Orbic Joy User Manual

Figuring out the new device is easy. It takes one document, the Orbic Joy user manual, to learn the device most comprehensively.

Orbic Joy Manual

Learning about your new smartphone from scratch will require effort, especially if you know nothing about it. Indeed, you can learn it by yourself, but it takes some time, and the possibility it will be misguided is huge.

Reading all the useful information in the user manual saves you time and energy from discovering the device. This document often comes in the box and is usually ignored by its users. The document is usually written in technical terms, so maybe that’s why users are not interested to read about it.

How if we told you there is a shortcut to learn about the Orbic Joy smartphone easily? We already simplify the Orbic Joy user manual to be easier to read and understandable enough for you.

Download User Manual

The Orbic Joy user manual original version is here, ready to be downloaded for your future reference. You can stop here if you prefer to read the full document directly. But feel free to know a bit about the summary, so you can know where to go whenever you need some info.

➡️ Download Orbic Joy User Manual (PDF)

Getting Started

Like many other devices’ user manuals, the first thing you will learn thoroughly is about the Orbic Joy phone’s hardware. It shows the phone’s layout with each description of its keys and parts.

Moreover, the user manual gives you complete instructions on assembling the device, from installing the SIM card into the device to charging the battery correctly. You should follow the instructions carefully to avoid any damage.

Know Your Device

Do you know about the device deeply? Like, how to set up the home screen? What is the meaning of the status bar’s icons? How to use the Orbic Joy phone’s touchscreen? The user manual is very kind to provide that kind of information for you.

In this chapter, you can learn about the notification panels and some typing styles and information. Includes how to edit and select the text, Glide and Google Voice typing, and more to be discovered.

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Email is very essential in a smartphone to integrate with all apps inside. This chapter specifically informs you about email and its features. Inside, you will get information about how to add and remove the email account, compose and respond to the email, and also, how to label the email and set it up.


The Orbic Joy smartphone has two cameras ready to use, and it would be good for you if you knew the basic instructions or some hacks to capture the best photograph. In this chapter, all information about cameras will be taught.

The instructions start with how to capture a picture and how to record a video. Furthermore, you will also learn about the camera settings and some Pro modes, such as setting up the exposure, aperture & shutter speeds, white balance, ISO, and zoom. It is all useful to enhance the photos and video results.

Getting Connected

The next chapter describes many aspects of getting connected – whether to connect with the internet or other devices. The first topic you will learn about is Wi-Fi. Followed by information about the Bluetooth and the USB cable.


The settings chapter is the last chapter we’re going to discuss. This is where the magic happens in order to adjust, change, or modify the default configurations. There are many things that can be set up, too. Including, the Network & Internet, Connected Devices, Batter, Storage, Sound, and Display. You can also manage the Accessibility, Security, and so on.

That is the last point of the Orbic Joy user manual’s summary. After you’ve got the overview about the manual contents, it’s better to get the PDF file immediately. Go to the Download User Manual section in this summary, and you will find the download link.