NUU A11L Review: Decent, Simple, Affordable

An in-depth NUU A11L review lets you know the pros and cons of this ‘not-so’ fancy smartphone, yet reliable for doing daily duties. This information can be your next purchase guide.

NUU A11L Review

Sometimes you need a not-fancy smartphone, but it’s convenient enough to carry on your everyday needs. The NUU smartphone’s brand presents the NUU A11L. It’s specifically positioned as an entry-level smartphone.

The overall look is modest. Nothing is flashing here and there. It surely has no interest in following the trends. But, one of the most important considerations for people is its affordable price. But is it true?

With this review, we will completely peel off the NUU A11L device from top to bottom. We will look at it thoroughly to find out the device’s interesting points. We hope to get the best reason for you to get this device for your future purchase.


NUU A11L key specifications:

Dimensions150.7 x 72.5 x 10mm
OSAndroid 11 Go Edition
Screen size5.4-inch
Resolution720 x 1440
ProcessorMediaTek MT6739
CPUQuad-core (4×1.5 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery2,500mAh, Removable
Rear camera8MP
Front camera5MP



First, we want to discuss how the NUU A11L looks from the outside. This phone displays an outdated appearance that reminds us of the phone years back. The spec sheet shows this phone has 150.7 x 72.5 x 10mm for its dimensions. It is considered small and bulky if we compare it with today’s phone. Kinda uncomfortable.

This is why we said this phone is outdated. At the front area, you will instantly see its stiff rectangular shape with very small rounded edges. The bezels come as thick as a brick, leaving small spaces for the screen to show up. Worst of all, the front camera is still placed on the bezel, which is not aesthetic nowadays.

There is nothing better to see in the back area of the NUU A11L smartphone. It still applies to a typical old-fashioned smartphone with a camera at the top center and LED coming together. Those are all framed into one long rectangular shape, and not far from this, the flashy NUU logo is shown. 


Small dimensions with thick bezels mean no big screen like any of today’s smartphones available for you. It’s only a 5.4-inch display screen, a bare minimum for entry-level smartphones. However, it’ll be inconvenient if you’re not used to this small screen.

Scrolling over your social media or texting a long email may be alright. Still, it’s a different story if you use the device for playing games or watching your favorite movies. The bezels give an uncomfortable feeling.

Fortunately, the NUU A11L has a decent screen quality with a 720 x 1440-pixel resolution. This HD+ resolution on a small screen will deliver a sharp and fine quality. Fewer pixels are shown, and the color is quite vivid. Give a stunning color output for this phone.

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The NUU A11L supports an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. Again, it’s not the best setup, but we try to understand this condition since it’s an entry-level smartphone. Even though the camera is essential, try not to raise your hopes.

The rear camera can capture some practical shots. Thankfully, it comes with an auto-focus, which can make the picture stable and less blurry. This camera also can record video to fulfill your inner content creator feeling.

Nothing much to say about the NUU A11L’s front camera. At least the 2MP camera is still enough for you to take a selfie and video calling, obviously in a bright spot—don’t even dare to capture it in the dark light. 


A small quality camera doesn’t require much space on your phone. That’s why the NUU A11L smartphone only has 16GB internal storage. However, it’s still a narrow space to store your files. Even worse, the capacity will be reserved for pre-loaded apps, so it’s about a half-space for adding files and apps.

Nonetheless, you can double the space by installing a MicroSD card into the device. Just buy the card from your place at the nearest phone market and put it into the external card’s slot. You can add up to 128GB for this matter.


Fast performance? Don’t wish. The NUU A11L is an entry-level smartphone, so the very least you can get for its processor is a Quad-core MediaTek MT6739. Not as fast as you’ve ever imagined, but rather, it’s prioritized to deliver an efficient performance.

Under the hood, the NUU A11L keeps every operation running at 1.5GHz. This comes together with 2GB RAM to ensure an on-track delivery process. But multitasking is not this phone’s cup of tea.

Try to open apps simultaneously? Congrats, the device will be exhausted in no time. It keeps getting slower every time you try to open many apps back and forth.

The 2GB RAM is also considered really small. The number of apps you open at once will matter. You will find the phone struggling, especially during some intense operations. It’s definitely not the go-to gaming smartphone.

The NUU A11L is an Android smartphone. But it uses Android 11 Go Edition to operate all of the phone’s functions. Android 11 is like a last-year version; this phone only applies to the Go Edition.

Actually, this OS spec is very common on an entry-level smartphone. Go Edition makes the device come straightforward and lighter to use. It is proven that users only need a short time to launch the apps—approximately 30% faster than the original version.

It also has a bunch of built-in apps that you won’t find on the original version. Those are Google Go, Gallery Go, and Assistant Go. These are very legit to make your phone more accessible in the most efficient way.

From so many drawbacks, we find the NUU A11L. The most necessary thing we’ve missed out on in this phone is its lack of security sensors. This phone still uses the manual passcode to unlock your device.


You are capable of getting connected with people with 4G LTE networks. It’s widespread connectivity that can be enjoyed worldwide in a fast and stable connection. The VoLTE is also available to have a crystal clear voice call quality.

The internet is quite fast if you’re using your own data connection. But obviously, it has some limits. There is a better way to stay on the internet with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity. Besides having a faster speed, Wi-Fi also makes your battery efficient.

Bluetooth and MicroUSB are the other networks available on the NUU A11L smartphone. These are standard configurations on a smartphone for sending files or connecting to other devices.


The NUU A11L smartphone runs on a small battery with only a 2,500mAh capacity to power up your device—not even all day. As an entry-level smartphone, this capacity is even worse than its competitors.

More screen time means the battery performance will drop significantly. The HD+ quality can be why this phone’s battery will be reduced drastically. However, thanks to Android Go, it boosts performance quite well.

Unlike most smartphones today, the NUU A11L uses a removable battery. Actually not many perks of this type of battery, other than it’s more convenient when you need to troubleshoot the phone when it gets frozen. But for the durability and quality, it’s obviously no better than the non-removable one.


The NUU A11L smartphone is selling for $110. For the specs and features quality that you will get on this phone, it’s nay.

In this NUU A11L review, we already told you about the cons you’ll get when you buy the device. The outdated design, small display, battery, storage, and performance quality are far below the standard.

However, if right now, you are looking for a decent, simple communications gadget, and the price is affordable in your pocket. Then, give it a try.

Pros: simple gadget

Cons: small battery size, small display, outdated design, low-performance