Plum RAM Plus 4G VoLTE User Manual

Bring this Plum RAM Plus 4G VoLTE user manual as your personal guidance. Find the interesting features and prepare for the worst.

Plum RAM Plus 4G User Manual

You may not be familiar with the Plum RAM Plus 4G VoLTE flip phone or even not familiar with a flip phone generally. Hence, the user manual makes sense for everyone to read before going deeper with the device.

We know holding the exciting feeling of having a brand new phone is irresistible. The user manual comes with a reason. It contains all the important information about the phone and more than that, it can help you to avoid any mistakes.

The Plum RAM Plus 4G VoLTE user manual comes together in the box with the device. Take this as an instructional document to guide you throughout the phone. We keep that technical document simpler by summarizing it in an easy-to-read view.

Phone Description

The first chapter becomes a preparation kit before diving deeper into the phone’s functionalities. This one has a phone diagram to show you the overall layout, complete with the introduction of the phone’s buttons. So, you won’t get lost or have no idea where the buttons are.

Getting Started

The basic instruction is often forgotten by new users. They don’t think the basic knowledge can improve their experience with the phone. In the second chapter, you will receive some tutorials regarding simple starters.

There are instructions about installing the SIM and MicroSD card, charging the battery, and setting up the APN data.

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Making Phone Call

What is the main purpose of a phone other than communicating with others? The Plum RAM Plus 4G VoLTE provides a phone call feature. With that, you can call your family, friends, or colleagues.

This next chapter talks about the phone call feature. Precisely, how to make a phone call. It might seem simple, but since this is a flip phone, many of you are unfamiliar with it. This chapter helps you to avoid the struggle.


Even so, the Plum RAM Plus 4G VoLTE is a flip phone. Thankfully, it already comes with a rear camera. It might not be as perfect as other smartphones, but you can use the camera for daily matters. The Multimedia chapter discusses a lot about the camera features.

Despite that, you will also find other multimedia apps to learn. Includes the pictures to view, share or edit the images, and the video to record a video with the phone. There is also FM radio for listening to the radio, whether use it directly or plug in the earphone.


Are you not satisfied with the phone’s default settings and configurations? With the Plum RAM Plus 4G VoLTE, you’re free to set up the phone to your own preferences. You can change some settings, and this chapter will show you what those are.

First, you can change the phone settings, including the time, date, and language. Then, you can customize the phone’s display settings. Lastly, you are allowed to change the security settings.


The Tools chapter of the user manual provides all information about the basic apps that you don’t realize you need. There are some tools, and their use is explained here. Those are the Calendar, Alarm, Calculator, Flashlight, and Bluetooth.

Download User Manual

That is the end of the Plum RAM Plus 4G VoLTE user manual summary. Much information is available on the document, but we can’t put everything here. That’s why the user manual will be much needed for a more comprehensive and detailed explanation than this article. We have already provided a download link for you to read it in your leisure time.

Download: Plum RAM Plus 4G User Manual (PDF)