Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE User Manual

The best way to educate yourself about the new phone is by reading the Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE user manual. Once you’ve understood, you can start using the phone.

Plum Gator 7 4G User Manual

Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE is one of the most ruggedized smartphones in the market. Though, it isn’t widely known by people. This kind of phone has its own targets. If you’re one of them, the phone is already in your hand. The manual is the first thing you need to read.

A user manual usually comes in the box. It contains everything, from A to Z, about the device. This document is useful for new users to know what is inside the phone and how to configure it and make it more suitable.

The same goes for the Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE user manual. This document has all of your needs regarding the phone. If you’re not a fan of reading a technical document, we have already made a summary for you to have an overview of it.


The first thing you need to do before using the phone daily is to assemble all of the important functions of the phone. The user manual can show you what you need to do, and this chapter contains them all.

Let’s learn how to install the SIM and memory card into the phone. Also, there is an explanation about how to charge the Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE battery.

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Getting Started

The most essential steps while starting the phone are right here. This chapter gives information about what you should do before using the phone. For instance, you will learn how to turn on/off the phone and turn on the Airplane mode.

Besides that, this chapter will take you on a tour of the touch panel, the home screen layout and the notification panel.


Some security options already protect the Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE phones. As you know, security is very important for a phone to prevent yourself from getting hijacked or data stolen by irresponsible people.

This next chapter covers some security options for putting extra protection into the device. Despite that, you can learn about screen time-out and screen rotations.


The main purpose of a phone is to communicate with others. Like other smartphones, the Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE has already been provided with communications apps. Includes the Phone, Contact, Messages, and Gmail. This chapter comes complete with instructions on how to use the features.

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Do you want to make an event? A reminder? Or an alarm? Do you need to save some files and sound records? In this Tools chapter, you will see all of your needs. Make sure to read this chapter and make your productivity come more efficiently.


Even though the Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE is a featured phone, this phone has some connectivity that might be useful for you. This chapter has information about Wi-Fi, which allows you to connect to the internet, and  Bluetooth to share some files wirelessly. There is also information about NFC, which you can tap into the digital payment easily.

Download User Manual

Indeed, the Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE is not made for everyone. It’s specifically built for people who often work outdoors. If you’re one of those and already have this phone. You may need to read the Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE user manual. This document will guide you on how to work the phone properly. Click the download link here, and you must be surprised by what you will see inside the device.

Download: Plum Gator 7 4G VoLTE User Manual (PDF)