Orbic Smart Wrist 4G Review (Verizon Wireless)

Smartwatches have become fashionable gadgets that are widely used by anyone nowadays. If you are looking for this device, try to read the Orbic Smart Wrist 4G LTE review.

Orbic Smart Wrist Review

Are you a fitness enthusiast that always tries to keep your progress on track? Then, you need a supported device to help you with your daily exercise activities. The device that you can use is called a smartwatch or smart wrist.

A smartwatch is not like any other ‘watch’; it’s a digital device that can track your heart rate, walk counts, and receive messages and calls—it’s a smartphone on your wrist. Suppose you are in need to get this device; you may want to take a look at this review.

This time, we will review the Orbic Smartwrist 4G LTE smartwatch. This device will give you brief information about your body condition digitally. We divide the topics into some parts. Hopefully, you will get the final decision after reading this.


Orbic Smart Wrist 4G LTE key specifications:

OSAndroid 8.1 Go Edition
Screen size1.7-inch
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100
CPUQuad-core (4×1.7 GHz Cortex-A53)
FeaturesIP68-rated, Vital Monitoring, SOS & Fall Detection


Orbic Smart Wrist
Orbic Smart Wrist

The Orbic Smartwrist 4G LTE has a sleek, minimalist design representing modernity. If you see the appearance, this device has no significant difference from other smartwatches.

The device consists of a screen and straps which are made from rubbers. We shout out how they show in full black colors that are not ‘noisy’ to look at. The button at the side comes in a neon color, giving the device a pop-up contrast.

Dimensionally, the Orbic Smartwrist 4G LTE has a perfect size for an adult’s arms. But don’t worry, this smartwatch is adjustable if you have a small hand. You can change the size that will fit in your hand.


For the display, the Orbic Smartwrist 4G LTE has a typical size for a smartwatch. It is built with a 1.7-inch display screen, which seems small, but it’s enough to show all of the device’s information.

This screen is equipped with an AMOLED quality, giving you a bright, contrasting, and detailed content output. With this, users can interact with a colorful graphic. The device’s brightness is also alright. You can still see clearly under the sun; the brightness won’t strike your eyes too much under the moon.

On the screen, you will see all information, including the date and time, battery capacity, oxygen and temperature levels, heart rate, etc.


Even though the Orbic Smartwrist 4G LTE is supposed to become a simple device for fitness enthusiasts, it still provides a decent internal storage capacity. The device has 8GB of internal storage to store your exercise progress.

Since this phone allows you to receive any messages and calls, you can still store the history on your device. It is all thanks to the presence of the huge internal capacity.

However, you can’t expand the storage because this device doesn’t have an additional slot to put on a MicroSD card.

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The Orbic Smart Wrist 4G LTE performance is so-so, but still reliable to track daily progress. It is equipped with a Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100. It’s known for being a processor that delivers low-power and high-impact performance.

This processor is designed to give users a fast performance experience. Moreover, it can extend the battery’s life, always on and connected. It comes complete with a 1.7GHz, which is quite dependable for a smartwatch since it doesn’t need to operate too much.

All these specs are running great with the help of 1GB RAM (Random Access Memory). This size may seem small, but it applies to smartphones. Meanwhile, this 1GB RAM is enough for smartwatches to boost all of the phone’s digital activity.

The Orbic Smartwrist 4G LTE relies on Android 8.1 Go Edition to become its operating system. The appearance will look similar to your Android smartphone. It flows dynamically with a modern user interface—you won’t get bored with the appearance in daily life.

Being a smartwatch, the Orbic Smartwrist 4G LTE has many sensors to keep your fitness activity on track. The ability ranges from taking information about your blood oxygen, reading your heart rate with premier precision, and monitoring your body temperature.

More than that, this smartwatch also can monitor your sleep patterns and track your fitness goals—no excuse to skip your exercise for today! What makes it better, the Orbic Smartwrist 4G LTE comes with fall detection complete with SOS alert and geo/location tracking and alert. Those all come in minimalist-looking icons.

The Orbic Smartwrist 4G LTE is compatible with those who exercise in the water, like swimming, because this phone supports an IP68-rated. The device can resist water for 1 meter in 30 minutes.

Besides those, the Orbic Smartwrist 4G LTE has several default sensors like a gyroscope, barometer, digital compass, accelerometers, and ambient light sensor. These have different purposes for your smartwatch like a gyroscope to track your watch’s movements, including the step counts. And an accelerometer can be used to count the calories burned.


As the name indicates, the Orbic Smartwrist 4G LTE is equipped with a 4G LTE network to connect to the internet and receive calls and messages. You can also use Wi-Fi connectivity to keep in sync with your health’s progress and communications.

This device is exclusively connected through Verizon. It has a Number Share feature that can sync your phone and watches with the same number to still get the notifications you need.

Besides that feature, the Orbic Smartwrist 4G LTE is equipped with Orbic Care Platform. With this feature, you can share information about your health history with your families through the web or Orbic Friends & Family app. You can also get an insight into your daily progress here.


Orbic Smart Wrist Charger
Orbic Smart Wrist Charger

The Orbic Smartwrist 4G LTE only has a small 430mAh battery capacity to stay online. This is not a huge size, especially if you’ve never heard of a device of this size. But this battery is enough for a small gadget for your daily purposes.

It may last longer than you’ve imagined—more than a day. But remember to use the device wisely and charge it properly. This routine can give your smartwatch’s battery a longer life cycle than ever.


The Orbic Smart Wrist 4G LTE costs you $200 in Verizon. This is quite a high price for a simple gadget. But after we examine this Orbic Smart Wrist review, the features and specifications inside the device are incredible.

First of all, we want to mention health features. It packs up with several sensors to track your health. Those include blood oxygen, heart rate, and body temperature, monitoring sleep patterns, and tracking your fitness goals. Besides that, it also has a decent internal storage capacity for smartwatches.

But it also has some weaknesses. The most noticeable; it lacks a camera. If you’re noticing, the Orbic Smartwrist 4G LTE doesn’t have a camera like any other smartwatches we found on the market.

Pros: advanced health and fitness’s features, huge internal storage capacity

Cons: no camera