Q Link Smartphone Hot Pepper Serrano 3 (HPP-L55B) User Manual

The Q Link Smartphone Hot Pepper Serrano 3 user manual is a compact document that saves you much more time exploring your new device because it has all you need to know.

Q Link Smartphone User Manual

That feeling of getting a new Hot Pepper Serrano 3 must be happy. Sometimes in a happy state, people often forget how important it is to thoroughly examine the recently bought device and the ins and outs.

There is a user manual to achieve the pro in understanding your new device. The manual usually comes in a tiny size and is already included in the box. But this is not catchy for most people, so they ignore the document inside.

In this article, we summarize the contents of the user manual and make it simpler but still understandable for some of you. Hopefully, you will better understand the device and know how to start or configure some features.

Download User Manual

Start reading this article by downloading the original version of the Q Link Smartphone Hot Pepper Serrano 3 (HPP-L55B) user manual. It’s better to have one saved on your device, so every time you’ve got any questions, you can immediately go through the manual. The PDF file can be downloaded with this link.

➡️ Download Q Link Smartphone User Manual (PDF)

Set Up Your Phone

What are the parts available on the Hot Pepper Serrano 3? What are the functions of each hardware button? Good news, you will find information about the phone’s layout in this chapter. It comes with a good illustration to inform you of the external part of the device.

After that, there are also explanations about the phone’s key functions. Then, you will see how to use the battery properly, make it more efficient, and prevent misuse. The next part is the instructions on installing the SIM and MicroSD card, how to turn on and off the phone, and many more.

Basic Operations

In this second chapter, you will find some basic Hot Pepper Serrano 3 smartphone operations. You will know how to configure the phone’s applications, use airplane mode, and enter text with this device.

Moreover, there are also instructions on how to create and utilize your Google account, lock and unlock the phone, and lastly, how to update your phone’s software.

Home Screen

You can change and modify your home screen as you prefer. In this chapter, you will learn about the home screen. Starts with information about the home screen’s layout and the extended menu. 

Then, you will also learn about the device’s status bar and notifications bar. In the end, there are instructions on how to customize the phone’s home screen.

Transfer Files

This chapter is information about the device’s networking feature. You will see explanations and instructions on how to use Wi-Fi connectivity, turn your phone into a tethering & mobile hotspot, and use Bluetooth connectivity to connect with other devices.

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Basic Settings

Some might be uncomfortable with the default settings already applied to our new smartphones. In this case, you can be more explorative with the phone’s settings by adjusting or modifying your phone.

With this chapter, you will discover every setting you can adjust with your smartphone. Those include the Wi-Fi, Tethering, and Mobile Hotspot settings. There are also the battery, display, and sound settings.

Here we are finishing the summary of the Hot Pepper Serrano 3 user manual. As you can see, this article is very quick and straight to the point.

However, you still need to recheck the manual user document because there is still much information that we haven’t discussed here yet. And you can see how much the manual will impact your next operations with the device.