Kyocera DuraXA Equip Review: Ideal Solutions For Outdoor Environments

This Kyocera DuraXA Equip review will discuss the phone features and durability used for outdoor environments. Discover whether this phone is ideal for you or not.

Kyocera DuraXA Equip Review

Some people do not wish to have a fancy smartphone. They prefer a phone that is suitable for extreme outdoor environments. Little did you know, we found one of the phones that build differently than others.

The Kyocera DuraXA Equip phone is a flip phone designed ultra-rugged to resist all extreme situations. This phone comes with military-grade features such as water-proof, dust-proof, and drop-proof up to 1.5m. Additionally, it also supports dual-mic noise cancellation to be heard in noisy environments.

With this Kyocera DuraXA Equip review, we will see what the phone can offer beyond ordinary activities. There are plenty of fascinating features that we are ready to dig into.

Key Specs

Kyocera DuraXA Equip specifications:

Dimensions111 x 56 x 27.2mm
OSProprietary Based on AOSP
Screen size2.6-inch
Resolution320 x 240
CPU1.2GHz Quad-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 215
Battery1,770mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP
FeaturesRuggedized, Water-Resistant, Dust-Proof


Kyocera DuraXA Equip
Kyocera DuraXA Equip

Kyocera DuraXA Equip employs an ultra-rugged exterior built with a military-grade phone design. At first glance, you can see how the material is specially made for extreme conditions.

The device is made of smooth black plastic and rubber bumpers around the corner. This flip phone comes in 193g. It’s pretty bulky in its class. Rather than being easy to hold, this phone has superior graspability.

Inside, you will find a 2.6-inch display screen and an accessible keypad. We also caught two large speakers at the bottom of the keypad. This is interesting because we rarely find flip phones with those speakers’ locations. These speakers can support users to have better voice communications.


Kyocera DuraXA Equip Display

In-display aspects, the Kyocera DuraXA Equip has two screen displays. The main display is located on the inside of the phone. It features a 2.6-inch display screen to show the phone’s basic information. The display comes with large fonts, and considering the phone size, it’s the right choice.

We got the standard 320 x 240 with QVGA quality for the resolutions. You can notice some imperfections here and there. However, the texts are still readable, and the brightness is good for outdoor activities.

A 1.08-inch external display screen is also located at the bottom of the camera. There is not much you can see here. It only contains the date and time, battery capacity, and signal strength.


Kyocera DuraXA Equip Camera

The Kyocera DuraXA Equip is not made for fancy usage. So, the camera quality is the last thing we can hope comes better in this flip phone. However, surprisingly the camera quality is still beyond our expectations, especially compared with other flip phones. This phone comes with a 5MP single rear camera.

The camera features are also something we want to talk about. The DuraXA Equip has an auto-focus feature to help users take sharper and brighter pictures. It also has an LED flash to help you take pictures in a dark environment.

Besides taking pictures, you can also record videos using this phone. This phone can record a 720p video quality.

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With this Kyocera DuraXA Equip flip phone, users are allowed to save some files. This phone is equipped with 16GB of internal storage. To be honest, this capacity is above the average of other flip phones. However, out of 16GB, you can only enjoy around 10GB since the rest is already reserved for the systems.

Fortunately, there is always an option for every problem. This phone allows you to expand the storage by putting an external memory card into the phone. You can add up to 512GB of expandable storage – which is a lot for a basic phone. But, one thing to note, you need to buy the MicroSD card separately.


Kyocera DuraXA Equip Side View

The Kyocera DuraXA Equip operates on 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 215. Thanks to its processors, this phone can help boost its performance smoothly, and the battery is more efficient.

Users can depend on the 1.2GHz clock rate speed to enjoy the phone without lagging too much. We think this processor is a perfect fit for this phone since users with heavy activities need more stable performance.

We are satisfied to know that it comes with 2GB RAM for a flip phone that doesn’t need huge RAM. The RAM capacity might be a bare minimum for regular smartphones. But since it’s for the Kyocera DuraXA Equip, which is rarely used for entertainment, it’s more than enough.

The Kyocera DuraXA Equip is supported by a proprietary based on AOSP operating system. AOSP is an Android Open Source Project, meaning the manufacturers directly develop the OS. Even though it’s an Android, the user interface is very different. It looks outdated.

Specifically aimed at users who are looking for a straightforward user experience. It comes smoother and simpler than any Android OS. It also provides all the basic functions and pre-installed apps you may need. But sadly, you can’t download a new one because this phone is made only for calling and texting.

Since the Kyocera DuraXA Equip is made for extreme outdoor activities. There are many interesting features on it. This phone is perfectly created to be water-resistant. It is also made to protect against dust, shock, vibrations, extreme temperature, and more.

Last but not least, the Kyocera DuraXA Equip is also installed with the barometer sensor and GPS. This combination lets you get more accurate navigation information, complete with the altitude data. It is absolutely very helpful.


As for its connectivity, the Kyocera DuraXA Equip supports a 4G LTE technology. The 4G LTE itself can still be used in a wide range of locations. With this connection, users can enjoy VoLTE (Voice LTE), so you can experience calling with HD voice. You need to install a Nano SIM Card to activate this feature.

You can also choose other network connectivity options like Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. Wi-Fi enables you to activate the LMR network feature to communicate with others.

Additionally, you can use Bluetooth connectivity to connect with other devices or transfer some files. A mobile hotspot is also available to allow users to use your connection. It can connect up to 10 devices.


The Kyocera DuraXA Equip is powered by a 1,770mAh battery capacity. It might not seem huge enough for a flip phone. But, since this phone is specifically made only for calling and texting. We thought the battery size was just enough.

This phone promise can withstand up to 9,5 hours of talk time. And standby time can last up to 439 hours or approximately 18 days. We’re interested in this, though.

The removable battery type is also an advantage for this phone, especially if you are often outdoors. You can bring a separate battery and change it with a new one every time your battery is damaged or goes off.

Is the Kyocera DuraXA Equip a good phone?

Indeed, the Kyocera DuraXA Equip is a unique flip phone. It contains many interesting features and functions that may rarely be found in other phones. If you see the phone’s rugged body with durable materials, we agree that this phone is military-built.

Other than that, at the Kyocera DuraXA equip, we mentioned that this phone comes with great processors. So, you will get stable performance and more efficient battery power. It also comes with VoLTE and dual-noise cancellation to ensure users get clear voice calling.

This phone comes for $300. Sure, it is expensive for a flip phone. But, with the specs, we think it’s a good investment.

Kyocera DuraXA Equip Pros:

  • Durable materials
  • Crystal clear voice calling
  • Great performance

Kyocera DuraXA Equip Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Low storage