Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE User Manual

Not everyone is familiar with rugged phones. Maybe you’re one of them. The Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE user manual will enlighten you to discover the phone’s features.

Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE User Manual

You might rarely see a rugged phone around. This phone is specifically built for people who work in extreme and outdoor environments. That’s why some differences you might not find in basic smartphones. For example, the ruggedized appearances.

There are no more credible sources than the phone user manual to better understand the device. This user manual offers a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the phone’s ins and outs.

We highly recommend you to take your time and read the Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE user manual, which comes as an instructional book. We have summarized the user manual to get a big idea of what is inside.

Phone Description

A ruggedized phone is not a familiar sight. So, first thing first, before you take a journey with the Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE, you need to understand the device’s layouts. This chapter will welcome you with the device’s overview and each key function.

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Getting Started

This chapter is where it all started. It is supposedly made for first-timers. It contains a lot of useful information about starting the phone once you get it yourself. First of all, there is information about how to install the SIM and MicroSD card.

The next part talks about how to charge the battery. You will also get pro tips regarding battery maintenance to keep it in good shape. Then, there is also information about how to set up the APN data. It helps you to access the internet.

Making Phone Call

The main purpose of phones is to connect with people by phone call. Making a phone call is not hard, and everyone can do this. But, just in case you have no idea how to make a phone call on a feature phone, this chapter is the first destination to go. This chapter will show you how to access the phone call, complete with the button functions.


Contacts are where you store all phone numbers. This chapter will teach you how to access and edit the contacts. At first, you will be guided to add the new contact. Besides that, you will also get information about how to change the input method to contact.

Then, you are allowed to input the contact you want into the speed dial number features. You can immediately call the desired contact by only typing the numbers.

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The Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE comes with some multimedia apps for entertainment purposes. The first part will talk about the picture apps, where you can view, share, and edit the images. Next, there is information about the camera and its features. And after that, you will see a guide about the video apps and FM radio.


Do you want to make configurations regarding the phone’s settings? Do you want to access the network connection? This chapter discusses everything you need to know to adjust the default system. From setting up the phone language, blocklist the phone numbers, change the display, and set up the phone’s security.

Download User Manual

That’s it, the overview of the Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE user manual. The summary above can strengthen the users’ conviction about why they need to read the user manual before starting the phone. Click the download link here and get the full user manual document. After you read it, you won’t be clueless anymore.

Download: Plum RAM 10 4G User Manual (PDF)