Consumer Cellular Verve Snap Review: Flip Phone With Decent Camera and Storage

Do you want to reminisce about the old days of having a flip phone for everyday communication? Look at this Consumer Cellular Verve Snap to get an idea about the device.

Consumer Cellular Verve Snap Review

The Consumer Cellular Verve Snap was launched in November 2022. This phone was still fresh from the oven. As a newly launched flip phone, the device has more than you need than an ordinary communication gadget.

Its decent quality camera and huge memory capacity are the most mesmerizing features. We are happy to find a flip phone with those specifications because even though the looks are old-school, we still have everything we need today.

Are you also looking to change your modern gadget into a modest one? Reading this phone’s review will give you enough information before buying a new one. Make sure you discover everything you need to know.

Key Specs

Consumer Cellular Verve Snap key specifications:

Dimensions109.2 x 56.8 x 18.9mm
OSAOSP Android 11
Screen size2.8-inch
Resolution240 X 320
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 215 (QM215)
CPUQuad-core (4×1.3 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery1,600mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP
FeaturesFavorite Button, Hearing Aid Compatibility M4/T4


Consumer Cellular Verve Snap
Consumer Cellular Verve Snap

What do you expect from a flip phone’s appearance? It all has the same feature with a touch of old-school vibes radiated right at first glance. But the Consumer Cellular Verve Snap flip phone has its uniqueness, which somehow offers modernity with its color combinations of black and glossy red–kinda orangey.

This phone’s dimensions are perfect for a flip phone with 109.2 x 56.8 x 18.9mm and a weight of 132g. Those measurements are ergonomically comfortable for people switching gadgets from a smartphone.

If you close the phone, the pop-up color will instantly catch everyone’s attention. It has a camera, a small external display at the front, and a long speaker at the back. While opening the phone, there is an internal display with a bouncy 12-keypad with a backlit to let users see typing in the dark.

Plus point, the Consumer Cellular Verve Snap has a dedicated “Favorite” button. It can be used for calling your favorite contact immediately in an emergency.

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Consumer Cellular Verve Snap Display

As the default in every flip phone, they mostly have two-screen displays embedded. So does the Consumer Cellular Verve Snap flip phone. The first screen can be seen in the phone’s interior. It has a standard 2.8-inch screen with 240 x 320 pixel resolutions.

You must think the screen is too small and the quality is the worst, but it is a perfect match for any flip phone because you won’t see anything extra with the device. Either way, you must adjust a bit when it’s your first time having a tiny screen phone.

The secondary screen at the exterior. It has a 1.77-inch screen with a resolution of 128 x 160. The small screen shows any phone’s notifications, messages, incoming phone, signal strength, and date and time.


Consumer Cellular Verve Snap Camera

The camera on a flip phone is the least feature we can expect to be great. But surprisingly, the Consumer Cellular Verve Snap has a quite thoughtful camera. It has a single rear camera placed in the phone’s front area.

The camera itself has a 5MP resolution which is above the bare minimum. With this, you can freely take pictures or record any videos. Still, we advise you to not expect the results because there are no additional features on the camera–not even the LED flash to let you take any pictures or videos in the dark.


The Consumer Cellular Verve Snap flip phone has 8GB of internal storage. Even though it’s lower than your older smartphone, it is a wise capacity we’ve seen so far on a flip phone.

The capacity will be decreased to around 2GB due to the pre-installed apps and the other system’s junk. But it’s still accessible for you since you won’t do much with this phone. Not enough with the storage? Don’t worry. You can always get it bigger by installing a MicroSD card into the device. This phone supports up to 32GB of external storage for additional capacity.


The Consumer Cellular Verve Snap flip phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon QM215. It’s a minimal processor that you will find in every entry-level smartphone. It ensures the phone’s performance will still deliver great operation with more efficient battery use.

The Consumer Cellular Verve Snap also has 1GB RAM. RAM plays a vital part in every phone. RAM is short for Random Access Memory. It’s where the temporary traffic of the phone’s operations will be stored here.

You might find it unusual for a phone with low RAM, but this is a generous size for a flip phone. As you know, the flip phone is purposely for a minimalist and non-heavy daily operation. You can’t do some limitations in a flip phone, so it will be extra lightweight with no need for huge storage.

We tried the Consumer Cellular Verve Snap phone to do some operations, and it’s as smooth as tofu. The phone’s fluidity is great whenever we go back and forth to some apps. However, multitasking is very impossible with this phone. So, forget it.

The AOSP Android 11 has featured on this Consumer Cellular Verve Snap flip phone. For those who didn’t know, AOSP stands for Android Open Source Project, which means you will get a lite version of Android 11 with very limited features.

Unlike smartphones, the Consumer Cellular Verve Snap flip phone has no sensor features. There are also no security sensors available. The only way to unlock the device is by applying a standard passcode system.


The Consumer Cellular Verve Snap has a 4G network connectivity to connect with other people. This connection lets you still connect with the world in the fastest and most stable network, even in a remote area.

As for sharing, this device has Bluetooth connectivity and a USB Type-C cable to connect with other devices. The other connectivity available is the Hearing Aid Compatibility M4/T4. It lets you have a smooth and clear voice.


The Consumer Cellular Verve Snap comes with a 1,600mAh of battery capacity. It doesn’t sound enough for you to keep using the device all day, but it’s the bare minimum you can get from any flip phone.

With this size of the battery, you can expect the phone to stay on for up to 13 hours in talk-time use, and in idle-time, it will last up to 16 days which is quite promising.

The removable battery type is a weakness because this type is hardly found in the market nowadays. However, when the battery breaks, you can immediately change it with the spare one.


As the verdict in this Consumer Cellular Verve Snap review, this phone has good features as the latest flip phone. We shout out its decent camera quality and its internal storage capacity. The unique dedicated favorite button also became our personal favorite.

This phone is sold for $62, which is quite affordable. However, we notice some of its drawbacks. Foremost is its battery capacity. It’s an average capacity for a flip phone, while most of the new flip phones have 1,850 – 2,000mAh.

Verve Snap Pros:

  • Decent camera quality
  • Generous internal storage capacity

Verve Snap Cons:

  • Average battery capacity