Blu Vivo XI+ Plus User Manual

The Blu Vivo XI+ Plus user manual is a reliable guidebook for using the phone properly. Learn the instructions, read the information, and prevent future problems here.

Blu Vivo XI Plus User Manual

The Blu Vivo XI+ smartphone may sound new to you. Little did you know, this smartphone is perfect enough for you to do some activity. According to this, you need guidance to discover all of the features and specifications inside the device.

Fortunately, the Blu Vivo XI+ user manual covers your back. This document is very helpful for answering all inquiries and solving problems. It comes in an easier explanation, so the first-timer won’t get confused.

Are you keen to know what is inside the document? First of all, let’s view the highlighted part of the user manual. If you have an overview of it, you can download the document afterward.

Call Functions

The main idea of having a smartphone is to communicate with others. The Call is one feature that is often used as a communication function. Most people may already know about this function. But if you have no idea about this, you can always refer to this chapter.

Learn about how to place a call, whether you want to make or end it. You can also have some call options and keep track of all of the phone’s history.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

The Blu Vivo XI+ has some kind of connectivity options. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are one of those. With Bluetooth, you can connect or transfer files wirelessly with other devices such as speakers, computers, headsets, phones, etc.

This chapter also gives you instructions on how to connect with Wi-Fi. Suppose you want an alternative to connect with the internet besides using a data connection. In that case, this feature is perfect for you.

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Get a complete insight about the camera feature. The user manual will take you to discover the step-by-step of accessing the camera and using it for your photography activity. Learn about taking a picture and recording a video in this chapter. It will be tricky, but you can master this feature in no time by reading this chapter.

Play Music

Some people get entertained with music. The Blu Vivo XI+ comes with a reliable music app. Play Music is a Google-based app that has many features on it. You can upload, store, play your own music, or stream music directly from Google. Find out how to do those sorts of things in this chapter.

Files Go

The Blu Vivo XI+ features a Files Go manager to easily organize phone files. It can be done conveniently through only one app. This chapter will teach you how to access and use it in a second. Make sure to read this chapter to make your phone neater than before.


Let’s have in-depth information about every phone’s settings. This chapter lets you know what network and other connectivity settings are available on your phone. You can also learn what you can do in Apps & Notification settings.

The Blu Vivo XI+ lets you set up the battery, display, sound, and storage. The most important part, you can secure your smartphone with the lock option. All of the information needed is here.

Download User Manual

That is the sneak peek of the Blu Vivo XI+ user manual. It doesn’t contain complete information. So, we advise you to read the full document of the user manual. It may sound boring, but actually, it has a lot of benefits for users. What are you waiting for? Get the full PDF in this download link.

Download: Blu Vivo XI+ User Manual (PDF)