manual

Samsung is widely known as a high-quality smartphone manufacturer. The Samsung Galaxy is their signature brand for smartphones. They always come up with new phones, from the entry-level to the flagship one. The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G is one of their middle-range smartphones.

As a mid-range smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G has many things to offer inside and out. If you have this phone, it’s best to maximize its features and functions. What do you usually do to learn about it? Yup, read the user manual.

Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G (S236DL) user manual has already come in the box. For those who usually ignore that little document, it’s your cue to start reading it thoroughly. Indeed, it comes in technical terms. That’s why we make it simpler for you by providing a summary.

Download User Manual

Before you scroll down this summary, we will share the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G user manual. If you want to know its full contents, you can download it here with this link. But, if you want to know the big picture of the manual, you can keep reading this article.

➡️ Download Samsung Galaxy A23 5G User Manual (PDF)

Getting Started

The first chapter is the beginning of all device’s operations. It contains all of the most important setups before you operate the device. It is divided into subchapters; the first is where you can see the device’s layout with easy illustrations and descriptions.

Once familiar with the device, you can move into the other subchapters, which discuss how to set up the device by charging the battery. The last part is where you can find information about how to start using the device, like turning on the device, transferring the data from your old phone, etc.

Camera and Gallery

The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G has a decent quad camera. Why don’t you utilize this feature very properly? This second chapter is all about the camera and gallery. First of all, you will see complete information about the camera, such as the camera’s navigation, shooting mode configurations, and AR Zone.

The next part talks about the gallery. Here you will see the instructions on how to view and edit the pictures, play and edit the videos, and share them all.

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Samsung Apps

The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G is packed with Samsung Apps. If it is your first time having a Samsung smartphone, you better read this chapter. In this chapter, you will see brief information about the Samsung apps such as the AR Zone, Galaxy Store, Game Launcher, Samsung Health, Samsung Pay, and many more.

Google Apps

Samsung Galaxy is always using Android as its operating system. It is also applied in the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G. That’s why you will find some Google Apps on this device. There must be some apps that you need to become more familiar with. Reading this chapter will give you a total understanding of it.


Suppose you find the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G settings are not suitable to your taste or are just unsatisfied with the phone’s default settings. In that case, this chapter is perfect for you. This chapter is also divided into some subchapters to make it easier.

There are the Connections, Customization, Security, Accounts, Backup, Accessibility, and Other subchapters. It is a little bit technical. You should read this chapter carefully to fully understand the settings.

Here we are. The endpoint of the summary of the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G (S236DL) user manual. After reading our article, we hope you get the main idea of the full document and that you know how important it is to read the user manual.