Hot Pepper Jalapeno Review: Flip Phones With A Good Grip

Need some consideration before buying a new phone? Read this Hot Pepper Jalapeno review to understand the device’s features, including its pros and cons.

Hot Pepper Jalapeno Review

A flip phone is not dead, this device is still around in the market today, and not all people recognize this. The difference from the old version, the new one is packed with many up-to-date features and functions.

The Hot Pepper Jalapeno phone is one of the basic flip phones and comes with a good grip for more comfortable use. It also has many charming features, such as a selfie camera, reliable phone battery, etc.

Let’s find out what’s worth the phone by reading the Hot Pepper Jalapeno flip phone review. After that, you can decide whether this phone is perfect for you or not.

Key Specs

Hot Pepper Jalapeno flip phone specifications:

Dimensions208.2 x 54.3 x 20.3mm
Screen size2.8-inch
Resolution320 x 240
CPU1.1GHz Quad-core, MediaTek MTK6739
Battery1,700mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP
Front camera2MP
FeaturesHD Voice, Dual Microphone


Hot Pepper Jalapeno
Hot Pepper Jalapeno

The Hot Pepper Jalapeno phone features a sleek and modern design. The phone’s dimensions are 208.2 x 54.3 x 20.3mm, which is quite large if we’re compared with other flip phones. It is perfect for daily activity. Users can put their phones away easily because of their compact design.

In the front area, you will notice an external 1.44-inch display screen. It comes with a textured and rubberized exterior to support a good grip. We think the manufacturer is really considerate to their users since they put comfort in the device.

The main display screen in the interior has its 1-to-9 keypad layout. Typing on the keypad is better because it is very precise and easy to access. There are shortcut keys for speaker volume and voice command features.


Hot Pepper Jalapeno Display

Like other basic flip phones, the Hot Pepper Jalapeno also has two display screens. The main display is placed on the interior with a 2.8-inch display screen and 320×240 display resolutions. To be honest, this display quality is pretty standard for a flip phone.

The display size is enough for small activities such as texting or calling. But, you will feel a little bit uncomfortable if you’re doing some activities that require a lot of texts, such as sending emails or browsing the internet.

A QVGA technology is used for the display to enhance the screen quality. This technology is specifically designed for small phones. It may not come in high-definition quality, but we are quite satisfied with the outputs.


Hot Pepper Jalapeno Camera

The Hot Pepper Jalapeno phone features two cameras, the front, a selfie camera and the back, as a rear camera. It is definitely one of the selling points of this device. The main camera consists of a 5MP resolution, slightly above the average for most flip phones. Absolutely, we’re impressed with this quality.

With the rear camera, you will see a flashlight to help users take a picture with proper lighting in dim light conditions.

Aside from that, this phone also has a 2MP front camera to fulfill your selfie needs. Even though it is not the best quality, you’re compared with smartphones. It is still refreshing to see basic flip phones with a selfie camera embedded.

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As for the internal storage, the Hot Pepper Jalapeno phone supports 8GB capacity. In our opinion, this capacity is quite generous, especially since it isn’t an application-centric device. Sadly, out of the actual 8GB size, users can only enjoy probably half of it. It is such a downer if you’d like to save massive amounts of data.

The Hot Pepper Jalapeno allows users to solve the lack of internal storage capacity by providing a MicroSD slot on the phone. You can always expand the capacity by inserting a MicroSD card. Nonetheless, you need to buy the card separately on your own.


The Hot Pepper Jalapeno utilizes MediaTek MTK6739 as its processor to run the systems. We’re not surprised by the processor of this phone because it was made for more practical use – which doesn’t concern the performance. This phone also comes along with a clock rate 1.1GHz Quad-core. This combination is popular for an entry-level device.

On the RAM side, this phone employs only 512MB of storage. This RAM is too low for most standard phones. These days, we need at least 3GB of RAM to operate the phone smoothly. With this size of RAM, users cannot do high-intensity daily activities.

For us, the RAM is a major drawback because low RAM means low performance. Don’t even try to multitask. It can be such a nightmare since you will struggle a lot. We also found some delays and lags here and there. You need to clear out the RAM regularly to ensure your phone operates properly.

The Hot Pepper Jalapeno features an HD Voice and Dual Microphone. HD Voice is enabled by VoLTE technology–which means instead of using a traditional network when calling, you can use 4G LTE connectivity. This feature provides you with more natural and clearer audio on voice calls.

The dual-microphone may be very basic for today’s devices. However, it’s great to see this feature since you can get two microphones on your phone. The first one is for voice, and the other one is for video audio recording.


The Hot Pepper Jalapeno phone utilizes 4G LTE connectivity for calls and internet needs. Nowadays, this type of connection is a bare minimum. You won’t get the latest 5G connectivity. However, 4G is enough since it is still fast and can be read everywhere.

Apart from that, you are allowed to activate the Wi-Fi connectivity if you’d like to save your data and battery. You can also turn your phone into a personal mobile hotspot and allow others (up to 10 devices) to connect to the internet.

Last but not least, this basic phone has also featured Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth, you can transfer files or connect with external devices easily.


The Hot Pepper Jalapeno depends on a 1,700mAh removable battery to run the device. This battery size is considered slightly bigger than other basic flip phones. Since this phone is specifically made for non-heavy activities, you can save your battery throughout the day.

This phone claims that the battery can last up to 15 days in standby times and 12 hours of talk-time. However, the battery life cycle depends on your habits. So, it is better to make sure you use your phone properly.

As the battery type is a removable one, it can be advantageous. This type of battery is easily replaced if you find any damage. You can also always bring a spare to replace it when you need to.

Is Hot Pepper Jalapeno a good phone?

The Hot Pepper Jalapeno aims at specific customers looking for a simple communication device. Priced at $74.99, this phone is definitely not cheap. However, this phone has a lot to offer compared with other flip phones.

In the Hot Pepper Jalapeno review, we’ve already discussed many useful features and functions. For example, the phone’s dimensions are larger than competitors, the selfie camera available, and bigger battery size.

But, there are also some drawbacks, such as the small RAM size and no security features to make your phone more secure. After all, it is up to you to decide whether this is a yay or nay.

Hot Pepper Jalapeno Pros:

  • Large phone dimension
  • Selfie camera
  • Big battery size

Hot Pepper Jalapeno Cons:

  • Small RAM size