Koobee K100 Phone (Assurance Wireless)

The thing about the Koobee K100 review is that you can learn about the smartphone’s detailed information and specification. Who knows, maybe you need this for your daily life?

Koobee K100 Review

Some people are flashed on with shiny, modern, and high-tech smartphones, but some of us only need a smartphone that compacts all our needs in the cheapest way possible. This is actually easy to look for since this kind of smartphone is flying around on the corner.

One of the smartphones with this criteria is the Koobee K100; this device becomes a simple gadget with no flashy features. However, one thing is for sure, this phone offers basic utilities for people on a tight budget.

In this article review, we will examine the smartphone thoroughly. It all begins with the phone’s surface area deep into the system. Ultimately, we will also show you how to get this phone for free. Stay reading our content for your next decisions.


Koobee K100 phone specifications:

OSAndroid 12 (Go edition)
Screen size5.5-inch
Resolution480 x 960
ProcessorMediaTek MT6739-CH
CPUQuad-core (4×1.5 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery2,500mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP
Front camera1.4MP


Koobee K100
Koobee K100 Phone

The thing about a cheap smartphone is that its appearance doesn’t look stunning. Forget about the modernity we often see on the medium to a flagship smartphone. This Koobee K100 smartphone still applies the classic look of a phone from many years back.

We don’t see it without no reason. As we can see instantly in the cover area, the Koobee K100 has thick bezels around the tiny screen. Even the top and bottom bezels are still bigger than most smartphones today. It’s all because the cameras are still equipped on the bezels, and the spaces left below are useless and waste space.

Another turn-off of the Koobee K100 smartphone’s design is on its back. The textured back cover is popping out, and somehow, it reminds us of the snakes’ scales. It feels off but gives us extra grip when holding the device. The camera is at the top left with an LED flash.


The Koobee K100 smartphone has a standard display screen size. It is 5.5 inches, looking decent for a budget-friendly smartphone. But as we mentioned before, with the smartphone’s thick bezels at the bottom, we can’t experience full-display content with this phone.

A major drawback is the phone’s screen quality. Sadly, with this decent size, the Koobee K100 only has a 480 x 960-pixel resolution. It’s very low and under-quality, even for an entry-level smartphone.

We lose hope just by seeing its resolutions. No detailed looks, not even bright and vivid color contents. It will tire our eyes just by looking at the screen; some pixelated and blurred content might be found here and there.


Koobee K100 Camera

The display screen and the Koobee K100’s smartphone also have a standard and under-quality camera setup. For instance, this phone accommodates users with a single rear camera on the back and a front camera. Let’s talk about the rear camera first.

The single rear camera is still dependable today if the quality supports us. But unfortunately, the quality of the Koobee K100 is also not very amusing. It’s only a 5MP camera with standard features. Thanks to God, we can still use an LED flash to help us get brighter pictures and videos.

Meanwhile, the front camera is too far backward. This camera only has 1.4MP, below the standard (2MP) in most smartphones, even entry-level ones. Not the best quality to get our daily selfies.


Koobee K100 Storage

No wonder we found the Koobee K100’s smartphone that is only equipped with a small internal capacity, especially with a low-quality camera setup. This phone comes with 2GB storage by default. But of course, it’s not the real capacity.

Take the phone’s system files, and with some pre-installed apps, the least capacity you will get from this device is close to half the real size. Even if you’re not capturing photos or videos frequently, you will feel the capacity isn’t enough.

In the hope of a spacious device, the Koobee K100 allows you to expand the storage. It’s very easy, though. Just by the MicroSD card separately, you can install it into the phone. But it only allows you to add up to 128GB capacity.

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Koobee K100 App Drawer

The Koobee K100 comes with a Quad-core MediaTek MT6739-CH processor. The famous chipset you can find on the budget-friendly smartphone. This chipset doesn’t promise you blazingly fast performance whatsoever. Still, it’ll make your phone work at a balanced frequency while making your battery more efficient.

With a standard processor, we hope it’ll have–at least a decent RAM to boost the phone’s performance, right? For the Koobee K100, they treated us with 2GB RAM. Again, very moderate for an entry-level smartphone.

Actually, for the Koobee K100, the 2GB RAM is more than enough since it’s prioritized for being a simple device for daily use. Some simple activity doesn’t occupy much space with your phone’s temporary files. Glitches and lags may be seen in some operations, but it’s still acceptable.

Android becomes the Koobee K100’s operating system. Nevertheless, it’s different from the most Android you’ve ever seen. Android 12 Go edition is chosen by the device to help users with an easy and accessible operation without forcing work.

Even though Android 12 Go edition is the latest in its version range yet it is still far from the advanced features you’ll find on the original one. The limited apps and features from this version are helping users to get a faster and smoother experience.

The most prominent feature of a smartphone is the security sensor. Unfortunately, the Koobee K100 isn’t aware of this aspect. It doesn’t have a fingerprint reader or face recognition to help us secure our device.

Nonetheless, this phone still packs up with default sensors such as accelerometer, proximity, and light sensors. These three are useful to make your journey with the device more comfortable.


The Koobee K100 smartphone has 4G LTE connectivity. We expect this from an entry-level smartphone, and it’s enough for daily use. This network offers us fast and stable connections while still applicable in most places of the world.

Wi-Fi is also available for another type of network connectivity. It promises us a high-speed network with powered-efficient. Another connectivity that comes in the device is Bluetooth. Are you a frequent user of headset or speaker Bluetooth? This connectivity is useful for connecting with those devices.


Another weakness that we witnessed on the Koobee K100 smartphone is the battery. Their battery has a small capacity of only 2,500mAh. It’s below the bare minimum, and we don’t expect it to last all day.

The battery is far from good. Besides its small capacity, it is still equipped with a removable battery type. If you’re not aware of this, this type is not widely used nowadays because it’s prone to break and quite hard to look for in the market since most phones use a non-removable one.

Is the Koobee K100 a Good Phone?

The Koobee K100 prioritizes its features for people with jobs that don’t require much of a phone. It remains a simple gadget for communication use. It all can be seen in its features that are not extravagant at all.

Despite all of those compromises, performance-wise, this phone is still decent. Moreover, in this Koobee K100 review, we will tell you how to get this phone for free. Yes, you can get this device for free if you’re a Lifeline program member via Assurance Wireless. You can get your new Koobee K100 smartphone if you’re one of those.

Pros: moderate and basic, easy-to-use smartphone

Cons: some features and specifications are not fulfilled today’s standards