Orbic Joy Review: An Ideal Smartphone for Daily Use

Replace your old phone with the new and ideal smartphone for everyday activities. Discover the features with this Orbic Joy review.

Orbic Joy Review

The orbic Joy smartphone was launched in 2022. The Orbic Joy positioned itself as an entry-level smartphone; its affordable price is its major selling point. However, there are more features ready to be discovered.

The Orbic Joy features can make users’ experience more seamless and easier. Thanks to Android 12, a long-lasting battery and all helpful components. But, unfortunately, as an entry-level smartphone, you must find some weaknesses.

That is how the Orbic Joy review will be very useful. It has every feature covered up. The smallest details, such as their processor specifications, will be discussed here. It’s highly recommended to check this article below before you make any decisions.

Key Specs

Orbic Joy key specifications:

Dimensions161.8 x 73.6 x 9.28mm
OSAndroid 12
Screen size6.1-inch
Resolution720 x 1560
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 680 4G (SM6225)
CPUOcta-core (4×2.4 GHz Kryo 265 Gold & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo 265 Silver)
Battery3,400mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera8MP
Front camera5MP


Orbic Joy
Orbic Joy

The Orbic Joy smartphone has dimensions of 161.8 x 73.6 x 9.28mm with a weight of 182g. Those specifications make the device look tall and slim. Thanks to the phone’s small battery capacity, it also feels very lightweight. But overall, it is comfortable enough to hold. It even fits perfectly in our pockets or purse.

The display area consists of a 6.1-inch screen surrounded by thin bezels. The bottom bezel comes thicker, which is not eye-catching at all for us. Even worse, this bottom bezel doesn’t have anything on it. It’s better to make the screen a little bigger to give us more room to experience the device. The front camera also has a weird style.

Flip back. This area doesn’t have many components available. You will only see a rear camera with an LED flash on it, a Verizon logo at the center, and an Orbic logo at the bottom. There is no fingerprint reader available here.

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Orbic Joy Display

For the display, the Orbic Joy smartphone comes with a 6.1-inch screen. It is a decent size for a smartphone, and we can navigate the device with one hand comfortably. This size also allows us to experience a wide view of content.

The Orbic Joy has a 720×1560 pixels resolution. It means the quality will be HD+ (High Definition+). It’s not bad, but not good enough compared with the full HD+ one. The phone screen’s clarity, vividness, and sharpness are still far from the best.

However, this phone doesn’t show pixelated icons and images for a budget smartphone. But somehow, we notice some content would be unreadable, especially if we’re using it outdoors.

The Orbic Joy display has already been guided with Scratch Resistant Glass. It means the device will be resistant to minor scratches. However, we advise you to put other durable glass on it, like Gorilla Glass, to make it more scratch-proof.


Orbic Joy Camera

Nowadays, a camera is a very important feature of a smartphone. Most people are usually interested in a decent and high-quality smartphone. Unfortunately, the Orbic Joy smartphone doesn’t come with these specifications.

The Orbic Joy only has a single rear camera with an 8MP resolution. It’s not the best quality you can get, even if we’re compared with other entry-level smartphones. This phone is enough for taking a picture and recording a 1080p video, but the quality is not good. To be honest, there are many options out there with better specs.

This phone is equipped with an LED flash for taking a picture in a dark background. The front camera also won’t make any difference. It comes only with a 5MP resolution–don’t wish for a great selfie camera with this.


The Orbic Joy smartphone is installed with 32GB of internal storage. A bare minimum for an entry-level smartphone. Sadly, from the 32GB, only around 24GB is reserved dedicatedly for users. The remaining space is already worn out by the system.

However, since the device does not have a super-quality camera, this size is enough to store any files. Expandable options are also available for users who want to have more space. You can buy up to 512GB of MicroSD card and put it into the external phone’s slot. For instance, your phone’s storage will be spacious again.

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Orbic Joy Side View

The Orbic Joy smartphone has ideal performance quality thanks to the Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 4G (SM6225) as its processor. It focuses on power efficiency yet still delivers faster performance and seamless interactions.

That is combined with a speed of 2.4GHz clock rate. The overall performance improves better with this rate. It even optimized a better experience in high-intensity gaming and video streaming operations. We notice some glitches here and there, but it’s minimal.

Those specifications are running together with a 3GB RAM capacity. It’s a decent memory for storing the phone’s temporary data system. We would be glad to see a larger capacity, but we are still satisfied with this spec on a budget smartphone.

The 3GB RAM gives us a smooth launching app and seamless multitasking. Opening some apps doesn’t show any delays. However, it becomes a different story if you use the device on the heaviest days. It will start lagging.

Android 12 became the major brain of the Orbic Joy smartphone operations. Seeing this version on an entry-level smartphone at a low price is refreshing. Since it’s the latest version, the OS shows many stand-out improvements.

The Android 12 claims to offer a more personal experience for its users. You can see this on their effortless ‘all-connected’ user interface. Once you’ve changed the wallpaper, the overall experience will transform based on it; the design, colors, and widgets will align with your wallpaper choice.

Even better, Android 12 gives you full control to manage your privacy. Do you want to limit the apps’ that can access your data? Do you want to manage the notifications based on some related topics? It’s possible to adjust the features.

Unfortunately, we don’t find any fingerprint reader or face recognition features for the security sensor on the Orbic Joy smartphone.


In a world full of 5G connectivity, the Orbic Joy smartphone still relies on 4G LTE technology. It’s a bare minimum for an entry-level smartphone. Even though the network connectivity is not as fast as the 5G, the 4G LTE is still reliable for many reasons. First of all, the connection is still stable and fast enough. And lastly, it’s still accessible in many places.

Wi-Fi connectivity is also available for those who don’t want to spend your data connection and battery capacity. Bluetooth 5.0 is also coming on the Orbic Joy smartphone. It can transfer any files to other devices faster.


The Orbic Joy’s battery only has a 3,400mAh capacity. It is obviously smaller than the other smartphones. We see the battery as a burden for a phone with daily-use purposes. Indeed, they claim to last all day long.

It’s written in the paper the Orbic Joy can last up to 24.8 hours of usage time and 8.7 days of standby time. But it won’t last that long as time goes by.

The battery is a non-removable one, and the durability is better than the other type. For charging itself, it uses a 10W USB Type-C charger with Quick Charger 2.0. You can expect the battery to be fully charged within 2 hours.


Let’s start the verdict. With a price of $50, the Orbic Joy smartphone is affordable. But with a low price, there are always some compromises to pay off. Let’s talk about Orbic Joy’s remarkable features first. The most noticeable feature is Android 12 as their OS, followed by their processor specifications.

However, the compromises come in many aspects, such as the camera’s specifications that do not follow today’s standards, a low battery capacity, and a lack of security sensors. However, if you think the Orbic Joy smartphone is enough for daily use, you can still give it a go.

Orbic Joy Pros:

  • Affordable price
  • Android 12
  • Decent processors

Orbic Joy Cons:

  • Camera quality
  • Low battery capacity
  • Lacks of security sensors

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