Cricket Vision Plus Review: Compact Smartphone with On-Budget Price

Are you considering having a new smartphone but still on your budget? Then, read this Cricket Vision Plus review for a minute or two.

Cricket Vision Plus Review

The Cricket Vision Plus smartphone was launched in May 2022. Yes, it’s a brand-new smartphone that comes fresh from the oven. Unlike other new smartphones in the market, this phone is specifically built for entry-level customers looking for a smartphone with decent features.

It is a compact device with a 6-inch display screen and a single 8MP rear camera. It also comes in the latest Android 12 and has a decent battery size. However, there are always pros and cons. You need to pay attention to every detail.

That’s why the Cricket Vision Plus review is presented to you. It’s used to give you the learning of this device. We also give you two alternatives if you think this Cricket Vision Plus smartphone is not meant for you.

Key Specs

Cricket Vision Plus specifications:

Dimensions159 x 77 x 9.4mm
OSAndroid 12
Screen size6.0-inch
Resolution1440 x 720
CPU2GHz Quad-core, MediaTek Helio A22 MT6761
Battery3,500mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera8MP
Front camera5MP
FeaturesHearing Aid Compatibility M4/T4


Cricket Vision Plus
Cricket Vision Plus

The Cricket Vision Plus is an entry-level smartphone. The looks of it sparked a typical and outdated kind of appearance. With the dimensions 159 x 77 x 9.4mm, this phone has good compactness, and we can grip it comfortably. This phone also doesn’t feel bulky, with 185g of weight.

The front area doesn’t resemble today’s standard smartphone. If you notice, it has a sturdy rectangular shape with rounded edges. A 6-inch display screen is surrounded by bezels with thinner bezels on the left and right sides. The camera placement also reminds us of the old smartphone – it doesn’t come in a notch or tear-drop shape.

The back area is very simple. You will only notice a single rear camera and LED flash along it. The phone’s color is Lava Gray with a nice texture in this area. It gives a little bit of a premium vibe.

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Cricket Vision Plus Display

The phone’s display relies on the 6-inch screen with 1440 x 720 resolution. It means users can only enjoy an HD+ screen quality – Yes, it’s not even a full HD. However, as a budget smartphone, we try to understand this quality. 

With this quality, you can still enjoy 16.7million rich colors, a perfect amount to enjoy the phone’s content. It’s far from the super-sharp screen, but the vibrancy and the phone’s brightness are just right.

The Cricket Vision Plus carries a diagonal 18:9 screen ratio. Thanks to this, users can get a fairly good experience in viewing the phone’s content. Your fingers will be comfortable navigating through the device.


Cricket Vision Plus Camera

The Cricket Vision Plus camera is one of the drawbacks that we’ve found. Even though it’s an entry-level smartphone, as a new phone, we expected to see multiple rear cameras on the back of the phone. Instead, they only provide a single rear camera to capture pictures and record videos.

Even worse, the Cricket Vision Plus has a low-megapixel on its rear camera; it’s only 8MP. Users may get a decent picture, but it’s still far from social media picture-worthy. Plus, from the rear camera, there is a LED flash and QR scanner features on it.

At the front, there is a 5MP camera on it. Again, it’s a bare minimum for an entry-level smartphone. But you can still take a selfie or video call with your friends with this camera.


The Cricket Vision Plus doesn’t provide us with a wide space for the phone’s internal storage. They only have 32GB of internal storage for users to store their files or install some apps. To make it worse, that’s not the amount you can get from this phone. In total, you can only have half of the size.

This capacity is not enough for a millennial or Gen Z who loves taking pictures everywhere they go. Then, there is an option you can try to expand the phone’s storage. Buy a MicroSD card in the nearest electronic store, and install it into your Cricket Vision Plus smartphone and Voila! You can have more space on your phone.


The Cricket Vision Plus smartphone has MediaTek Helio A22 MT6761 as its processor. This chipset is quite popular for entry-level smartphones, but we don’t find any significant problems. We can run light applications very smoothly.

The processors are combined with 3GB RAM. Some may know that RAM is for storing temporary files from running apps. The RAM size of Cricket Vision Plus is a decent number. With this, users can have an optimal experience.

Suppose you’re a busy person who likes to access heavy-consumed apps frequently or always open some apps back and forth simultaneously. In that case, the 3GB RAM is enough. Not only that, you can even multitask with this.

As for the operating system, Cricket Vision Plus relies on Android 12. This is a refreshment in an entry-level smartphone and also becomes one of the selling points of this phone. Why? Because Android 12 is the latest OS version, and we rarely find it in a budget phone.

Android 12 has some improvements in many aspects. It claims to be the most personal OS and offers a safer, more dynamic, and effortless system. The most highlighted feature is their dynamic and more fluid user interface. It comes very personal and customizable, so it can match users’ preferences.

This OS also pays attention to users’ privacy. It’s become more powerful, and users can fully control who can see their data and when. It also has a Private Computer Core to isolate the mobile security environment from the rest of the apps and operating systems.

The Cricket Vision Plus also has some additional features that may be useful for some users. It’s a Hearing Aid Compatible M4/T4. Unfortunately, we don’t see any security features such as a fingerprint reader or face recognition on this phone.


The Cricket Vision Plus can connect to the 4G network and older bands. Yes, it’s not 5G supported yet. But we think the 4G connectivity is still a standard even for a new smartphone. With 4G, users can still widely enjoy a stable mobile network in most places worldwide. Nevertheless, if you prefer to not use the data connection, you can connect to Wi-Fi.

Besides that, Cricket Vision Plus is already supported with Bluetooth and USB Type-C connectivity. These two have different purposes. If you want to share files with wireless connectivity, then you can use Bluetooth. The USB Type-C allows sharing files into a computer and charging your phone’s battery.


The Cricket Vision Plus is powered by a 3,500mAh non-removable battery capacity. This is the bare minimum battery size of entry-level smartphones. At this capacity, you can expect the phone to last for long hours, even until the end of the day. Depending on what you do with the device, this phone can last up to 17 hours a day in talk time.

This phone doesn’t have fast charging or wireless charging features. That’s why it takes some time to charge. If you’re planning to go out, charge the battery the night before.


We’ve seen the comprehensive Cricket Vision Plus review. It offers the good and bad in some aspects. In the good aspects, it has a compact-built and the latest Android 12 as its operating system. Plus points, it only costs $50 if you subscribe with a new Cricket number.

Even more, you can get cheaper with only $20 if you bring your old number to Cricket Wireless. It’s a good deal for you if you’re looking for an affordable smartphone.

Cricket Vision Plus Pros:

  • Compact built
  • Android 12
  • Affordable

Cricket Vision Plus Cons:

  • Single rear-camera only
  • Lack of security features


If you think the Cricket Vision Plus is not enough for you. Here we give you two alternatives. The first one is Cricket Icon 3. It has the same carrier but at lower prices. Even more, it already included a fingerprint reader to unlock the device.

The other alternative is the Nokia C100. It has the same specifications as the Cricket Vision Plus but only available on Tracfone and Consumer Cellular.