Hot Pepper Chilaca Review: Entry-Level Smartphone With Decent Specs

With this Hot Pepper Chilaca review, we will go through to look at the phone’s specifications and features that are packed inside the phone. It may suit your needs well.

Hot Pepper Chilaca review

Have you ever heard that there is a free smartphone for people with low incomes? The Hot Pepper Chilaca is one of those. This proves that a free phone can also have decent specs to be very functional for everyday activities.

This phone has some features that support users’ daily life. For example, the huge display screen with HD+ quality, decent internal storage, and many more features will be covered here.

All the information you need to know will be discussed here, both the external and internal parts of the device. We advise you to read carefully before deciding what free smartphones to get.

Key Specs

Hot Pepper Chilaca key specifications:

Dimensions167 x 76.3 x 9.8mm
OSAndroid 12 Go
Screen size6.5-inch
Resolution720 x 1600
ProcessorMediaTek Helio A22
CPUQuad-core (4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery3,200mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera5MP
Front camera2MP
FeaturesFingerprint Reader


Hot Pepper Chilaca
Hot Pepper Chilaca

Let’s look at the Hot Pepper Chilaca smartphone’s design. It gives us an everyday look with no special features on its appearance. It is quite big and tall but not bulky with our gripped hands. Comfortable at its finest.

The look at the front also resembles the basics of today’s smartphone. It has a rectangular design with thin bezels surrounding the display – which is great because we can enjoy the phone’s contents comfortably. The phone’s home buttons are placed inside the screen, and the front camera has a tear-drop style.

The Hot Pepper Chilaca comes in full black color. It can be seen especially at the back of the device. The phone’s case comes in black with diamond-shaped unique textures that give a touch of modernity. The back area is a home for a single rear camera, LED flash, and fingerprint reader.


Hot Pepper Chilaca Display

The Hot Pepper Chilaca display screen is huge. It has a 6.5-inch display screen to accommodate its users with the full experience of the display’s contents. On top of that, it comes with 720 x 1600 pixel resolutions, giving us an HD+ screen quality.

With these specifications, you will be satisfied when enjoying the phone’s images and videos. No glitches or broken patches here and there. It comes with 280 dpi which means the contents aren’t pixelated too much.

The phone’s color is also very great, it is accurately fine. The phone’s brightness is decent. However, when you’re outdoors, it gets off sometimes and lowers the phone’s visibility.


Hot Pepper Chilaca Camera

The Hot Pepper Chilaca has two cameras to provide its users a tool for capturing every moment in their life. Its main camera is placed as the rear camera at the back of the phone. The quality is so-so. Even honestly, it isn’t good for today’s camera quality. Actually, it’s understandable since their main camera resolution is just 5MP.

However, the main camera is supported with an LED flash. This feature can make so much difference in the camera’s output since you can have a brighter picture while taking on dark light situations.

The other camera can be found at the top front of the phone. This is a 2MP front camera. It is usually used for taking selfies or video recording. Nevertheless, with that quality, getting a great picture at all is hopeless.


The Hot Pepper Chilaca is equipped with 32GB of internal storage. This storage is generous enough for an entry-level smartphone since you can store whatever contents you want on your smartphone. Moreover, with this capacity, you can install your favorite apps and be more entertained and productive.

The bad news is this phone has left only 23GB of internal storage that you can use. You can get those remaining spaces after the phone junks and system. But don’t be sad. You can expand the storage with the help of external storage.

You can get this external storage separately. It would be best if you spent the extra cash on this. The Hot Pepper Chilaca is allowed up to 256GB of external storage to be installed on the device.

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The Hot Pepper Chilaca is performed with the support of Quad-core MediaTek Helio A22. This is a standard process that is usually used in every entry-level smartphone. This processor is very well supported when it comes to a lightweight phone. It makes the device smooth and seamless.

Those processors are running at a speed of 2.0GHz. This rate is quite dependable to ensure the device can run well most efficiently–without sacrificing the battery’s power too much.

The Hot Pepper Chilaca specs above are in tandem with the 2GB RAM capacity. The 2GB RAM is not that huge, especially if you notice that in today’s smartphones, most have more than that size.

It is a bare minimum capacity for an entry-level smartphone, and it is quite decent, though. At first, it is still very smooth, but sooner or later, the device will start showing strange movement, glitches and cracks here and there.

The Hot Pepper Chilaca comes with Android 12 Go as its operating system. This is a lighter version of the original Android 12. With this, you can’t go overboard. Some features are not available to use in this phone.

The Hot Pepper Chilaca comes with an advanced security system. The fingerprint reader is available at the back of the phone to make your device more secure and easier to unlock. This has also become a convenient way to ensure your phone is safe and sound.


For the main network connectivity, the Hot Pepper Chilaca still uses 4G technology as their network. We understand this circumstance since the smartphone is for an entry-level that is more concerned with being more practical than keeping up with the current technology trends.

Nevertheless, 4G connectivity is still great – at least for us, since it can be used wherever you are. If the connections go off, you can rely on Wi-Fi connectivity. Bluetooth is also available for you who want to wirelessly transfer files or connect with other Bluetooth devices.


The Hot Pepper Chilaca smartphone is powered by a 3,200mAh battery capacity. This capacity is enough for an entry-level smartphone that only gets 24 hours daily. This battery life cycle can be changed gradually depending on your habits and activities.

Suppose you’re heavily using your device or not treating the smartphone well. In that case, the device will be exhausted, and the battery life cycle will be drastically decreased. So, make sure you use it properly.

The battery is using a non-removable type one. It is the most durable battery type and can last longer than the other type. But once again, please treat your phone with the most care because the battery is the most vital yet tends to break really fast.


With this Hot Pepper Chilaca review, this phone is an average smartphone. But considering this is a free smartphone, we concluded it’s worth trying. The features and specifications inside are decently good daily. The shout-out goes to their huge display and decent internal storage capacity.

However, there are also some cons. In this phone, we regret saying that the camera is bad even if you’re compared to some entry-level smartphones. The Android 12 Go also limits you from enjoying the advanced features. But if you have an eye for this one, you can give it a go.

Hot Pepper Chilaca Pros:

  • Huge display screen
  • Free smartphone
  • Decent internal storage

Hot Pepper Chilaca Cons:

  • Poor camera