Orbic AirSurf Wi-Fi User Manual

This is a summary of the Orbic AirSurf Wi-Fi user manual. It helps you to discover the manual contents inside and have a better understanding of it.

Orbic AirSurf Wi Fi User Manual

Laptops are like other useful devices for people; they help them to work or study conveniently. Having this device will definitely be helpful for some other people. Still, sadly, some of them aren’t familiar with their laptops and functions. That’s also the same for those with this Orbic AirSurf Wi-Fi.

Learning about the Orbic AirSurf Wi-Fi can be exhausting because there is much to know, especially for beginners. A user manual has a reason; this document can help you understand the device easily and comprehensively. This is like your go-to document.

However, another problem appears. Some people often ignore the user manual because of its technical explanation. Here we are; with this article, we help you at least have an overview of the user manual’s contents. Every chapter will be explained easily.

Download User Manual

Before heading to the summary of the Orbic AirSurf Wi-Fi user manual, stop at this section because here is where you can find a download link to get a digital version of the user manual. It can be saved into your device and read anytime you want.

➡️ Download Orbic AirSurf Wi-Fi User Manual (PDF)

Device Overview

What would you do with your new Orbic AirSurf Wi-Fi if you have no idea about the device physically? Learning the device would be wasting time, though. Because of this, in the first chapter, you will surely find the basic information about the device’s overview.

For starters, the device’s layout. This chapter will pretty much inform the layout from the front but also from the bottom, left, right, and keyboard views.

Set Up Your Device

Are you already familiar with your new Orbic AirSurf Wi-Fi? That’s great. Then, how about setting up your device to be ready to use properly? That’s what this chapter is all about.

This second chapter will show a brief tutorial about setting up your device, starting with how to charge the battery and how to turn the device on.

Connect To A Network

While working or studying, it would be best to have a network connection to your Orbic AirSurf Wi-Fi. Yes, it all can be done with this device; you need to learn about it to prevent any misuse.

This chapter is about network connectivity. First, it will show you how to connect to a wireless LAN. Then, you will get information about how to connect with Bluetooth. After that, there is information about how to send or receive files with Bluetooth.

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Update Management

The Update Management chapter is essential information about some basic operations with the Orbic AirSurf Wi-Fi. As you’ve seen in the chapter, the first section will tell you how to start the device.

Moreover, there is also instruction on how to power off or reboot the device and how to lock the screen. This chapter also contains information about the Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth 5.1, language settings, and start menu.


This last chapter contains some solutions to the problems you might face with the Orbic AirSurf Wi-Fi. This troubleshooting chapter is very clear and easy to understand. So, if you encounter problems, start finding the most related topic of your problems, and try to follow the instructions carefully.

Half of the topic of the Orbic AirSurf Wi-Fi user manual is already covered in this article. However, the remaining topics must be discovered by yourself because it’ll help you understand the device better in no time. Do you want to get the full view of the user manual? Download link is in the first section, go up there.