Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE Review: Drops and Bumps Resistance Smartphone

The Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE review will reveal the smartphone’s features. If you’re curious about the phone, it’s better to read this article.

Plum Gator 7 4G Review

The Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE was released in September 2021. When you look at first glance, you will instantly notice that this smartphone is specifically built for niche demographics. It is built for people who work in harsh environments.

The device is military-grade designed. It’s a checklist of all of the environment proofs. So, it can take on many different conditions without any worry. This phone definitely understands its job to be an extra endurance smartphone.

Most people are not familiar with this kind of gadget. That’s why we come with this Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE review to look deeper into the phone. Maybe, it can live up to your standards as an extreme-proof smartphone.

Key Specs

Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE specifications:

Dimensions157.5 x 78.1 x 13.7mm
OSAndroid 11
Screen size5.7-inch
Resolution1440 x 720
CPU2GHz Quad-core, MediaTek MT6761V/WE
Battery5,580mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera8MP
Front camera5MP
FeaturesFace Recognition, Dust, Water, Drop-to-concrete Resistant


Plum Gator 7 4G
Plum Gator 7 4G

The Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE left impressions with its macho-like design appearance. It’s military built and reliable for extreme outdoor environments. It has solid thick bumpers around the corner to protect the device. Because of this, the phone weighs 261g.

On the front, we have a 5.7-inch display screen with 157.5 x 78.1 x 13.7mm dimensions. The bezels on the left and right sides become thinner than the other. The front camera is tucked in on the top left, and the navigation keys are embedded on the screen.

On the back, you may notice three cameras on the Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE. But actually, don’t get surprised with this, this phone only has a single rear camera. The other two are just for decorations, though. The backside design is made for users to have a perfect grip.


Plum Gator 7 4G Display

The Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE features a decent 5.7-inch screen size. Most people might expect a larger display size, but for an outdoor person, the smaller size can be more efficient to use. With this display size, it means users are allowed to enjoy around 68% screen-to-body percentage. It’s ergonomically fine.

Unfortunately, the Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE comes in 1440 x 720 resolutions, which means the display is not Full HD. Assuming that the users of this phone are actively outdoors, obviously, they need a smartphone with a better and sharper display. With only HD quality, users can’t experience this.


Plum Gator 7 4G Camera

Despite its appearance of three cameras on the back, users only get an 8MP single rear camera. The two of them are just decorations. Surely, we are disappointed by this since users hope to get what they see.

However, the rear camera is decent. It has some useful features for users’ activity. One of them is the Auto Focus feature to let the camera instantly focus on the object while taking the pictures. A Panorama feature also allows users to get a comprehensive picture. This phone also has an LED flash to help users take pictures in a dark situation.

Besides the rear camera, this phone also has a 5MP front-facing camera. The megapixels may not be very impressive for selfies. But it’s enough for video calling.


Storage-wise, the Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE is installed with 32GB of internal storage. This amount of storage is average for a smartphone. But nowadays, we expect more than that. Moreover, users won’t get 32GB since there are pre-installed apps and system junks. They might only be able to access half of it.

Nevertheless, we still have other options to get more space. Users can choose to expand the memory by installing the MicroSD card up to 128GB. This way can compensate for all of your space needed. With this, you can add more files, take more pictures, and download more apps. Another way to save more data is regularly cleaning the apps’ cache.

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The processor is the brain of the phone’s overall system. The Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE is powered by MediaTek MT6761V/WE as its processor. It is widely known for entry-level smartphones. In general, the processor is decent for basic usage. It offers efficiency and greater performance than advanced capability.

The Quad-core chipset is running at a 2GHz clock rate. It’s very reliable to power up the smartphone. It might not have notable features that leave our jaw-dropped, but it’s fast enough to run the device daily. Just don’t expect more than this.

The Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE performance wouldn’t be complete without 3GB RAM. RAM is where you store all of the phone’s temporary data during usage. It’s very crucial. The more RAM, obviously, the smoother your device operates.

Since this phone is purposely made for a unique environment that doesn’t need any complicated tasks, the 3GB RAM is quite okay for us. In the end, you need to maintain the device to prevent any lags or glitches.

The Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE is supported by Android 11 as its operating system (OS). Even though it’s not the latest Android you can get, we’re happy to have this OS since it still has multiple features and improvements.

Android 11 improves its interface to be more simple by adding little widgets. It has more responsive AI (Artificial Intelligence) to work in any area. This OS also has better privacy management. It’s more secure and tighter.

Despite using a fingerprint reader, the Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE has face recognition to unlock the phone. To be honest, we much prefer to use the fingerprint reader because it’s faster and easier. Face recognition can be a bit of a struggle if we’re using it in dark conditions.

This phone is already certified with MIL-STD-810D military grades, which means it’s drop proof from a height of 1.5m. It is also IP68 water-proof at a depth of 1.5m for 30 minutes and IP69K high water pressure resistance up to 1.5m for 35 mins


Plum Gator 7 4G Package

The Plum Gator 7 supports 4G LTE connectivity and any older bands. It doesn’t come with 5G, which is understandable for an entry-level smartphone. However, 4G LTE is still acceptable since we can still enjoy the network in most places worldwide. This network allows users to experience crystal clear voice calls with VoLTE.

This phone is packed with other essential connectivity. Apart from the mobile network, users can find Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and USB On-The-Go. Also, this phone is already built-in with NFC features. This feature is basically a digital wallet. It is very convenient for users’ daily life.


The Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE provides a huge 5,580mAh battery capacity. With this capacity, we can expect the phone to last throughout the day. Unlike other smartphones, this phone uses a Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) as its battery.

Li-Po battery is perfect for extreme outdoor activity because it’s lightweight and resilient. It is more resistant than most batteries. This battery can be banged, dropped, run over by a car, punctured and still prevent from exploding.

The battery type is non-removable, making it more secure and preventing external damage. Unfortunately, this phone doesn’t provide fast and wireless charging.

Is the Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE a good phone?

The Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE has several impressive features for extreme and outdoor-goers. The bulky appearance and some notable certified and military-grade features are some things that catch our attention. The battery capacity is also added at one point.

However, there are some compromises that we found in this phone. The fake two-rear camera is the least we expect from the device. It’s wasteful. Some go with display resolutions that are below the average, especially for outdoor activities. In this Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE review, for $120, we put this device into consideration.

Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE Pros:

  • Certified military grade features
  • Huge battery capacity

Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE Cons:

  • Fake two rear-camera
  • Low display resolutions