NUU F4L Flip Phone User Manual

Before accessing a new device, you better take a quick tour of the NUU F4L flip phone user manual. This important document can be your guide to getting in-depth about the phone.

NUU F4L User Manual

We know the excitement of having a brand new phone for the first time. You always want to open the box immediately and discover the phone. Especially if it is an unfamiliar phone for you. A flip phone is one of the devices that you may not recognize before.

Inside the box, there is an NUU F4L flip phone user manual to help you learn about the device. This document contains all the essential information you need to maximize its features and functions. It also has useful tips and tricks for you to prevent any misuse.

Suppose you don’t have time to read the full one. In that case, we’re already provided this article – which contains brief details about the overview of the user manual. However, you can read the full document later in a download link afterward.


In the first chapter, you will get an overview of the phone’s layout. This chapter locates all of the features and functions you can access using the keypad. Not only that, you will see the exterior layout, too.

Flip phones are different from other smartphones. This kind of phone has an exterior part with a display screen embedded. This chapter will also learn about the notification signs when you receive a new mail/message or when charging the battery.

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Setting Up Your Phone

Before starting the phone, we recommend you set up the phone first. If you have no idea about how to do that on a flip phone, don’t worry, the user manual will get your back. To be exact, in this next chapter, you will know how to set up the phone.

First of all, you will learn how to remove the back cover, insert the battery, and insert the SIM card. In the next part, you will also learn how to insert a MicroSD card and replace the back cover.


You may want to adjust your phone to your preferences a little bit. In this settings chapter, you will discover anything technical. You will get to which key to open the settings app and learn what functions you can adjust.

There are many instructions, such as how to change the network and internet, connect your NUU F4L basic flip phone with external devices, and figure out the battery usage statistics.

This chapter lets you know how to adjust the brightness, change the wallpaper, and adjust the phone sounds. You can also learn how to see used internal storage and set up some privacy settings to make your phone more secure.


The NUU F4L is a basic phone. That’s why you can’t do anything but call and text. This chapter will discuss the call functions, including making a call, answering a call, and ending a call.

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Thanks to the technology, this phone has already come with a camera. You may not really care about its quality. However, if you need to access the camera for practical use, you may need to see this Camera chapter to learn it all.

Factory Reset

A factory data reset will help your phone breathe a little easier without you noticing. Find out how to do that by reading this chapter. You may need to do this regularly. So, we advise you to read it thoroughly.

Download User Manual

Besides what we mentioned above, the NUU F4L flip phone user manual still contains a lot of useful information to fully understand the device and prevent any difficulties when using the device. If you are excited to know what’s more in the document, you can download a full user manual in PDF version with this link.

Download: NUU F4L Flip Phone User Manual (PDF)