NUU F4L Review: Flip Phone With Selfie Camera

The NUU F4L flip phone review covers the specification and informative details about the device. Walkthrough this article for your reference before having this phone.

NUU F4L Review

The NUU F4L is not just an ordinary flip phone. It is a smart flip phone that is equipped with a selfie camera. You may not find this feature in another basic phone.

Even though the NUU F4L is a simple flip phone, it is still functional for daily activities. It is stuffed with many useful features and functions. This phone is perfect for users looking for a simple communication device.

Let’s take a look at the NUU F4L flip phone review to overview the phone. We’re hoping you can get helpful tips and information to operate the device properly with this review.

Key Specs

NUU F4L flip phone specifications:

Dimensions109 x 58 x 21mm
Screen size2.8-inch
Resolution320 x 240
CPU1.1GHz Quad-core, MediaTek MT6371
Battery1,350mAh, Removable
Rear camera2MP
Front camera0.3MP (VGA)
FeaturesHearing Aid Compatible, Proximity Sensor



In design aspects, the NUU F4L is very basic. It features a simple and compact design that is easy to carry around and keep in a purse or pocket. Despite its weight of only 128g, the NUU F4L fits comfortably in our palm hands. It is easy to use our thumb to flip the phone.

This phone comes in a black matte color. The curved design comes all around the device. At the front, you will notice a 1.77-inch external screen. There is also a front camera, complete with a flashlight. Meanwhile, there are no other things besides the NUU logo on the back of the phone.

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NUU F4L Display

The NUU F4L comes with two display screens. You will see a 2.8-inch main display screen when opening the flip phone. It comes in 320×240 resolutions to enjoy the phone’s user interface. Don’t expect something extra from the display screen since it only supports a QVGA quality. However, it is still clear and bright enough to look at.

As we mentioned before. On the external part, there is also a display screen available. It comes in 1.77-inch screen size with a 160×120 resolution. This screen can be used for receiving the phone’s notifications, such as messages and incoming calls.


NUU F4L Camera

Unlike most other flip phones on the market, the NUU F4L consists of dual cameras. It is indeed a major advantage of this phone. The 2MP main camera resolution is located at the front of the outer part. We also spotted an LED flash to boost the camera’s phone experience.

Meanwhile, the selfie camera only supports 0.3MP or equal to the VGA quality. This resolution is way too far from today’s camera standard. However, it’s still pleasant to see this feature on a basic phone. In our opinion, the camera on a basic phone is not necessary. We take it as an accessory.

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When you buy the NUU F4L, you will get 4GB of internal storage. In fact, the actual size can be lower than 2GB. The system files take up a lot of space in the internal storage. It can be a downer since users need to store their own files and download the additional apps.

Fortunately, there is another option available. The phone allows you to expand the internal storage. You can add the memory by inserting a microSD card into the card slot. You can expand up to 64GB of internal storage. It’s enough to add more files to your phone.


NUU F4L Image

The NUU F4L operates on MediaTek MT6371 CPU and runs on a 1.1GHz Quad-core processing speed. There is nothing special with this CPU. The quality is even below most flip phones out there. But, importantly, it can still work perfectly since the NUU F4L is a lightweight phone and doesn’t need too much power.

This entry-level processor is a perfect fit for the NUU F4L. The device can work smoothly enough without too many lags. It also delivers better phone battery consumption to be more efficient.

The processor comes with 512MB of RAM. Even with the basic phone, we thought this RAM storage was below the minimum. With this capacity, users’ activity can be very limited. They won’t be able to multitask.

Users can’t expect to go overboard with this phone. They can’t do multiple tasks simultaneously, and it’s such a burden. To be honest, you won’t get stable performance with the device.

Moving to the software side, the NUU F4L flip phone is supported by MyOS, an Android based operating system. It means the manufacturers designed the operating system, and they will use their own Android style.

Typically, this OS user interface resembles much of the Android, but it comes smoother and simpler. The design is straightforward, so first-timers won’t find any struggles in using the phone.

Unfortunately, you can’t do much customization with the NUU F4L. You can only change the wallpaper or the date and time format. There are also no Google apps available. You can’t even download the apps you want. But there is a WhatsApp and Facebook Light pre-installed on your phone.

Last but not least, the NUU F4L featured a Hearing Aid Compatibility and Proximity sensor. The proximity sensor can find out the presence of nearby objects. That is all. There is no other advanced feature available on the NUU F4L.


The NUU F4L supports 4G LTE connectivity for its main network. Other than that, users can also use 3G and 2G network connectivity. You need to insert a SIM card into the slot to activate the network. If users don’t want to use the data connection, they can choose to use a Wi-Fi connection instead.

There is any other connectivity available on this phone. One of those is a Bluetooth connection to wirelessly transfer files to other devices. There is also a 3.5mm headset jack, and for the most interesting part, the NUU F4L comes with VoLTE (Voice over LTE).


The NUU F4L is powered by a 1,350mAh battery capacity. The capacity is not large enough if you compare it with today’s phone. It won’t last for a week. However, the NUU F4L’s battery can last until the next day during normal use. Meanwhile, for a talk-time, it can last up to 10 hours. After all, battery consumption depends on users’ habits and activities.

The battery comes in a removable type. It is an advantage since you can prepare a spare one when you’re outside. This battery type is also easy to repair if you face some issues.

Is the NUU F4L a good phone?

In conclusion, of the NUU F4L flip phone review, this phone may be one of the basic flip phones suitable for your needs. Especially if you just need it for communication purposes. It’s simple and reliable. But, in our opinion, for the $80 price point, it could be cheaper than that.

One of the big attractive points of the phone is a selfie camera provided–which is rarely found in other flip phones. The phone design is also quite comfortable to hold, and the battery capacity is enough for easy use. However, we’re not satisfied with some aspects, including the storage and phone’s processor performance.

The NUU F4L Pros:

  • Selfie camera
  • Ease of use

The NUU F4L Cons

  • Low internal storage
  • Low performance