Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE Review: Classic Flip Phone

Get complete insight into the Plum 4G VoLTE review. Discover what this phone can offer you and what its best and worst features are before buying the product.

Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE Review

The Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE was released in February 2022. It came following the hype of flip phones a few months back. This phone positioned itself as a reliable basic phone for people who don’t want to use a smartphone.

This phone is equipped with 4G VoLTE technology, in which you can get the same voice call quality as smartphones. Surely, this flip phone is not just for calling. You can do any basic activities easily with this.

The Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE review takes a deeper look at the technical specifications. Find out the best features of the phone, and you might also find the drawbacks. See it for yourself whether it’s a go or not.

Key Specs

Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE specifications:

Dimensions103 x 53 x 21.2mm
Screen size2.4-inch
Resolution320 x 240
Battery1,000mAh, Removable
FeaturesBluetooth, FM Radio, MP3 Player


Plum Flipper 4G
Plum Flipper 4G

As you can see, the Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE has an old clamshell flip phone look. We might say the design is quite humble and doesn’t have attractive sides. It is compact and lightweight. It only has 80g of weight. The dimensions are also considered small, with only 103x53x21.2mm. The phone is a little uncomfortable, although it fits in the pockets.

The front design is not much. You can see the second display screen at the front, which contains the basic information. Includes the network signals, the battery capacity, and the date and time.

At the back, there is a single rear camera and LED flash placed vertically in a rectangle base. Somehow, the camera positions remind us of today’s smartphones. Besides those, there are three speaker lines.


Plum Flipper 4G Display

The Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE users are spoiled with two display screens. The main screen is a 2.4-inch display with 320 x 240 resolutions. The display screen is not that big, especially if you are compared with other competitors. Although, it’s very typical for a flip phone to have a small display.

The display uses a TFT LCD with 167 PPI density. There is nothing spectacular with the display spec. As we expected, the color doesn’t pop out, and the user interface looks dull. However, the icons and texts are still readable.

At the front, you will notice a 1.77-inch external display screen with 160 x 128 resolutions. The display screen doesn’t contain much information. As mentioned above, you can only see the battery information, network signals, and the date and times.


Plum Flipper 4G Camera

The Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE flip phone only has one camera; it’s a single 1.3MP rear camera. To be fair, we are not expecting a perfect camera feature on this affordable basic phone. But, the 1.3MP camera is below our expectations. Even for the same functional phones on the same market, these megapixels are below the standards.

The picture quality is not comparable. It looks blurry and full of noise. To be honest, we have seen a better camera quality from cheaper devices. Taking a video is also facing the same problems. Thankfully, there is help from an LED flash for taking a better photo or video in a dark light.


When consumers buy a new Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE flip phone, they will only get 128MB of internal storage. We are surprised by this storage size since it’s not the best phone capacity. In my experience, a phone’s 1GB capacity is the lowest ROM.

You can’t save more files with this size of capacity. Indeed, this phone is supposedly for non-heavy and basic activity. But we always crave more, right?

The Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE is equipped with external phone slots to solve this problem. You can expand the storage by installing a 32GB MicroSD into the slot.

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The Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE runs on the small 64MB RAM. Purposely made for storing all the phone’s temporary cache data, this RAM size does not fulfill our standards. With the small size, the phone will hardly operate. You can’t play games, browse the internet, or watch videos properly.

Ideally, the RAM size is 1GB to have slightly better operations. With only 64MB, you can’t multitask. Even doing the basic things–sooner or later, will catch some glitches. It is not comfortable at all.

To operate the systems, the Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE has a proprietary OS in their system. This OS is basically based on the Android Open Source Project. With this, the developers can build a unique OS for the device.

However, the proprietary OS is inconvenient in some ways. It is very limited to access some features. Users cannot customize and adjust some settings as smartphones could. We’re not satisfied with this.

The Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE also doesn’t have any outstanding features. Forget about the fingerprint reader or face recognition. This phone doesn’t even have standard features such as proximity, accelerator, and barometer.


Plum Flipper 4G Package

The Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE accommodates several ranges of network connectivity. The latest you can get is a 4G LTE. The network is limited to certain areas with bands of 2, 4, 5, 12, 17, 41, and 66.

Unfortunately, the data connection is the only network you can use to access the internet. Don’t hope for Wi-Fi connectivity because this phone doesn’t provide it. You won’t find GPS and NFC features in this Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE.

However, you can still rely on Bluetooth connectivity to send the files or connect with external devices. Besides, there is also a MicroUSB 2.0 to connect to a computer.


The Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE is powered with a 1,000mAh battery capacity. Again and again, this specification is not very satisfying. Although this phone is a small device, users’ activity will be very limited with that battery capacity.

On paper, the phone claims can last up to 24 hours of talk time and 168 hours of standby time. But in the end, the battery life depends on the users’ habits and behavior. So, it’s better to keep the battery in good shape.

The battery type is removable, which can be very inconvenient yet easy to treat. You can always bring a separate battery if you are outdoors or in a remote area. If the battery is getting damaged or going off, you can change it immediately. But, it can be inconvenient since a removable battery is rarely found.

Is the Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE a good phone?

The Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE can be purchased for $70 on Amazon. However, for a flip phone with those features, we mentioned above. Is the price worth it?

This phone has several points, such as the compact design and 4G VoLTE technology. But, there are also some drawbacks that we find here and there, including the low camera quality, the small size of ROM and RAM, and the low battery capacity.

In conclusion, the Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE review, for us, this phone is not worth the money. The overall features they have is below today’s average. Spend your money on a better phone with better features and lower prices.

Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE Pros:

  • Compact design
  • 4G VoLTE

Plum Flipper 4G VoLTE Cons:

  • Low camera quality
  • Low size ROM and RAM
  • Low battery capacity

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