Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE Review: IP68 Certified-Ruggedized Phone

Revealing the best features of this ruggedized phone on Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE review. Talk about the phone’s specifications, features, and pros and cons.

Plum RAM 10 4G Review

The Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE was released in January 2022. This phone is built differently. Looking at it, you will notice this phone is purposely made for different situations, such as extreme-outdoor situations.

This phone aims specifically for extreme daily activities. The design is ultra-rugged with water-proof, drop-proof, dust-proof, and resistant enough to extreme temperatures. Impressively, it is also equipped with VoLTE.

Before you decide to buy the phone. Be sure to do some research. One thing you can do is read this Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE review. There is plenty of useful information for you to know the device deeper.

Key Specs

Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE specification:

Dimensions133.4 x 64.4 x 15.8mm
Screen size2.4-inch
Resolution320 x 240
CPUUnisoc T107
Battery1,700mAh, Removable
Rear camera2MP
Front camera1.3MP
FeaturesIP68 Certified, Water, Shock, Dust Resistance


Plum RAM 10 4G
Plum RAM 10 4G

The Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE is a phone with a ruggedized design and somehow boosts up the masculine appearance. This phone employs military standards with IP68 certified – which means it is water-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof build quality.

A bulky phone is considered lightweight, with only 109g of weight and dimensions of 133.4 x 64.4 x 15.8mm. On the front side, you can notice the bumpers on every corner. Those all work as a shock-proof feature to prevent the phone from getting damaged when it drops from 1.8m (6ft.) onto concrete.

Additionally, the Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE is a glove-friendly phone. It has a tactile keypad and buttons providing easy access and operations while users wear the glove. On each side, you will also notice the loudspeakers provide a better sound in a noisy environment.

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Plum RAM 10 4G Display

The display of the Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE is not so big. It is only 2.4-inch. Obviously, it is very small if you compare it with today’s smartphones. We found some difficulties accessing the phone’s interface as a small display phone. However, a small display has a low risk of getting cracks.

Aside from the display size, the Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE features a TFT LCD and 320 x 240 pixels for its resolutions. Despite that, it has 256K colors and 167ppi density, so we can still enjoy a sharp and colorful display. This feature can be useful for people who work outdoors.


Plum RAM 10 4G Camera

As a small device, surprisingly, the Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE features two front and rear cameras. At the back, you will get a 2MP rear camera. There is nothing special about this main camera. The megapixels are below the minimum, and it doesn’t have advanced features to enhance the camera’s outputs. 

An LED flash is the only one we get to have a better picture. This can help you to take a picture in dim light situations. The camera is not only for taking pictures. You can also record a simple video.

The 1.3MP front camera is also not very impressive. The low resolutions can’t do anything much. However, you can still take a selfie (for practical purposes) and video calls with your colleagues.


The phone storage of the Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE is also not our cup of tea. It only consists of 128MB of internal storage. Even though it is a small phone, we think the storage size can be a massive problem since we still need it to store some apps and files. And maybe, out of 128MB, users are only allowed to use half of the total space, which is not convenient.

However, this phone understands its users’ needs. The manufacturer puts an external slot into the phone. With this, you can expand the storage by installing the MicroSD card and thankfully, you can add up to 256GB.

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Plum RAM 10 4G Side View

The Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE runs on the Unisoc T107 as its processor. Some users might not be familiar with this processor. However, the Unisoc T107 is commonly found in low-spec phones. It has high integration, small size, and low power consumption. It is basically ideal for non-heavy activities.

RAM is Random Access Memory, where you store all of a temporary phone’s data. The processor comes together with 64MB of RAM. The RAM size is very small, even if you’re compared with the competitors. You may know that the lower the RAM, the harder your phone can operate.

With this RAM, you can’t even multitask. Forget about doing heavily consumed activities such as browsing or playing a video. We find some glitches here and there. After all, this phone is purposely made for basic operations.

The Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE uses the proprietary OS as its operating system. This OS is created by the developers themselves on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It is purposely built for the sake of uniqueness.

Unfortunately, the proprietary OS has many problems. First of all, this OS is not flexible. The systems are not supposed to be modified by the users. There are only a few options of configurations for users to get personalized.

The Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE doesn’t have some advanced features like most phones. You won’t find proximity, barometer, or accelerometer sensors here. However, as a ruggedized phone, this device has some useful features for extreme outdoor situations.

This phone is already IP68 certified, which is proof of everything. It is water-proof to 1.2m for up to 35 minutes, drop-proof up to 1.8m to concrete, dust-proof and has extreme temperature resistance.


The Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE can reach up to 4G coverage, but it’s not limited to the older bands’ connectivity. Like most phones, if you want to activate the network connection, you need to install the Nano SIM card into the phone’s slot. With the 4G LTE, you can experience HD voice calls with VoLTE.

Sadly, there are no other options than using the data connections since this phone doesn’t provide Wi-Fi connectivity. You can’t turn the phone into a mobile hotspot and activate the GPS and NFC features.

However, you can still send some files or connect to other devices wireless by using Bluetooth connectivity. There is also a Micro USB 2.0 to allow you to transfer data to/from a computer.


Plum RAM 10 4G Package

The Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE’s battery is also not something we’re impressed with. It has only a 1,700mAh battery capacity, which is below the average. Nonetheless, after we learn that this phone is not for heavy activities. We think the capacity is enough to power up the phone.

They promise users can use the phone in talk time up to 12 hours. And, if users don’t use it in standby time, the phone can last up to 7 days.

The battery itself is still using an outdated removable battery type. This type gives us a little bit of concern because a removable battery can be tricky. If you’re outdoors, you can bring a separate battery–just in case the battery goes off or gets damaged. But, as you know, it is hard to look for this battery on the market nowadays.

Is the Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE a good phone?

Wrapped in the Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE review, we think this phone completed the standards of being an extreme outdoor smartphone. It is IP68 certified, water-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof. It has a bulky appearance to protect the phones.

However, this phone is lacking in many aspects. The most noticeable drawbacks are the small internal storage size, unimpressive camera quality, and the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity. In our honest opinion, for $98, the Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE is not worth the penny. Because there are many other ruggedized phones with better offers.

Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE Pros:

  • IP68 certified
  • Protective bulky appearance

Plum RAM 10 4G VoLTE Cons:

  • Low size ROM
  • Low camera quality
  • Lack of Wi-Fi