Orbic SmartWrist 4G LTE User Manual

The Orbic SmartWrist 4G LTE user manual covers all important aspects of your device. This document can help you greatly with the device’s configurations and specifications.

Orbic Smart Wrist User Manual

Are you starting to become a productive and sportaholic kind of person nowadays? If yes, it’s such a waste if you don’t track every progress of your health journey to achieve your ultimate goals.

Thankfully nowadays, there is a smartwatch, a device to help you stay productive yet still communicate with others. The Orbic SmartWrist 4G LTE is one of them, and if you happen to have this device, good for you. It’s time to learn about the device right away.

This smart wrist is a simple device, but most people don’t understand how to utilize the device. Fortunately, this tiny document is a user manual to help you get enough information about this Orbic SmartWrist 4G LTE. And here is a quick preview of the document.

Download User Manual

We highly recommend you have the Orbic SmartWrist 4G LTE user manual as a guide. This document is downloadable in PDF format, making it easy to read when you need instructions or certainty about the device’s functionalities.

➡️ Download Orbic SmartWrist 4G LTE User Manual (PDF)


The great thing about the user manual is it covers all the device’s information, from what you can see at the front to under the device. Especially in this first chapter, you’ll learn basic instructional information on how to set up the device.

First, you will have info about the smart wrist’s placement layout, the keys and buttons. After you finish it, you will learn how to power on and off the device, control center, and home screen information.

Moreover, there is also information about the watch’s face, how to charge the battery, and how to change the smart wrist’s straps.

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There is much important information to catch up on in this next chapter. In the beginning, you will learn about eSIM activation, SOS contact settings, and the applications used on this device.

The Orbic SmartWrist 4G LTE applications are simple yet useful for your productivity. In this chapter, you will discover all applications available on this tiny screen. Including the phone, contacts, and finding the phone.

You will also learn about some health-related apps such as heart rate, temperature, Sp02 (oxygen level), activity tracks, and sleep tracking apps.


The Orbic SmartWrist 4G LTE can be connected to the smartphone’s apps, which can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. These apps are called the Orbic Care Family App and Orbic Wear App.

In the Orbic Care Family App, you can allow your family members to access your vital information. So, you can take care of each other and easily check your health’s progress with the app. In this chapter, you’ll see step-by-step information about this, including the descriptions of each feature that is available on it.

Meanwhile, you can create a personalized quality user experience via data analytics on the Orbic Wear App. It can also be downloaded easily into your Android or Apple device. In this chapter, you will be informed about the device’s and home screen’s information. 

Moreover, if you scroll down a bit, you’ll see the information about updating your device’s software and the troubleshooting info. This information is important for solving your problem in the most understandable sections.

That’s the quick preview of the Orbic SmartWrist 4G LTE user manual. There is still much information we’ve not covered yet here. If you want to stick around with that, we advise you to click the download link above to get a copy of the manual to read anytime.