ZTE Blade A3 Plus Review: Lightweight Device With Android 11 Go

If you’re looking for a starter phone, reading the ZTE Blade A3 Plus review would be better. The information inside will help you to put some considerations for your next.

ZTE Blade A3 Plus Review

The ZTE Blade A3 Plus may not be a fancy yet popular smartphone like the others you’ve ever heard. This phone lacks popularity because of its appearance, which is far from today’s standard.

This phone shows its sincerity towards entry-level users by providing standard and basic features that don’t need extra performance. Featuring a 5.0-inch display screen, 2GB RAM, 2,050mAh battery capacity, and Android 11 Go, all of these are offered in the lightweight device.

There are many choices of entry-level smartphones out there, and at some point, it would be confusing for some of us. Here is the ZTE Blade A3 Plus review. You can find all the phone’s strengths and some things that need compromises before you decide to buy the device.

Key Specs

ZTE Blade A3 Plus specifications:

Release DateJanuary, 2022
Dimensions137 x 68 x 10.5mm
OSAndroid 11 Go
Screen size5.0-inch
Resolution480 x 960
ProcessorMediaTek MT6739W
CPUQuad-core (4×1.5 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery2,050mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP
Front camera3MP
FeaturesHearing Aid Compatible


ZTE Blade A3 Plus
ZTE Blade A3 Plus

This phone’s design reminds us of a pre-notch era, where thick bezels are a thing in a smartphone. For today, this design is outdated (or, some of you may think it’s a bit nostalgic, who knows?). But, for sure, the elegance seems far away with this phone.

As expected from an entry-level smartphone, it is built of plastic material. This is why you’ll find it lightweight to handle throughout the day. The back cover has a black color which is, in our opinion, not special at all. The single camera is placed at the top left, along with the flash, and a small ZTE logo appears at the center.

The elegance shies away at the front side, though. A massive gap around the screen makes us feel limited in experiencing the full display. The front camera lies in the top left corner, which is odd and old. The thick bottom bezels are unnecessary since the main buttons are already placed on the screen.


ZTE Blade A3 Plus Display

A 5.0-inch display screen shows all the phone’s navigation which is—in our opinion, very small, especially compared to most of today’s smartphones. Some people will find it uncomfortable to use a dwarf screen for their daily activities.

Additionally, the screens are equipped with low quality. It is a 480 x 960-pixel resolution, which means a FWVGA+ quality. This is far below the minimum standard, and the phone’s contents aren’t delivered well with this phone.

The contents will be distractive. We noticed some pixelated icons on the ZTE Blade A3 Plus smartphone. The images are blurred, especially when we zoom in on the contents. The brightness feels awkward, hurting our eyes from looking at it for a long time.


ZTE Blade A3 Plus Camera

We also have a bad opinion of the ZTE Blade A3 Plus camera. This phone only comes with a single rear camera and a front camera. We don’t argue about the single camera since, as far as we know, it’s normal for an entry-level smartphone. But for the quality, it’s another story to tell.

The rear camera’s spec has 5MP quality which is the standard in an entry-level. However, with this much quality, you can’t expect the device to be as grand as any high-quality pictures all over social media. There are also no features that can help you to get a better picture.

On the other hand, the front camera is better. If you’ve ever seen a budget smartphone with 2MP quality, this ZTE Blade A3 Plus offers you higher quality; it’s 3MP! That’ll be enough to let you get the best selfie of you.


The internal storage of the ZTE Blade A3 Plus smartphone comes with a standard 16GB capacity. It lets you save your personal files on the device. Even though the capacity size will drop to nearly half of the written spec, we still feel it’s enough for daily routines.

Different users, different needs. Some may not think it’s enough size for your everyday needs. Fortunately, the ZTE Blade A3 Plus smartphone has an option. You can install an extended card (MicroSD) up to 32GB to save more files and add more apps to the device.

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ZTE Blade A3 Plus Homescreen
ZTE Blade A3 Plus Homescreen

The processor well-known for an entry-level smartphone, Quad-core 1.5GHz MediaTek MT6739W, is on duty to help you with processing operations. We can rely on this processor for light operations only. We don’t mind this as long as we can perform smoothly.

This moderate processor comes in tandem with 2GB RAM to make it better. It helps in improving speed matters. Although, users will encounter some lags or delays while processing an intense operation.

The ZTE Blade A3 Plus smartphone also isn’t built for people with much activity. Yes, this phone’s performance will be decreased as we start multitasking or opening some apps’ tabs simultaneously. So, it’ll be better to keep your phone as light as possible.

As an entry-level smartphone, the ZTE Blade A3 Plus has a matching Android 11 Go Edition operating system. Don’t be fooled by its ‘Android 11 because, in actuality, you’ll get its lighter version.

The Go Edition is likely to be found in a budget phone since it’s prioritized for being an efficient system rather than an advanced one. This version is very limited when it comes to the features. You won’t find some available features on the original version.

Android 11 Go Edition makes sure to keep everything smooth and balanced. It removes all unnecessary features on the original one to give you a better experience. This way, it’s the best choice for an entry-level smartphone.


The ZTE Blade A3 Plus smartphone supports a wide choice of network connectivity, including 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G. Despite all these, we still advise you to stick with the 4G one as it’s the most reliable network. 4G LTE doesn’t only offer you a fast and stable internet connection and a clear voice call.

Is the mobile network not always on? Don’t worry. Wi-Fi is still a good substitute feature for you to stay on the internet. With Wi-Fi, you can also use Wi-Fi calling for a free and clear voice call.

Moreover, the ZTE Blade A3 Plus is also embedded with Bluetooth connectivity. This feature allows you to share devices with your Bluetooth speakers or headset. Importantly, this phone supports a Hearing Aid Compatible to be usable for everyone.


The ZTE Blade A3 Plus employs a 2,050mAh removable battery capacity for your daily duties. This spec added to the list of the phone’s weaknesses because of its low capacity. The device cannot last until the end of the day, especially if you’re always using it daily.

We are also unhappy to see the battery type still using a removable one. Most smartphones already use a non-removable battery since it’s more durable. And the removable type is also not widely available, so if your battery gets broken, you might find it difficult to recover it.

Is the ZTE Blade A3 Plus a Good Phone?

After all those explanations of the device in this ZTE Blade A3 Plus review, this phone is not in-line with people’s needs today. It lacks several features that are useful nowadays.

For example, the device’s camera isn’t even the best in its range, the display quality is not suitable for today’s content, and so many things that we’ve discussed. This phone is sold for $105, and you can get a better smartphone at a lower price than the ZTE Blade A3 Plus.

Pros: lightweight device, perfect for basic use

Cons: lacks important features, low-quality display, low camera specs