Q Link Smartphone Hot Pepper Serrano 3 Review

In this Q Link Smartphone Hot Pepper Serrano 3 review, you will be taken to look at the phone’s full specifications and features. This document is a good start for everyone wanting a new phone.

Q Link Smartphone Review

Have you ever heard about the Hot Pepper Serrano 3 smartphone? This smartphone is one of the free smartphones with pretty decent specifications – at least, in our opinion. Not only is it positioned as an entry-level smartphone, but they also become a grab-and-go smartphone that is practical and compact for people who are always commuting.

This phone has the bare minimum features for being a compact communication device. First of all, it can be seen in their appearance’s design. It’s ergonomic, with a 5.5-inch display screen embedded on top of it.

Despite this, we also noticed some weaknesses of the Hot Pepper Serrano 3 smartphone. If you’re wondering what those are, we advise you to go through with this article because we’ll peel off all of the ins and outs of the device.

Key Specs

Hot Pepper Serrano 3 key specifications:

Dimensions156  x 73.2 x 10.7mm
OSAndroid 10
Screen size5.5-inch
Resolution480 x 960
ProcessorMediaTek MT6739
CPUQuad-core (4×1.5 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery2,200mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP
Front camera2MP


Q Link Smartphone

First time seeing the Hot Pepper Serrano 3 smartphone. It doesn’t really steal the spotlight. The overall design reminds us of an old device from five years back, which is not impressive. It is kinda sad since, from its measurement, the phone is ergonomically fine with the dimensions of 156 x 73.2 x 10.7mm.

The front area displays a 5.5-inch screen with a wide bezel gap on every four sides. There are massive gaps, especially at the top and bottom areas. The top bezel is where the front camera and loudspeaker are placed–yes, the front camera is still tapping into the phone’s bezel, which is an outdated style.

The back area’s design is also not very impressive. Somehow, the phone’s back case looks puffy, and to make it worse, the black color comes with a diamond shape’s texture which, in our opinion, gives a cheap vibe. The rear camera comes at the top center of the phone and is aligned with an LED flash vertically.

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Q Link Smartphone Display

The Hot Pepper Serrano 3 smartphone’s display has an average size with a 5.5-inch screen. This is a common size on every entry-level smartphone and can still give you a satisfying navigation experience.

This screen comes with a 480 x 960 pixel resolution. As you can see, it doesn’t have a high-standard screen and obviously, won’t give you the best view. The flaws are instantly seen on the screen; it is pixelated, the colors are toned-off, and the brightness is uncomfortable for the eye.

Even though the Hot Pepper Serrano 3 smartphone has an IPS (In-Plane Switching) display that can offer a crystal clear view in different views, sadly, it doesn’t support much with this standard display resolution.


Q Link Smartphone Camera

The Hot Pepper Serrano 3 smartphone’s camera has a standard setup that only works for more practical reasons. The rear camera has a 5MP resolution, which is not the best you can get. Even though you can still take pictures and record videos with this camera, the results won’t be pretty like any smartphone nowadays.

This rear camera has an LED flash to ensure you get brighter pictures and video while in dark light conditions.

The second camera is where you can find it at the front. The front camera has a 2MP resolution. Again, it is not an impressive camera. Taking any selfie won’t do very much justice. But for a free smartphone, we won’t complain at all.


The Hot Pepper Serrano 3 smartphone is equipped with 16GB of internal storage to allow its users to store their own files and install their favorite apps. If you realize the amount is not huge, even more, users will only get the actual size of around 11GB for their own space.

However, this phone has the option to expand its storage. You can add a MicroSD card into the external storage to get more space into the device and make it more spacious to have your own files.

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Q Link Smartphone Side View

The Hot Pepper Serrano 3 has a Quad-core MediaTek MT6739 as a dependable processor. This processor is designed especially for an entry-level smartphone. It delivers a well-balanced between the phone’s performance and battery’s quality.’

Those all run on a 1.5GHz speed rate to ensure you can get fast navigation and operations without too much struggle. However, we still notice some flaws while using the device.

The Hot Pepper Serrano 3 smartphone has 2GB of RAM (Random Access Memory) to complete smoother operations. This is a bare minimum capacity for an entry-level smartphone but can still work well in a lightweight manner.

Nevertheless, the quality will be decreased when it comes rough. It shows glitches and delays while multitasking and opening some applications back and forth. Moreover, you also can’t access high-demanding apps like 3D games, e-commerce, etc.

The Hot Pepper Serrano 3 is supported by Android 10 as their operating system. It is not the latest version but it can still accommodate users’ productivity with the device. The features inside are still dependable, though.

With Android 10, you can experience a dark-theme appearance like any phone. The other features of this version are the smart reply feature, the gesture navigation, and the privacy controls to make the device more secure.


The Hot Pepper Serrano 3 smartphone provides 4G LTE connectivity to connect with the world. This network is very dependable to use in different parts of the world since it offers nice network speeds and stability. If you want to use Wi-Fi connectivity instead, it can be used on this device.

This phone also has other connectivity available for users, especially for transferring data. Both are Bluetooth and USB Type-C cables. Bluetooth is usually used for sending files to other Bluetooth devices.

You can also connect with any Bluetooth devices with this, such as the headset and speaker Bluetooth. On the other hand, USB Type-C is used for sending your files into a computer network with a wire.


As an entry-level smartphone, the Hot Pepper Serrano 3 has a battery lower than the bare minimum capacity. It has only a 2,200mAh removable battery, smaller than any entry-level smartphone.

With this size, you can’t expect the battery to last longer when you need it. The battery can only power your device for less than a day. Even worse, this phone still required a removable battery type which we do not like. This type is less-durable and prone to be broken easily.


After our insights on this Hot Pepper Serrano 3 review, we concluded that the device only suits very limited everyday activities. It doesn’t come with luxurious features – we understand this matters since the device comes from an entry-level smartphone.

Despite the free price, the features we love about this phone are its pocket-friendly size. It fits perfectly for people who often go mobile. Other than that, the specifications are average, and some are below our expectations. Those include the low camera quality and small battery capacity.

Hot Pepper Serrano 3 Pros:

  • Free smartphone
  • Pocket-friendly smartphone

Hot Pepper Serrano 3 Cons:

  • Low camera quality
  • Small battery capacity
  • Out-dated appearance